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Changing World Types (Residential/Destination)

I'm interested to know what part of the game files controls whether a world is classed as residential or destination, so I could, for example, turn Oasis Springs into a destination world, or Granite Falls into a residential one. I already know how to unlock the lot types, I just need to know how to actually change the world.


  • SimGuruModSquadSimGuruModSquad Posts: 597 SimGuru
    Hey @Zerbu,

    This is defined in the "Region Description" resource, which has type 0xd65daff9. There is a single byte boolean at offset 0x46 that defines if the world is a destination world.

    The map UI is probably somewhat hard coded though, so I suspect that it's not quite as straightforward as just flipping this bit but give it a shot.

  • ZerbuZerbu Posts: 3,457 Member
    edited June 2015
    Thanks! I just tried turning Oasis Springs into a destination world, and it worked first try!

    The only issue is that you can freely travel between Oasis Springs and Granite Falls, and doing so will cause the "vacation" to end, but I assume that will be fixed whenever an official new destination world's added. Until then, it can be avoided simply by not traveling between destination worlds. :)
  • Celeste1Celeste1 Posts: 1 New Member
    I know this was years ago but I was just wondering how you changed the world types?
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