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  • ParaleeParalee Posts: 1,077 Member
    I am still disappointed that none of the themes, or ideas (that were not laundry), will not ever be included in the game. They stated that all of the themes were not ever being considered to add, so if it didn't win the vote during this project, then it will not be in another pack.

    They said they weren't off the table.

    They said from the beginning of the project that none of choices for voting were planed content in any future pack and therefore only the "winner" of the voting process in the community project was going to be made. Laundry Day that will come out in 2018, was made under the Eco-Living Theme.

    Since they cannot use that theme again, no packs that include ideas such as solar energy, off the grid, and home technologies will not be made.

    It's just disappointing that the other four themes and even all the Eco-living ideas that were presented will never be considered.

    Uhhh just because they didnt PLAN to release them doesnt mean they wont ever release it. I didnt PLAN on spending money on the ability to do laundry in my game but i did it anyway.
    No business would ever say "nah we dont feel like taking money from you" Reading comprehension is really helpful for situations like this ;)
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