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Dev Question : Starting Sims

saishousaishou Posts: 276 Member
To @SimGuruGraham and devs that this question should go to:

I've always been curious about the Sims that are already in the game before we start it. The starting families like the Goths, Pancakes, Behrs, Bjergsens, Delgatos etc.

Is it possible to share some inside look on who comes up with these Sims and their backstories and all? It's such a commonly overlooked thing but I'd genuinely love to know the creative process that goes into these Sims!
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  • SimGuruGrahamSimGuruGraham Posts: 1,183 SimGuru
    Hi @saishou - I haven't worked in this area on The Sims 4; the last time I was involved with helping create the households that are already living in the world was for Appaloosa Plains, back during The Sims 3 Pets. At the time, each household was created by the same team of people who built the worlds themselves... it makes sense that the same people designing the world, and the lots within that world, may have good ideas of the personalities and looks of the Sims who reside there. Our world team would create the appearance of each Sim, select their traits, determine things like the skill or job levels that they'd start with, and they'd create a brief summary of a Sim or household's backstory. Afterwards, as the world producer, I would go through and flesh out the stories and bios for each Sim, and write detailed backgrounds for players who cared to learn more about them :)

    As I haven't been involved in this for The Sims 4, I actually don't know if the process is largely the same, or if different disciplines are involved now. You may want to reach out to @SimGuruJM on twitter, as he was the world producer on The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs, and could likely share more! It's fair to say that it has always been a collaborative effort from various members of the team though.
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