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What's the deal with Sim's hips - is it age-related?

I find it a bit irksome that, for example, swimsuits for females are always borderline frumpy - ie they are all low on the hips - everything always seems to be.

Is it known why?

I would prefer to see a Sim like Bella Goth, etc in something like this:
ie higher on the hips - if that makes sense.

Why can't we have swimsuits, etc for Sims that sort of go higher up the hip - or is would that be an age-restriction thing for the game?

Basically, something a bit more Baywatch - I mean Baywatch was for kids - it wasn't like a teen-rated thing.

The Sims 4 is like this:

Why can't it be like this:

Why can't it be just a smidge higher on the hips?

Am I even making any sense?


  • SkobeeSkobee Posts: 2,864 Member
    We don't have a lot of bathing suits yet, i'm sure we'll get those aswell in the future.
    Origin ID - RosyAngelina
  • elanorbretonelanorbreton Posts: 12,972 Member
    Yeah, bathing suits (and sleepwear) are in short supply. I get very fed up of choosing the same ones for my entire neighborhood!
  • ANNAPTXANNAPTX Posts: 3,742 Member
    Oh, yes..a swimwear/pool accessories pack would be great!! :) Yes, I also think having some a bit more baywatch-esque would be great..I don't see that would be too revealing..we do have bikinis.. B)
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