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What kind of EP/GP would you like to see next?

I'd love to see a pets or seasons type of EP/GP, but thats just my opinion lol
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  • kovu0207kovu0207 Posts: 6,209 Member
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    Something which focuses on the life stages other than adult sims. Something generation like, which gives more options to children, teens and the elderly. Although I fear this is a bit pointless with the omission of toddlers, at least it will make the other ages more fleshed out.
  • EvaliynEvaliyn Posts: 126 Member
    Seasons with vacations (together) for sure and after that, a superstar expansion like sims 1 *_* (I miss the obsessive fan and the ability to record video clips and movies xD)
  • FreygeaFreygea Posts: 818 Member
    Would love seasons and a world like Midnight Hollow.
  • Nik24X7Nik24X7 Posts: 7,865 Member
    I'd like to see a Dating-themed pack.
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  • BellaGothIsQueenBellaGothIsQueen Posts: 531 Member
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    Evaliyn wrote: »
    Seasons with vacations (together) for sure

    This! <3
  • AyumapAyumap Posts: 3,425 Member
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    kovu0207 wrote: »
    Something which focuses on the life stages other than adult sims. Something generation like, which gives more options to children, teens and the elderly. Although I fear this is a bit pointless with the omission of toddlers, at least it will make the other ages more fleshed out.

    I agree with this. I want to see Adult be different from YA, and elders to have more activities, teens to feel more like the kids they are, children to get more clothes and objects to interact with, as well as events like slumber parties, and grounding, maybe "ask to go to friends house", more interactions and objects for babies, as well as the introduction of toddlers.

    YA isn't the only life stage but sometimes it feels like it...
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  • CowPlantForHireCowPlantForHire Posts: 6,002 Member
    I would like to see an expansion or game pack that stars that guy who was in that movie with that other guy that had vampires, Greek gods, hobbits, street racing, a detective, the musketeers, and some Cobb person. In other words, nothing. :sweat_smile:
  • SimGuruBChickSimGuruBChick Posts: 1,013 SimGuru (retired)
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  • lexus20lexus20 Posts: 1,284 Member
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    EP: City Life/Apartments, Seasons, or Pets
    GP: Beach Life
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  • jcp011c2jcp011c2 Posts: 10,709 Member
    Generational/Family play OUGHT to be next, so we can get toddlers. After that my votes would be for Seasons, Pets or Late Night/Town Life. All with more lots than this last EP please.
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  • MasonGamerMasonGamer Posts: 8,782 Member
    If I had to choose out of my top needs in this game.

    Vehicle Pack
    Building Pack

    I would choose Seasons for the EP and for a GP I would choose a Building pack cause I feel I need more tools and terrain options to get my world the way I want it.

    tho Vehicles need to happen cause I'm tired of Shift+] all the long day. I need a Jeep and a motorcycle. and in build mode I would like to get on ground lvl and Tab and look up at what I'm doing because I was adding paper lanterns to my trees and when I went into live mode... it wasn't pretty. lights were not even in the trees. so being able to build from the ground view please and thank you.
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  • Sigzy05Sigzy05 Posts: 19,385 Member
    Nightlife EP because when my sims's work is over my only option is: bar or lounge which are almost the same thing, I need more things for my sims, and me :p, to be entertained after their work is done other than going to a bar or staying at home, clubs would be aswome to have and bowlling alleys or fancy restaurants to dine at after a sim work day :)

    For a second EP I would like to see something like Generations a more familly focused EP because the base games lacks it so much BUT toddlers in a patch :D
  • ADLER900ADLER900 Posts: 503 Member
    The absolute dream for me would be seasons and fully functioning restaurants.

    I would also love if we could get large glass windows and glass roofs/skylights for build mode.
  • 1makemebelieveagain11makemebelieveagain1 Posts: 163 Member
    A late night one would be amazing or maybe seasons. I would love to see how they implement weather into the sims 4.
  • MyDoodlebugMyDoodlebug Posts: 164 Member
    I would like

  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 12,003 Member
    edited April 2015
    I can imagine they will bring back these main themes :

    - Downtown (TS1 EP03 / TS2 EP02 / TS3 EP03)
    - Pets (TS1 EP05 / TS2 EP04 / TS3 EP05)
    - Vacation (TS1 EP04 / TS2 EP06 / TS3 EP01+EP10) : maybe cut into several Game Packs
    - University (TS2 EP01 / TS3 EP09)
    - Seasons (TS2 EP05 / TS3 EP08)

    With "Business/Playable Careers" EP (TS2 EP03 / TS3 EP02 / TS4 EP01), it's the base of The Sims series.

    Optional themes or part of EP :

    - Magic (TS1 EP07 / TS2 EP08 / TS3 EP07)
    - Show business (TS1 EP06 / TS3 EP06)
    - Hobbies (TS2 EP07)
    - Generations (TS3 EP04)
    - Future (TS3 EP11)

    I would like TS4 EP02 Downtown and GP02 Beach Vacation.
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  • Laughlin310Laughlin310 Posts: 95 Member
    I sense they are already headed that way already, but how about Time Travel. Old west style neighborhood, futuristic, medieval and maybe prehistoric...either Jurassic style or Flintstones-ish.
  • 32sheela32sheela Posts: 54 Member
    I think it'd be cool if they merged Superstar, Late Night and Showtime altogether
  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 89,987 Member
    edited April 2015
    Tropical Vacation Location This Spring or Summer with more stuff added for pools,hottubs,aquariums,beach activities,swimming in the ocean,resorts our sims can check into complete with door locks,scuba diving and tropical themed stores that sell tropical themed clothing and beached themed stuff. I'd really like to get the hanging swordfish back from island paradise.

    The Holiday Gamepack This Fall or Winter were sims bring in the New Year with fireworks and toasting champayne and new costumes parties for Halloween. I'd hope it would include additional Christmas Items as well.

    I put two for gamepacks because I think we'll see 2 more gamepacks this year.

    Late Night/Hotdate Ep with dance clubs,open resturents,new dances were sims face each other,apartments,a city world,a movie theater,coffee shop,bowling and tons and tons of romantic interactions especially new kisses and makeouts and the slowdance. I hope it adds cuddle,kiss and makeout options when sims are in bed laying down and a sofa cuddle were they stay cuddled. I'd also like to see shower woohoo added.

  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 89,987 Member
    Another thing I'd like to see added this year is working carnivals and amusement parks with rides like ferris wheels,gondelas,carousels,roller coasters and bumper cars.

  • Laughlin310Laughlin310 Posts: 95 Member
    A little more detailed tv/stage film making career. Casting, set building, props, rehearsals and post production with actual editing and special effects to add in.

    Also...include children's entertainment...with tragic clown, magician and puppeteer as a nod to the late Robert Crumplebottom (Sims 1) there were a lot of puppet references in Sims 1. Mortimer Goth was constantly pulling out his little hand puppet. I am not suggesting a puppetry expansion, but just a little something as a wink and a nod to the original Sims...and Simmers.
  • ronin36ronin36 Posts: 24 New Member

    Personally, Seasons and Pets didn't thrill me all that much.

    I agree that there needs to be more activities for the elderly. Maybe some jobs that are only available for the retired. Like Nanny (we'd need toddlers for that though) Neighborhood Watch. Crossing Guard. Something that's only a few hours a day, a few days a week.
  • JustifyOwnageJustifyOwnage Posts: 8 New Member
    Pets with a twist.Things to make pets more exciting because it's quite boring really.
    Talent shows which you can level your dog up in a certain skill like obedience or catching, be a certain level to enter a comp, practice and try to win 'em all.
    Zoos or safari parks which you can take the family out on a trip to, maybe ending with a lion opening your door or an elephant going rampage. A range of pets, not just your usual reptiles,cats,dogs,horses etc.
    It'd be cool if they had like pets for nations, eg. Asia-Panda, Australia-Kangaroo, Africa-Elephant. It's quite unlikely but I'd just love to have my sims come home and there's a giant elephant in the backyard, squirting water at the children.
    More petcessories ( pet accessories) like bows, costumes,ties and making your dog look like a lion.... They need more personality, like a really aggressive dog will jump & bite at the mailman, possibly ending up with the dog being taken away.

    Woops if something has already been said (or done because I'm a derp). :D
  • doogeriedoogerie Posts: 741 Member
    GP Early years or Expanded to and EP generations.
    Sports with extreme sports like Rock climbing skateboarding
    I think that covers it there are other things that i would like but they may com in other packs like i want a Mall that teens can hang out in
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