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She's going to be pretty...

I aged up my sim Bella's toddler daughter in CAS to see what she'll look like. Her dad is Kai Kahale of Sunlit Tides.

Here's her YA picture.


I also have a child pic.


Here's Bella for comparison. Although her daughter Mollie looks like her, she doesn't have the same squinty eyes.



  • HorseLoverXOHorseLoverXO Posts: 145
    edited August 2013
    She does look really pretty! :)
  • mistyj0609mistyj0609 Posts: 45
    edited August 2013
    She is a very pretty sim! I love peeking at what a sim will look like when they grow up. :)
  • XesianXesian Posts: 441 Member
    edited August 2013
    I have a picture of Bella's and Kaylynns Son & Daughter (Not adopted, happened unexpectly with Nraas Story Progression) but they do not look pretty when they're kids.
    They looked better as teens but definitely not kids.
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