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Question about NRAAS Dresser

Hello, I want to start with saying that I finally fixed my game after weeks of struggling!

I had also briefly installed NRAAS dresser in an attempt to fix a problem with some bad cc, but I fixed the problem with CASP editor and then removed Dresser. However, Dresser had a functionality that I really liked, the ability to randomize hair/clothing on an NPC with just the click of a button. I kind of want that functionality back, but whenever I booted up a save with NRAAS Dresser in it, Dresser kept pushing accessory and make-up on my townies, slowing my game like crazy. I also didn't want all those automatic changes! I just want the ability to randomize a certain piece of hair/clothing when I want to. I looked around a bit in the mod's menu but couldn't find a setting to turn off those automatic changes. Does anyone know how to do it? To stop Dresser from managing my town's outfits on its own, and for it to act only on my command?

Thank you!


  • igazorigazor Posts: 18,165 Member
    On City Hall or an in-game computer,
    NRaas > Dresser > Check Outfits > Accessories > Random Accessories > Female Chance > 0 (default is 75)
    NRaas > Dresser > Check Outfits > Accessories > Random Accessories > Male Chance > 0 (default is 75)

    Repeat for Makeup > Random Makeup
    (and for Hair > Random Body Hair I guess)

    To prevent the immediate initial checks and re-rolls the first time a saved game has the mod in play, a tuning file alongside of the mod is required. It's the fourth one on this page (scroll down a bit) called

    I never use the mod myself, but those seem like the correct settings to change. Others at NRaas could offer more guidance if these don't do/prevent exactly what you had intended.
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  • ZeiZei Posts: 199 Member
    Thanks @igazor, so helpful as always!
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 17,379 Member
    @igazor those are the correct settings.I disable them all the time.The only reason I have dresser installed is for adding more outfits.
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