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Show me your favorite hairstyles for males

There's so much stuff for females already in the game, but I feel like I'm constantly using the same few hairstyles for guys... So, I've decided it's time for me to download some male hairstyles. I have all EA hair, including store stuff, so I'm looking for cc now, but since I use EA skin, it would be nice if the textures were relatively Maxis-match. Anyway, without further ado, I'd like to see pictures of your favorite male hairs and to hear where you found them :) .


  • mw1525mw1525 Posts: 973 Member
    Can't say for 'Maxis Match' but, these hairs looks pretty good on my base game skinned Sims.

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  • meerkattimemeerkattime Posts: 46 Member
    @mw1525 Thank you :) . I'll test a few of those in-game.
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,184 Member
    These days, I find all of my CC through this CC finds tumblr. I went ahead and narrowed it down to male hair for ya.

    As far as Maxis match, not sure how much of that you'll find these days. But I will say that @ChazyBazzy 's retextures are really nice and are more simple/less hyper realistic than say Ifca's retextures or Cazy's textures.

    Though, if you ask me, most CC hair go perfectly fine with EA skin for TS3. There isn't such a stark difference between alpha CC and Maxis match CC as there is for, say, TS4. :smile: Anyway, that tag should make it pretty easy to find any type of hair you're looking for. Happy hunting! :3
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  • meerkattimemeerkattime Posts: 46 Member
    @Emily4331 Thank you. I will go for a hair hunt :) .
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