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Science Clone from Sample brings up empty list of samples

I have had my sim clone mineral samples many times, from her own analysis and from other's analysis. After cloning for hours suddenly the clone screen comes up empty, like she doesn't have any samples.

She has 8 mineral samples, some hers, some that other's analyzed.

Here's the screen that is coming up with no samples to choose to clone:

Here's one expansion of her mineral samples, a space rock she analyzed:

And here's another in her stack, a sample of iridium produced by another sim in a different household:

She had previous cloned all of these, things she analyzed, things people in other households analyzed, I can't imagine why it just broke in the middle of a game playing session.

I exited the game and got back in, I had her try to clone on a public lot, so tried having her do it at home, but I got the same problem.

Thanks a bunch for any help!

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