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pets dont show up?

everytime i try to adopt a pet it tells me its being cleaned up and will appear shortly.
then just triggers a script error?
nobody shows up with the pet.
game version 1.67


  • igazorigazor Posts: 18,720 Member
    Sometimes that means the pet adoption social worker cannot route to your sim's house and errors out along the way, and sometimes we aren't really sure why this goes wrong. If not averse to using mods, NRaas MasterController has an Adopt Pet command that should give you the same pet choices from the shelter but without the broken Service Sim scenario -- the pet just shows up instead. Note that if you use the mod command, this is one of the few from our collection where the game must not be paused during the clicking sequence or the command will be ignored.

    I'm not really sure that there is a fix for this without mods in play, other than moving to a new house and trying from there but that seems a bit extreme unless your sims hate their current house to begin with.
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