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Modded familiar cannot be bound to a sim [SOLVED]

Mic95Mic95 Posts: 21 Member
Hi! I have been looking to inject new familiars into the game but I am currently stuck on one problem I can't seem to resolve. Here's what I've done so far:

1. I added a new entry to familiars.familiar_enums.

2. I created a copy of familiars.familiar_tracker.FAMILIAR_DATA, added a new familiar (key, value pair) to it and replaced the original FAMILIAR_DATA with it.
FamiliarTypeTuple = namedtuple('familiar_type', ['familiar_description', 'familiar_object', 'familiar_token_object', 'follow_affordance', 'name_list'])
ValueTuple = namedtuple('value', ['familiar_type', 'icon'])

4. Created a new familiar and familiar orb with new tunings and assigned them to the new familiar.

The problem is that if I try to bind that new familiar to a sim, I get a LastException that says: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'name_list' within the bind_familiar function inside of I have checked my generated familiar entry against the existing entries and they're exactly the same structure and type wise.

If I assign my new familiar's data to any of the existing familiar entries in FAMILIAR_DATA, the binding works. If I assign the data of any existing familiars to my new entry in FAMILIAR_DATA, the binding fails.

<?xml version="1.0" ?><root>
<report><version>2</version><sessionid>e0cd5b62d4bb68955d819c68</sessionid><type>desync</type><sku>ea.maxis.sims4_64.15.pc</sku><createtime>2019-09-17 22:55:55</createtime><buildsignature>Local.Unknown.Unknown.</buildsignature><categoryid></categoryid><desyncid>e0cd5b62d4bb68955d819c68</desyncid><systemconfig/><screenshot/><desyncdata>Exception in Unknown timeline: Exception running Element (AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'name_list')&#13;&#10;Traceback (most recent call last):&#13;&#10;  File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\", line 212, in simulate&#13;&#10;  File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\", line 335, in _run&#13;&#10;  File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\interactions\utils\", line 162, in _behavior_element&#13;&#10;  File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\familiars\", line 126, in _do_behavior&#13;&#10;  File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\familiars\", line 77, in bind_familiar&#13;&#10;  File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\familiars\", line 350, in bind_familiar&#13;&#10;AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'name_list'&#13;&#10;rtim=0</desyncdata></report>

I was hoping that @SimGuruModSquad or @SimGuruTwoLegs could enlighten me a bit on how the whole familiar process works.

Thank you.
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  • Mic95Mic95 Posts: 21 Member
    I've solved my issue. The problem was that the binding interactions referred to the enum but since the value did not exist at that moment, they assigned the default enum value thus causing the error.
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