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Adding custom familiars (Realm of Magic) without overriding tuning files [SOLVED]

Mic95Mic95 Posts: 21 Member
Hi! I have been looking to add new familiars without adding the possibility of them being overwritten by another mod that aims to add their own. Here is my progress thus far:

There are 2 things that need to be changed in order to add a familiar in the game using Python:

1. familiars.familar_enums
with FamiliarType.make_mutable():
FamiliarType._add_new_enum_value("nameofthesummon", IDofthesummon)

This enum is easily modifiable and poses no problem.

2. familiars.familiar_tracker

Within this one is contained the FAMILIAR_DATA TunableMapping. The structure of which is found within the familiars-familiar_tracker.tdesc.
The problem that I have encountered, however, is that I find myself unable to inject additional data within that FAMILIAR_DATA as it is immutable.

So my problem is that I cannot add familiars without editing the familiar_tracker tuning itself which is undesirable and increases the chances of conflicts immensely. Is there a possible workaround to this or a change that Maxis could make in order to allow us to add new familiars through scripting?

EDIT: I have solved this problem.
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  • VieraRedMageVieraRedMage Posts: 42 Member
    Out of curiosity, how did you solve this?

    I'd love to be able to add custom familiars too, but everything I've found searching either concluded it wasn't currently possible or the threads asking just die without answers. :(
  • Mic95Mic95 Posts: 21 Member
    edited October 8
    @VieraRedMage You can use my Familiar Injector if you want to add custom familiars.

    The procedure and requirements are clearly explained and the script handles all the Python stuff for you.
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