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Suggestion: New Hobby/Career: Magician

OribaOriba Posts: 24 Member
First of all I want to say that I really love Sims Mobile!
But I also love Magic - especially Card-Magic!

Therefore I want to suggest a new Hobby:

The Magician

Angela Funovits - Arcane Style
Angela Funovits – Card Manipulation
The Evolution of Card Manipulation by Lee Ang Hsuan

The required item, to start the Magician Hobby, is a Magic Table.

More items to unlock could be: Deck of Cards, Magic Wand, Magic Cane, Top Hat (Doves could fly out of this Top Hat and Rabbits could jump out of it), Zombie Ball, Candle, Cups and Balls, and so on, ...

Once learned completely this new Hobby could also turn into a new Career. Perform your Magic on the greatest Stages!

Of course the Sims could not perform entire Tricks or Routines. This would take way too long.
But they could perform very short Tricks and Flourishes.

So here are some suggestion.
For more details please watch the linked videos!

Card Magic and Card Flourishes

The Magician-Sim performs a S-Fan. After this the Cards disappear.

The Spring
The Magician-Sim performs The Spring. After this the Cards disappear.

Bone Anaconda
The Magician-Sim performs The Anaconda. After this the Cards disappear.

Tornado Cut
The Sim performs The Tornado Cut. After this the Cards disappear.

Thunderbird-Ace Production
The Magician-Sim performs The Thunderbird-Ace Production. After this the Cards disappear.

Banshees – In Use
The Magician-Sim throws some screaming Banshee Cards. After this the Cards disappear.

Shuriken Card I
Shuriken Card II
The Magician-Sim performs Shuriken Card. After this the Cards disappear.

Card Flourishes I
Card Flourishes II
Card Flourishes III
Card Flourishes IV
Card Flourishes V
Card Flourishes VI
Card Flourishes VII
The Magician-Sim performs a Card Flourish!

Is this your Card?
The Magician-Sim asks a nearby Sim to just think about a Card. Then the Magician-Sim produces a Card out of thin air. The other Sim is surprised that this is the Card he / she was thinking of.


Floating Table
The Magician-Sim causes the table to float for a few seconds.

Dancing Canes - Jeff McBride
Flowlight Wand
Fluorescent Dancing Cane I
Fluorescent Dancing Cane II
Fluorescent Dancing Cane III
Lightning Wand
Levitation Wand/Dancing Cane Act
The Magician-Sim summons glowing and floating Magic Wands and Magic Canes for a few seconds.

Zombie Ball Gold
Zombie Ball Glow I
Zombie Ball Glow II
The Magician-Sim summons a glowing and floating Zombie Ball for a few seconds.

Fire Zombie Ball
Alpha, the floating fire ball act
Floating Fire Ball I
Floating Fire Ball II
The Magician-Sim summons a floating Fire Zombie Ball for a few seconds.

Josephine Lee and her Flying Ball
Penn and Teller invisi-ball thread
The Magician-Sim summons a Flying Ball for a few seconds.

Criss Angel Believe Airport Levitation
Levitation David Blaine
The Magician-Sim levitates in mid air for a few seconds.

Criss Angel makes a girl levitate in front of a crowd
The Magician-Sim causes a nearby Sim to levitate in mid air for a few seconds.

Some Card-Tutorial-Video-Links

It's time to grab some Cards and learn!

Eye Cut
Sybil Cut
The Sybil Cut
3pac Shakur
3 Easy Great Card Flourish
How To Throw Playing Cards
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