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Mermaid Transformations & Fixing Broken Tails

MizoreYukiiMizoreYukii Posts: 6,263 Member
This is a topic I created on S4S but no one there has been able to help, nor on Deaderpool Discord server. I'm hoping a Guru can help with this, as my main problem is the mermaid tail disappearing with each ASM, posture, or clip change. I can't figure out what controls it and why it breaks. Any insight is appreciated.

Here is a copy/paste from the thread:
I'm hoping someone can help me with this as I haven't gotten much luck on Deaderpool Discord server as they are all just as confused as I am. I'm trying to improve the mermaid transformations. I haven't made a new one, don't really plan to either, I'm just trying to get the mermaid CAS animations or effect to appear instead as I think it looks better. I have done 2 attempts, each solution I'm fine with as the end result but each one has errors that make it worthless, lol. Or if you have another idea please let me know.

1) This first attempt is the one with the most work so far. It replaces the clips through copy/paste methods in the ASM/Jazz files. It works and allows them to transform with the CAS animation and use the effect too. The main problem is that the tail doesn't appear, and they start swimming with regular legs, and I have no clue how to "attach" the tail. The second problem is that the animation AND effect play above water. I have a general idea of how to fix the above water issue as I know how to make poses (poses, not animations though), but after testing the second transformation I attempted I'm concerned the VFX will stay above water in the end.

2) The second attempt involves just replacing the VFX listed in one of the tunings. Super simple and works when they transform into a mermaid. Unfortunately it doesn't work transforming back into a human. I am also at a loss as to how to fix this problem, as well as the fact that the effect stays above water as I mentioned. I don't know how to edit these effects, and I don't think we can either?

The VFX I want is ep07_merfolk_cas_transition_vfx.

And the animations I replace are a_mermaid_surfaceSwim_formChangeToMermaid_x and a_mermaid_surfaceSwim_formChangeToSim_x (or a_mermaid_swimToStand_ocean_x) with a_CAS_mermaid_formChangeToMermaid_x and a_CAS_mermaid_formChangeToSim_x.

The VFX I replaced is in 6017E896!0000001C!0000000000033D98.buff_Mermaid_ShallowWaterVFX.BuffTuning and the ASM I changed was 02d5df13!00000000!3586504521bf4db0.Swim_Posture.AsmJazz.

And just in case it helps, here are the files for you to look at: 
Improved Mermaid Transformation
Improved Mermaid Transformation VFX Version

Since then I also attempted a clip override with the effect added to the events section, and while the effect appears it causes the tail to break, again, and causes some glitching as they transform into a mermaid. I'm at a loss, especially as to why this is so glitchy.
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