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Flipping Back the Re-Size FX Switch

minimonsterscottminimonsterscott Posts: 22 Member
I have been thinking for a long time about how exactly I would approach making this 'simple', little request of the Official Dev Team, be it with 'hat in hand', 'on my knees', or 'sealed with a kiss' (?), but I guess that the best way would be simply to ask it -

The ability to re-size (manipulate by X, Y &Z) the game's FX was removed with the pre-C&D patch, for some as yet unknown reason, and I was a Very Sad Panda when it happened. Would it be possible for the dev team to 'flip the switch' back ON for the ability for us to be able to play with using the resizing capability?

Thank You all in Advance for your response(s). Cheers!
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  • Sigma1202Sigma1202 Posts: 40 Member
    Bump, it would be awesome if they could bring that feature back
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