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Got TSR workshop and it is looking for sims 3 folder. I need to manually set it up, How do I?

RoseyaSimi4RoseyaSimi4 Posts: 54 Member
I got TSR Workshop to try making CC items. This pop up saying it's not finding the sims 3 folder and I'm to do it manually, what specifically does TSR Workshop need to find? Where do i send it to? What is the scripts that was from getting TSRW? like ICSharp and Sims3WorkshoopSDK.


  • Bananas_45Bananas_45 Posts: 6,083 Member
    This section is for technical information from the game for Sims 4 Mod creators. If you are having issues with TSRW for the Sims 3, it would be best to go to their site for help with their program. They have tutorials for installation and a forum for help.
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