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I'm not sure we are ever getting my first pet stuff

The next stuff pack has a release date for pc and console, console 3rd September and I'm just not sure we are ever getting it cause we are all caught up bar that pack haha


  • NikkihNikkih Posts: 304 Member
    It will probably come out this month the same time at moschino stuff for pc the 13th of this month, I think if it doesn't maybe it wont lol
  • Dragonfire2lmDragonfire2lm Posts: 78 Member
    So R.I.P MFPS? It feels like we're never going to get it.

    I mean, I like some of the stuff shown in the moschino pack but we've been waiting how long for pets stuff?
  • Dragonfire2lmDragonfire2lm Posts: 78 Member

    They don't know how to put it on consoles? It could just be me but it really feels like the console port of this game was an afterthought.

    Don't get me wrong, I've played games where console ports get updated after PC but those games... They fix the bugs found in the PC version before sending the update to certification, give release dates for updates (did anyone else noticed the bragging going on with IL announcing PC and console release dates?) and for the most part the end result is up-to-date with PC and bug free.

    I have an issue with that first tweet, it's like the devs are saying "If there's not enough people asking for this, we won't port it" and that doesn't sit well with me. They've mentioned the fact that they want consoles to be on par with the PC version, never bring up the fact we're one dlc pack behind and then dangle the thing in front of us like a carrot on a stick saying they want to port it but don't know how?

    It's because it's dlc for dlc isn't it? I would say they should've thought about that when making MFPS but I don't think the console port existed at the time. Which begs the question- do the console ports exist because they were planned in the first place or made to just make more money?

    I'm probably being too harsh, I've had a rough couple of days but getting my thoughts down like this is cathartic and I don't mind being proven wrong.

    I want to be hyped for the new pack as it releases on PS4 around my birthday but it just boils down to a "have and have nots" mindset because one piece of dlc not ported, one that I would like to buy regardless of controversy.

  • drake_mccartydrake_mccarty Posts: 5,649 Member
    This pack isn’t as straightforward as the others because it’s reliant on another DLC to access all of the content. Without C&D you can’t use half of the entire pack. It was predatory when they did it the first time, it will be just as predatory the second time if they release it. I have serious doubts about it, and I’m ok with them skipping it. There is no reason to try to make bad ideas into something good, let them die.
  • _natalie_natalie Posts: 326 Member
    edited August 7
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