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Legacy question

Hi guys

I wondered how you all played legacy? I created a new family intending on starting a legacy, not necessarily following any challenges, just seeing how far I can get before I get bored! Anyway, my first born and heir, Astrid, is just about to age up to young adult. Trouble is her parents, Celesete and Leo, have only recently aged to adult, and her brother Phoenix only just aged to child.

I feel like it's too early to ditch the parents and brother and just carry on with the heir, but at the same time I want to be able to concentrate on her so she can carry on the legacy. How do you all decide what to do?


  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 4,563 Member
    I have played my first couple to the point where their Aspirations cannot advance until the heir, their oldest, marries and has a career. So aging him (and his BF) up from Teen, and marrying them and moving them out is my next stage.

    I will keep that household in my original couple's save, and alternate between the two, getting the Heir up in his career, and letting the folks continue to raise his two brothers. Since loading a save lets me decide which household to play, I can alternate. I can even back out to Manage Worlds and swap between them.

    Rotational play is far easier in TS4 - it's one of the improvements over previous games.
  • AphoticLeeAphoticLee Posts: 1,164 Member
    In this case I typically continue to play with them all in one household until the heir marries. A lot of times my heir status in the family home unless I'm bored with it and wanting a change then I'll move them out and play with the heir household rotating between them.

    I play with aging on when playing with the heir and aging off when I'm rotating other households so not to miss anything in my heir household.
  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 4,563 Member
    Yes - I should specify, I am in full control of age-ups. I play with aging off, simply because I am not done with a stage until I decide I am done. :) My founding couple will be leaving behind YA for Adult in time for their heir to marry. I want them at least one age category ahead.
  • purplexbutterflypurplexbutterfly Posts: 573 Member
    I always have the eldest as the heir and dont really follow any challenges. I do play rotstionally too because I get attached to my families and miss them when they move out. I tend to set them up nicely with skills and aspirations and jobs then switch to my heir. I like my siblings children to play with their cousins and make friends growing up.
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