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Do CAS stories seem useless?

I'm not too sure of why CAS stories are being added as it seems no different than randomizing your traits and using simple cheats to start your Sim off with the skills, career and funds. It also doesn't seem like it will affect your Sims personality in anyway. You can choose any traits for your Sims and none of that changes the way your Sim behaves.

For me, it feels like a completely unnecessary addition.

Do CAS stories seem useless? 317 votes

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  • BlueR0seBlueR0se Posts: 991 Member
    It may not be for you, but it may be something appealing to other folks. Im not sure how I feel about it since I haven't seen much of the video announcement and am only fairly aware of the details. But I'm open to the idea of a new CAS experience, at least.

    Wish we could get little bio entries to manually write in stuff for our sim, though. Or maybe a trait slot extension.
  • MelmackMelmack Posts: 203 Member
    I see your point but I dont think it's useless per se. I think it could be a useful tool for when you dont have a clear picture of who a new sim may be, or if you like to play by random rolls of the dice. That said I dont think it should be advertised as somthing that really adds anything to the sims themselves.
  • sims2freak737sims2freak737 Posts: 2,362 Member
    Melmack wrote: »
    I dont think it should be advertised as somthing that really adds anything to the sims themselves.

    I think this was where it shut down for me. When they said it would help give our Sims some personality and it very clearly has no direct impact on the way our Sims act. The only way to show a Sims personality in Sims 4 in my opinion is through their clothes. Other than that, they all act the exact same.
  • FanPhoriaFanPhoria Posts: 1,386 Member
    Can't speak for everyone, but this seems like a tool many of us have been asking for for a while in terms of world building. Some players like to create their own townies, and then set them free for their played sims to interact with. As it is, that's been REALLY difficult, cause you have to go in and play each sim to "set them up" as it were. And since you can't even get most NPC jobs in played households, it's virtually impossible--ie: only possible with cheats, and really freakin' convoluted ones at that--to, say, create your own librarians and such. I don't know if NPC jobs will be included as a possibility for jobs you can assign in CAS, but if it is, that feature alone would make things way easier for those of us who don't just pick one household and play it through, but like to create the whole world our sim exists in.
  • sims2freak737sims2freak737 Posts: 2,362 Member
    BlueR0se wrote: »
    I Wish we could get little bio entries to manually write in stuff for our sim, though. Or maybe a trait slot extension.

    I think individual bios would be a great addition as well as more trait slots. But again, the traits don't really change the way Sims act to begin with so I'm not sure adding another trait slot would help much.
  • Mariefoxprice83Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 7,001 Member
    It's great for gameplay where you don't want to start from scratch, or if you aren't sure who you want to create.
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  • sims2freak737sims2freak737 Posts: 2,362 Member
    Not everyone wants to use cheats. I think some may use it it for inspiration for a character or story?
    I agree it’s not going to change a sims personality.

    I guess it makes sense for character/story inspiration but the concept of being given specific traits and a possible career seems so out of character for The Sims franchise. The whole concept for me at least is to create a Sim from scratch and create their story as you play. I guess some players would be interested in starting an established Sim but that just isn't for me.
  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 5,339 Member
    I HATE having to cheat things!
  • SharoniaSharonia Posts: 1,956 Member
    I'm sure some people will enjoy it. I don't really enjoy making sims. I find it difficult selecting traits and aspirations as I'm to indecisive so it could be helpful in that sense.
  • luthienrisingluthienrising Posts: 32,745 Member
    I like having almost all the houses in my game inhabited, and I've always found it frustrating to have to do a lot of cheating so they aren't all sprung-from-the-womb-as-adults but seem to have had lives. (Gallery Sims also rarely have any skills etc.) I'm looking forward to having an alternative way to make those Sim households.
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  • SelinaKylesSelinaKyles Posts: 1,688 Member
    No cause I hate having to choose traits for sims, I want to create small stories for them but I always pick the same traits, atleast with this the traits are permanent and will be different. Also neat that there’s a chance for some skills to have points in them already.
  • TechbiltTechbilt Posts: 255 Member
    I can see them being beneficial to the way some people tell stories. I think its a neat idea, its a cool alternative way to create a sim, also kind of gives you a direction to go in if you don't already have one. I kind of hope there is a way to randomize the story without answering the questions, I never have an idea of what my sims will do I tend to randomize their traits dress them up in accordance with their traits and get to know them through the game. So I will only likely use this feature if I stream on twitch with audience input to create a fan sim or use it to make more accurate fan character sims like making a Prowl from Transformers or Lockdown from Transformers or something.
  • GrumpyGlowfishGrumpyGlowfish Posts: 1,331 Member
    Useless? In general, no. I mean, to me personally, the randomise button is already useless, and this is just a more creative, albeit more restricting version of that, but people who don't like or care to assign traits and aspirations themselves might find it great.

    So far they haven't said if you can also assign starting skills and a job to sims that were created the old-fashioned way, because that would be somewhat useful for me... Not much, because getting a job and getting a skill to level 3 is a matter of minutes, but at least it would add some more customisation to CAS. I'll just wait and see before I judge.
  • ChazzzyChazzzy Posts: 5,816 Member
    edited July 2019
    I feel like they’re slowly but surely adding cheats into regular gameplay. So as you said one could’ve simply used a cheat after moving in a household to assign money and skills etc, but now they don’t have to. And it makes the player feel like they’re not cheating when one could suggest that this is in fact a cheat.
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  • smurfy77smurfy77 Posts: 970 Member
    I'm excited to try it out, see what different things they start with, answer questions in odd ways too, to create some interesting sims and their lives will be too
  • EmmaVaneEmmaVane Posts: 6,493 Member
    edited July 2019
    The idea is to give grown sims a bit of background, rather than them reaching adulthood with no life experience.

    You have an idea of a character in mind, and answer/skip irrelevant questions how you believe the character would. By the end of the quiz you end up with some skills, job and savings that they might have acquired in their life up to that point based on your answers.

    So say you wanted a sim that lived on Sulani, hates roughing it and is a well-off artist: Skip or answer in the negative any questions related to JA/OR or Off The Grid, answer ones from Sulani/IL positively, answer any money related questions in a way that would be profitable (selling artifacts etc) and any hobby/skill questions that mention painting should be anwered appropriately too. Any question you feel the sim wouldn't have a strong opinion about, skip.
  • ArzekialArzekial Posts: 365 Member
    I'm not too sure of why CAS stories are being added as it seems no different than randomizing your traits and using simple cheats to start your Sim off with the skills, career and funds. It also doesn't seem like it will affect your Sims personality in anyway. You can choose any traits for your Sims and none of that changes the way your Sim behaves.

    For me, it feels like a completely unnecessary addition.

    I think it could be an interesting way for some people to start off a sim. I won't use it much because I usually start off playing a teen for the good manners, responsible, etc., traits.

    I do wish they would work on some of the traits affecting character behavior more. Traits like "outgoing" don't seem to make them more sociable, it just makes them stress out quicker because they're actually not any more outgoing than any other sim. I want to see them go out of their way to be sociable and not start reading a book when other sims are over visiting them at home.

    Anyway, I'm getting off track. The stories could be fun. I really hope they use the system to generate townies so they all have various skills and aren't all just blank slates.
  • AineAine Posts: 2,527 Member
    edited July 2019
    I'd rather have the option to add the skills and careers without the quiz.

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  • achingaching Posts: 51 Member
    Want the stories without the boring quizzes
  • CK213CK213 Posts: 18,475 Member
    I don't believe it's useless.
    My first thought when I first saw it was:

    Are today's simmer such doorknobs that they get flustered when they see a list of traits and can't make a decision?
    They need to be hand-held through the process?

    But if you use the old randomizer, I can see this being a better alternative because you can have some randomness, but it has a bit of purpose as you will be more likely to make a sim you like and not have to make so many attempts. I hope we can use it on the homeless sims in the world manager. It might be a fun way to edit them.

    I might not use it much, but it should be useful to someone new to the game.
  • ListentoToppDoggListentoToppDogg Posts: 2,077 Member
    Not gonna say useless, but rather poorly implemented. To me it just comes across as a more annoying trait randomizer with less freedom since you're stuck with whatever you get even if you don't like the result. Getting different funds, skills, and careers is nice, but I hate that you're forced to use the traits that result from that stupid quiz.

    The whole thing would have been better implemented imo if in addition to the traits randomizer, they allowed the option to randomize a career, skills, and starting funds with no silly little quiz AND the OPTION to edit the results you get if you don't like them.
  • RouensimsRouensims Posts: 1,774 Member
    edited July 2019
    I'm really surprised to see the results of this quiz! I assumed everyone would consider it as useless as I do. It's fun that we are all so different!

    I already know who my characters are without needing to take a quiz, and I love building up their skills. I already play characters with "difficult" traits, including custom ones like Autistic Spectrum and Whale Ate My Parents, lol. But I'm glad so many people are happy with this addition!
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  • annaliese39annaliese39 Posts: 2,023 Member
    I'm not sure how I personally feel about CAS stories just yet since I need to see it in action first. At this point I don't think it's something I will use much if at all as I always have all the details for my sims/characters planned out in my head when I create them. However, I am sure there will be simmers that find this feature helpful and fun, so I wouldn't say it's useless to everyone. I agree with those though that want to see improved personalities for our sims i.e. more influential and interesting traits, less happy buffs and a fear emotion, likes/dislikes, memories, chemistry system etc. I like the idea of being able to give my sims some skills and a career to fit their character in CAS, but without having to do a quiz first. I also like the idea of being able to make certain skills easier/harder or even impossible beyond a certain point for sims to gain. More relationship options in CAS would be helpful too. I just hope CAS stories is a step in the right direction.
  • FelicityFelicity Posts: 4,526 Member
    It's GOAT. And that's fine. I was pretty indifferent at first, but I honestly can see some use to this. I just hope we can use stories for all the sims in a household rather than just one. It will take a few hours, but I could make a few townie households with not much effort that already have a backstory rather than having to play them and cheat the skills in.
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