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  • AsapasAsapas Posts: 12 New Member
    I really can;t understand them....the most important thing to make you buy Sims on the console and still they keep neglecting it...
  • bruceleroy98bruceleroy98 Posts: 86 Member
    > @eternalrainn said:
    > I would prefer the gallery over anything for console. I haven't even purchased Get Together yet because 27 lots is useless to me if I can't put builds on them that I would enjoy. They added over some really nice amazing builds from PC but most of them just are not my personal style. I've spent hours trying to make builds and I just end up never being satisfied and exiting the game. It's so frustrating. On top of that, simmers make some really wacky fun builds that I want to enjoy in my game :/

    I have to agree with this. Although the updates have improved in my eyes at each turn, the community gallery would take your Sims 4 console game play to new heights. Being able to play with community creations across the board would be crazy. Please devs! I hope they can do it by Christmas or the holiday season 2019.
  • LquinnLquinn Posts: 350 Member
    At least I know that they have not forgot us.
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