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Creature War - New and Improved!

MousellineMouselline Posts: 2,796 Member
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Hello everybody! You may of seen my previous Creature War (Creature War - Game) and I’m doing it again! I am taking the suggestions of my previous game and adding it to this one. So, that’s where I got the name. Anyways, here are the rules.

Dragon - deals 10 damage to any opponent
Unicorn - heals 10 damage from any team mate
Pegasus - gets the choice to either deal 5 damage or heal 5 damage
Gryphon - puts up a shield that lasts one round of turns and can attack 3 damage

Power-Ups (PU)
Super Creature PU - strengthens your power for 1 turn. More info below. Chance of getting it is 3/10
Shield PU - when hit you can use it to guard yourself. Chance of getting is 2/10
Demon Release PU - when used you get released from the Demon Curse. More info below. Chance of getting is 2/10
Heal me PU - heals 5 damage to yourself. Chance of getting is 2/10
Save Me PU - brings a person back from the dead with 20 health. Chance of getting is 1/10.

Set Up
Say u want to play and what creature you want to be. You start with a total of 75 health and it can’t get any higher no matter what. You start with no power ups and you can get a total of 3.

How to Play
The order of turns is in alphabetical order discluding me who always goes last (besides on some rounds the bad guys go last). When it is your turn you get the choice of using your move (Gryphon and Pegasus must specify), search for a PU, or skip turn. After u do that I will say “Ok!” And move it to the next persons turn (besides for PU Search, then I tell you which PU you got). Then there is Ogres turn. I will get on my random app and it will decide if the ogre 1) puts up shield 2)sets Demon Curse on somebody 3) attacks somebody 4) heals themself. You die if you lose all your health or if u don’t go on your turn for 2 days (so you have to be active!). Stay in touch though if u die because you can be brought back to life with a Save Me.

We win if we go through all 3 rounds without all of us dying. We lose if we all die at some point.

More on Super Creature PU
Dragon - gets to deal 15 damage
Unicorn - gets to heal 15 damage
Pegasus - gets to either deal 10 damage or heal 10 damage

If the other team has a shield up you may also use your Super Creature PU to break down the shield.

More on Demon Curse
When u get cursed by the Demon Curse, you can’t use your powers at all. Only skip turns or search for PU. The only way u can be released is by finding, traded, or given a Demon Release PU.

More on Gryphon
The Gryphon can only use his shield once every 3 turns.

I believe that’s it! If any of the previous players think I missed a rule, please comment and I apologize for the long list do rules. I will only take a max of 5 players (discluding me) so you should post soon. I will stop taking people in 3 days if we have at least 3 people or if we have a total of 5 people (neither counting me).

Alexa. 65
- Heal Ne PU
- Super Creature Pu

Bubbz 2.0 60
- Heal Me PU
- demon release PU

Dekay 60
- Heal Me PU
- Save Me PU

Plumbob 2.0 60
- Heal Me PU
- Demon Release PU

Mouselline. 60
- Shield PU

Detlef 95

Sigvard 125

Dave 125

Alexas turn
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