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Slumber party for social event?

This idea just popped into my head, me and my old friend , being best friends for 12 years, were reminiscing the days we used to have sleep overs (us now being 24 and she has 2 beautiful children), I think this would be good for adding more for teens , what do you guys think ?


  • RionAgriasRionAgrias Posts: 227 Member
    It's a widely debated subject, since Teens, YAs, and Adults are pretty much the same. It's not like Teens can go to Prom, learn to Drive, or anything like that. Boost Teens with Parenthood and it's almost like having Vampire kids in un-modded Sims 3 (the ones who level skills to 10 in about 5 seconds).
  • NikkihNikkih Posts: 345 Member
    It would be good if they added driving lessons obviously if we get cars and proms . Parenthood does add the classic teenager mood swings 😂, spots and you can set a curfew for them but I would like them to be more different then YA and adults, I dont mind them having the same clothing and hair options, me personally I like this @RionAgrias
  • emma_marie1emma_marie1 Posts: 14 New Member
    You would be able to do a slumber party as a social event if you had a mod that added more social events. There are some out there but console doesn't support mods and cc
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