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Does the Sim's Surrounds Influence the Gender of the Baby?

Recently my sim has given birth to a baby girl. The house my sim lives in is all pink and white so it's very feminine so is the sim herself.
Now after my sim given birth it made me think whether or not if having a pregnant sim around such surrounding that portrays a specific gender if it can predict and influence the gender of the baby.
What are your thoughts and experiences on this?


  • SummerjaseSummerjase Posts: 1,421 Member
    The only thing that influences the gender of the baby is food/music.

    For girls - eat strawberries & listen to pop music.
    For boys - eat carrots & listen to alternative music.

    Surroundings have no affect on the gender, as far as I know. Some people believe if they watch the kid's network, it increases the chance of pregnancy (?), but I've found that to be untrue, and it usually makes my sims bored (unless they have the childish trait).
  • Sims_4_ever_Sims_4_ever_ Posts: 143 Member
    If you eat something like strawberries, or a strawberry cake, it ups your chance of having a girl. Also the kind of music you listen to and the tv shows you watch while pregnant influences gender.

    If you eat carrots or chicken breast(I think that's what it's called) which has carrots in it, you are more likely to have a boy.

    For twins, listen to the Kids Music channel on your stereo, and watch the Kids channel on your tv.

    Some people also claim that if you have a home birth, the color of the bassinet can influence gender, pink for girl, blue for boy, and yellow and green randomize the gender, but that hasn't been proven
  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 5,570 Member
    No, it doesn't. It's carrots for boys and strawberries for girls. I also think that the gender of babies shifts towards your worlds population. Like, if the population is mostly boys, it's a little more likely for the baby to be a girl.
  • emma_marie1emma_marie1 Posts: 14 New Member
    You can try and manipulate your baby gender by the types of food that you eat and the music you listen to.
    Girls: pop music and strawberries
    Boys: alternative music and carrots
  • Jbthesimmer12Jbthesimmer12 Posts: 2 New Member
    In every profile I do It keeps occurring that my female sims keep having boys. As far as I’m aware I do not use any gender influencing techniques like fruit or music. is this a glitch or something or is it just the game working normal.any help would be nice thanks.
  • PifflePrincessPifflePrincess Posts: 41 Member
    Like other people said, food/music are the "official" way to influence the gender of the baby.
    It worked for me when I wanted a male half vampire baby.

    Also, watching kids tv definitly helps you get twins, as I unfortunatly discovered: there is something like a bug about sims always watching kids tv after they have a child and I started getting tons of twins in all of my saves. It was really annoying. I had to remove all TVs from my houses to prevent that.

    Not really sure about the bassinet color method (I tried once without even knowing and it didn't work) nor the population thing (but that could make sense).
    In every profile I do It keeps occurring that my female sims keep having boys. As far as I’m aware I do not use any gender influencing techniques like fruit or music. is this a glitch or something or is it just the game working normal.any help would be nice thanks.
    I think is mostly luck (or unluck). I had a family who had 5 children: they got 1 boys and 4 girls, all without gender influencing techniques. And while playing other saves, there were times when it seems to me I was getting only boys or only girls.
    But I can't say for sure that is not a bug/glitch.
  • Cest_si_BonCest_si_Bon Posts: 50 Member
    I have a question: for the food influencing gender, does this also influence the gender in a male/alien pregnancy?
  • AyKooChaoAyKooChao Posts: 265 Member
    I don't know. Last time my Sim got abducted, I made him eat about 10 carrots while listening to alternative music, but he ended up having twin girls. The same thing happened the time before that (and I was really hoping that Sim would have a boy, since he had four daughters already, so I kind of cheated, ^^;).

    I think I'll do an experiment.
  • Cest_si_BonCest_si_Bon Posts: 50 Member
    @AyKooChao please let me know how your experiment goes :smile:

    In my game at some point, I am planning to have a male pregnancy/alien baby - I will feed him nothing but strawberries in hopes for a girl and report back.

    (Wouldn't it be lovely if things worked this way in real life, haha! I'm obsessed with strawberry milk and love kids tv - I'd have a house full of baby girls if I was a Sim!)
  • AyKooChaoAyKooChao Posts: 265 Member
    Okay I've finished my experiment, and it looks like nothing can affect an alien nooboo's gender.

    First, I opened the gallery and downloaded the best recreations of the Curious brothers I had the right packs for, then moved them into a lot in Strangetown- I mean, Oasis Springs. Then, after a lot of save-scumming (and trips to Magnolia Promenade to buy space rocks), I managed to get Pascal and Lazlo abducted (at the exact same time, by the same pollination technician. I'd never seen that before!) I cheated to promote Vidcund to level 6 of the doctor career, and he said Pascal was going to have a boy and Lazlo was having a girl.

    I then fed both of them strawberries and made them listen to pop music - in Pascal's case, this was so I could double-check that the normal method really didn't work, and with Lazlo, I wanted to see if it was reversed (carrots and alternative for a girl, strawberries and pop for a boy). But when the nooboos were born, Pascal's was still a boy and Lazlo's was still a girl. (I've been able to change a nooboo's gender after it was determined by a doctor before.)

    So, that's kind of annoying. :/
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