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1.50.67 : TDESCS

SimGuruTwoLegsSimGuruTwoLegs Posts: 19 SimGuru
Hi everyone,

Please find attached the TDESCs for patch 1.50.67.


I'm going to try something new: a more info/Q&A section! Feel free to ask questions about the tuning schema in this thread or elsewhere on social media if you happen to find me.

Broadcasters have a new test "allow_sim_test" that controls what Sims react. Couldn't this already be done with broadcaster effect tests?
Yes, but there are two main reasons to use allow_sim_test:
- Simplifies tuning for broadcasters with multiple effects.
- Broadcasters can test out quickly without needing to inspect effects.

New Tuning. BroadcasterEffectBuff now has a 'remove_buff' option
BroadcasterEffectBuff adds a buff when a Sim enters, and by default removes that buff when the Sim leaves (the buff shouldn't have a timeout, as the effect manages the lifetime of the buff). If remove_buff is False, the buff is not removed on Sim exit (the buff *should* have a timeout as otherwise the buff won't be removed by anything). This is actually not new functionality, but is simpler than doing BroadcasterEffectLoot -> loot_list with 1 entry -> new loot file -> buff loot.

SituationJobs have a new location_based_filter_terms. Does this need to be set?
No. If unspecified, it doesn't do anything. As for what that is, location based filter terms is a mapping between a region (San Myshuno, Oasis Springs, etc.) to a set of additional filter terms to use when choosing a Sim for the situation job. This is a way of using the same situation across multiple regions while supplying some regional difference (e.g. San Myshuno bartenders can't be Slobs, while Oasis Springs bartenders can't be from San Myshuno). Sim filter terms don't combine well, so be careful with this. If the filter for the situation job already has an age filter term, I'm not sure what happens if there's also an age location based filter term.

Buffs now have an _ignore_weather option. The description saus it only works if the buff doesn't persist. Does that mean a trait buff can't use _ignore_weather?
Trait buffs can ignore weather, but only if buffs_add_on_spawn_only is True on the trait (which it is by default), and the buff has no temporary commodity (which trait buffs shouldn't have anyway). "Persist" is actually a misleading description. The actual requirement is that the buff is added/removed when the Sim is instantiated/uninstantiated. Feel free to ask if you're not sure if your particular use case qualifies. The one use we have is with a mood buff, as in when in that mood, the Sim doesn't care about weather.
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