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Can you be kidnapped by Aliens and have alien babies

Hi Simmers,
I know in the sims 4 base game your character can be kidnapped by Aliens and carry Alien babies; But I don't see any forum threads from The Sims Mobile can my characters get abducted and cary alien babies I read parents raise them til its time to go back to their home planet and parents earn certification but some Alien Children can choose to stay back if they are half human and half alien they stay with the parents.

I want to know can I adopt or have cute little Alien babies in The Sims Mobile?

a.k.a I am raising and keeping them I can't let go of my Beautiful Children sims.....


  • PastelMermaidPastelMermaid Posts: 1,231 Member
    Alien abductions happen with the Get to Work pack rather than the BG.. which might be why it doesn't come up in the sims mobile?

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  • OribaOriba Posts: 24 Member
    That would be so nice! Great suggestion!
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