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Sims parenthood package for The Sims Mobile

Hi EA Support Team ,
I have a 25 dollar gift card not spending at the moment are you guys going to release Sims parenthood package for the Sims Mobile ? with more actions this would be perfect for our mobile games hoping you consider adding this play package about families for The sims mobile.

I love babies , toddlers and children to raise have more actions etc. but only saw for sims 4 or consoles hoping you add this add on in future of the Sims mobile game.


  • HeronyxHeronyx Posts: 31 Member
    It would be good if the babies, children etc had more actions. I mean if their parents could make them do more things and if they also gained relationship points with their parents whilst they were children since it seems a bit strange that a child reaches adulthood with only a level 1 relationship with their parent even after all of the interactions. It doesn't seem to leave enough time for the adult to work or have other relationships before they are ready to retire.
  • GenzzaGenzza Posts: 14 New Member
    That would be great...I am so tired of the kids doing nothing.Let them have some better interactions with their parents and their siblings.
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