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Appreciation for Vampires GP

I've literally never enjoyed playing occult sims, but out of a whim where I really wanted the build mode objects, I bought vampires. Surprisingly enough, my sim got turned into a vampire and I'm honestly having a blast. I love how aesthetic the vampires are and everything the build mode section has to offer is just simply gorgeous.

I absolutely love how sims get turned slowly. I thought it would be instantaneous, but to my surprise...

There's a few painful days before Sims actually become fully vampire, which totally added to my story.

I think the funniest part for me was having my first victim and then running away but my dog ended up staying so...

It looks like he did it. Oh Mr. Wiggles, you make a lovely vampire dog.

Honestly, I'd recommend Vampires to everybody, because even I, who normally hates playing sims that aren't human, am having an absolute blast and think it totally adds to the game.

Did anybody else feel the same way about occult sims, or have you all loved vampires from the start? Also, feel free to share your fave vampire moments so I can get some inspiration because I'm so used to playing humans, I'm not quite sure how to be more creative with this new pack. :smile:


  • MetaphasicMetaphasic Posts: 418 Member
    I like all the supernaturals, especially Vampires. =)
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  • AnmirlaAnmirla Posts: 3,625 Member
    I've always loved the idea of Occult Sims, but have to admit I don't play much with Vampires in TS2 or TS3. They just aren't...right.

    Then comes TS4 Vamps...YEEEEESSSSSSS! They nailed them. Almost every household I've played has had a Vampire. Now for Witches and Werewolves. I wouldn't mind seeing the Fae come back as well. If they give these states the Vampire treatment, I would constantly be playing TS4!
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