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Instructions on what to do before Patching and/or Installing Seasons

Tremayne4260Tremayne4260 Posts: 3,123 Member
Greetings all,

We've come across a problem recently that has many of you worried about updating to the latest version of the Mac OS or patching/updating or installing Seasons or any new content. This has to do with families no longer appearing in the start up screen of the game and I wanted to offer some advice.

First of all, make a backup of your Sims 4 folder on either an external hard drive or USB thumb drive. That way you know your Simmies are safe and sound and it doesn't hurt to do this periodically. I have a desktop computer and have an external storage hard drive always attached to mine and it backs up everything as I have Time Machine turned on. For those of you on laptops, this may not always work, so that's why I suggested the thumb drive or hooking your laptop up before patching, updating or adding. (Note: The Sims 4 folder is always found under the following path, Documents > Electronic Arts >Sims 4)

Next, check your Mods and CC to see if they have been updated to be compatible with the latest patch. Quite often an old, outdated mod is often the culprit in causing problems so make sure that before you patch, you check with the blogs/websites/etc. to see if the content needed to be updated to the latest patch.

In Origin, turn off Automatic Updates. Seriously, this can save your sanity. That way your game will not automatically update before you have a chance to check the various websites/blogs/etc to see IF your favorite Mod or CC had to be updated. Also note that quite often a Mod that was created to stop a certain bug is rendered useless as either EA/Maxis has fixed it or has changed the way something responds. Read the Patch notes here on the Forum as this will guide you on what has been done to update the game.

You are now safe to update/patch/add your new content. If you start up your game and none of your families are appearing, move the Sims 4 folder to your desktop to allow the game to regenerate a new folder. Before you add your Mods and CC, start up the game, create a new Sim and play for an hour or so to make sure that nothing else odd occurs. Save your "new" game, exit and check the Saved Games folder to make sure that the new game did save and it's dated for the day that you played.

While EA/Maxis says they have either raised the limit or removed the cap on the amount of CC for the Mac, the more CC you add to the game, the slower your game will become. You may have to cull your CC and remove items you no longer use a lot. There is no program for the Mac that will do this for you. You will have to manually do this.

Once you are sure that your game is ok, move the data from the thumb drive back to your computer and add the saved games back in.
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