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Luckyheather's Creations

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As I play and create every day I should have a thread, I hope my creations are of use to others :) I do not have CC and I use all cheats when I start to build.
Adding here at the start of my thread Page Links to Specific Lists of my Creations

Listing/Links to my Steampunk creations

Listing/Links to my Alice in Wonderland creations

I have a Themed Challenge Thread and each will start on the 1st and 15th of each month so we have 2 weeks for each challenge. There are No Winners by the way, its all about being creative and having Fun! Forum is Link here

Just to let everyone know, I now have Shell Challenges and the Forum is now here
I hope simmers will join in and enjoy using them how ever they wish and with no due date :)

Todays was build inspired by the new Pets Stuff pack coming in a couple of days.
Gallery Name: Pet Ready Modern Home
Gallery Link:
Notes: The Paintings in the Teen's Bedroom are from #SimFairyPetra
Front with my builder sim and cat 'Pickles'
Showing the right side
The rear garden with basketball hoop
Teens bedroom looks out to pool
Over the Ground Level
Over the First floor
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