I'm in shock at how bad Pets is



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    I love the pets. Maybe I don't look into things as much as some of you? It is what it is. I guess it could be better but I don't think the negativity will change it now.
    I think they are pretty cute. The fears however do annoy me somewhat. And the trips to the vets! My Sims adopted a stray yesterday and it has been to the vets 3 times already!! Her current dog has been once and she has owned him way way longer!
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    Anyone who has been in gaming industry or just gaming in general for a while should get a hint how well or bad The Sims 4 is doing.
    In 3.5 years we have received 4 expansions when in older iterations we would have already received 7 and 8th would have already been announced.

    Yes yes, i know we got small game-packs but its also an obvious indication to EA's strategy. The game didn't do well so they probably cut staff, hence smaller team is pumping out more smaller content then big feature expansions. I would be willing to bet my fortune that TS4 team in no-where near the size TS3 or even TS2 team was.

    I stopped playing this game over a year ago, i still visit forum from time to time to see how things are shaping with one of my favorite childhood game series but honestly future for Sims doesn't look bright at this point. All good things must come to an end, after all.
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    I want to like pets, but I hate that you can't see their stats or have any kind of control. I'm actually debating deleting my animals because of the fear thing. My dogs are always scared. No matter how much I comfort them, brush them, play with them, tell the to eat and go potty, their mood is always red. I own 2 dobermans and those girls aren't scared of anything. Its ridiculous. My daughter went back to Sims 3. I just may join her.
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    After having Cats and Dogs for a while now I can say that pets end up being useless or a pain in the plum. It is so frustrating to not know anything about them! I keep clicking on them out of habit to see their needs or their family tree or whatnot, but no, that's not possible. I am not even asking to control them but to have their info!

    Why can't I know what tricks or behaviours they know or are in progress to learn, showed maybe like the skills pannels for sims, for example?

    Why can't I teach them how to behave with possitive actions and not only scolding? Such a system already exists in game. When Parenthood came out I was 100% sure that the traits system was going to be adapted to pets in the future. It was so obvious! But no, you just scold your pet 3 times and a message pops up telling you they won't do whatever anymore.

    The gameplay is extremely simplistic and empty with not much to do with them and don't even get me started again on the (lack of) objects for them!

    The EP is a massive let down overall.
    Brindleton Bay is boring and strays are a pest in some neighbourhoods. I realised after a couple of weeks, I wasn't even moving sims to the new world or visiting anymore.
    The vet career is like all the other active careers (repeat the same things over and over) plus the annoyance of the restaurant rating system. Also, if your pet gets sick, you don't even have to take them to the vet, they will be fine in a couple of sim days like if nothing happened so there's no point of wasting your time through loading screens and then in the vet clinic (where there's nothing for you to do apart from waiting).
    Most CAS items make no sense without seasons or at least rain in game.

    Edit to say: The poops are a nightmare!!! As soon as a household has more than one dog, you find them everywhere in the lot that is considered "outdoors".
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    Jean wrote: »
    I don't share all the same opinions, but I do think Sims 4 is a big step backwards in comparison with Sims 3 and 2. It should've ended with The Sims 3, tbqh.

    I disagree. I loved Sims2, had a love/hate relationship with Sims3, and Sims4 has restored my love of Sims. Basically, the toddlers are well-worth the wait and are by far and WIDE superior to toddlers in either past iterations (meaning 2 & 3, since 2 is the first time they launched). The CAS for Sims, themselves is of greater range, building (once I got the 'hang' of it) is better, too. While there were parts of Sims3 I truly enjoyed ST, in particular, the game was so dern buggy it hurt to play. I had to totally mod it to the hilt (thanks Twallen and NRass, Industries) else it was all but unplayable on my GAMING RIG. Even my DDR-3 has problems with it. I have to play through Razor to shut off the background programs, first, in order to play reasonably okay.

    End of Rant.
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    > @Heidr said:
    > I think this is the problem in all packs.
    > They're all only exciting on the first glance. Boring after you figure out everything in game. They're all super repetitive and dull.
    > Get To Work, Get Together, Vampire, City Living, Cats and Dog, etc etc. They are all the same. We probably need something like "Quest" or "Stories" to make it less repetitive. Not the kind of pop-up that you get from your kid though. That's boring, we don't even know what happen next.

    Honestly the best one was Get To Work, but I only really like the detective career because it is something different. The doctor and scientist career is repetitive everyday.
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    i like the sims 4 but i hate the pets. I mean, in real life I have 2 cats and a poodle, and life with them isn't boring, but this game is, for sure! I love BB, but what has killed me was the lack of pets' furniture. I mean, do I have to download CC If I want a dog house? Lol, no.
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    But.. creating a pet is the exact same as creating a sim? You can click and drag their body, make them muscly or more heavy. Make a mixed breed, change their fur, add clothes. Pets have more with the colour wheel.
    Golden retrievers look the same in the game as they do in real life.
    What did you want your golden retriever to look like anyway?
    I’m not sure what you even expected while creating a pet?

    I love particular breeds and I want my sims pets to look exactly like that particular breed so I like the presets. There are so many different breeds to choose from.

    What did you want as a cats tail? A tail that’s been severed half way from an injury? :frowning:

    I own every single pack bar a couple of stuff packs and I’ve never had a problem with sims dying from hysteria- not by accident anyway :sweat_smile:

    I love the pack. I love the animals. I love how they act like real animals. I love the furniture that it comes with. This pack bought so much more to the game. It’s great. Sims players are so damanding, just sit back and enjoy the game. :smile:
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    > @CommaSplice said:
    > I'm terrible at any kind of CAS so I can't comment on CAP, but I really like this EP for two reasons. I love the world of Brindleton Bay, which is I think quite stunning. And I'm in love with the build/buy items, which represent an aesthetic I quite love and wasn't really present in the game until now.
    > I just finished a challenge that involved the vet career, and while I thought it was insanely difficult to get to a 5-star rating, I enjoyed the experience.
    > But I would have bought this EP just for the build/buy items alone.

    and thats whats bad about this expansion. if you release a product which highlight "PETS" people should primarily love the product because of "pets" and not on the items which packed with it. It is like buying a new laptop and you are more happy of the freebies that it came with rather than the laptop itself. just sayin.
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    Hmmm - Cats and Dogs are one of my fav eps from Sims 4 - well it ties with Get to Work actually - so I guess I disagree with all the OP said. For once the dogs and cats actually act like real dogs and cats, and not like cartoon characters; and because of that - I really love this ep a lot. Sorry you don't, OP.

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    I like that I don't have to care much for my cat and can just let it walk along with my family to play with toddlers and children (who get a lot of skills from this). I was always annoyed by the TS3 pets and think they did a great job this time.

    Same here. It does make it a bit easier. Toddlers are already a handful and takes a lot of focus, so I like how pets are so much easier to care for without taking too much time away. I also really like their interactions and how you can train them, etc....It is called Cats and Dogs and for what animals it focused on has done a good job. Plus there are sales and ways to get things cheaper; but that is the basic price for almost all games now these days.

    The Vet career is nice and the world is beautiful. Definitely a much better expansion compared to some of the others.

    I am so glad it didn't end with Sims 3. Lets just say we don't all share the same views.
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    I just think too many people have trouble accepting that others may like the game. Your dislike is valid, and so is others enjoyment. Cats & Dogs greatly improved my game and I'm glad I got it. It's all based on preference in the end.
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    I like the pack a little better than I did initially and my sims usually have a pet, but only because they are cute to look at and I love taking pictures of them. Pets feel more like objects you can kind of interact with. Which makes it all the worse they take up one of our very limited family slots. The only thing I disagree with is that they are like plumbots. I loved plumbots and want them back, when I made one it usually ended up being my main or secondary character. The big difference is plumbots could be played, pets can't.
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