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If You Didn't Get a Chance to Ask Questions During the Livestream...

There was a livestream yesterday (or maybe today or the day before, depending on where you are; I don't know how timezones work) for Laundry Day Stuff. Laundry was done, fun was had, and a lot of questions were answered. However, I had stuff to do yesterday, so I wasn't able to catch the livestream while it was happening. I did go back and watch it later, but by that point I wasn't able to participate in the chat and ask questions live. So I thought I'd start a forum discussion in case anyone else who missed the livestream had a question they wanted to ask.

My question is this: Suppose I'm playing with more than one active household. Household 1 has a washer and dryer. I decide to leave Household 1 up to their own devices and go play with Household 2 for a bit. Will Household 1 continue to do laundry autonomously during that time, and if they do, will they forget to clean the lint tray and burn to death while I'm not there to watch over them?
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  • ravelravel Posts: 98 Member
    @SimGuruGraham thank you for the stream! I was exited before but all the details this pack has made me want it even more!

    I would like to know how the animations are done, how do you decide what animations you do (like the new "dirt on you shirt"- trick) and how the process of making them goes? I have zero knowledge of how animations are made, but it seems like a difficult process :open_mouth:

    Other thing I would like to know is if we could see more concept art from packs that we already have/future packs (after they're released)? It's interesting to see how things go from drawing to actual item. And even though you can't discuss future packs I hope you keep telling little details of their making process after they're released :smile:
    OH I Loved The Stream And Seeing YOU SO "GIDDY" Over Everything That Came Out So Beautifully Thanksssssssssssss <3<3
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