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dev update - Laundry Day hairstyles



  • wild4simswild4sims Posts: 45 Member
    Like the clip hairstyle we already have a headband looking good
  • cosmoblivioncosmoblivion Posts: 24 Member
    "> @SimGuruGraham said:
    > Hey everyone, it's time for a look at the new hairstyles coming in Laundry Day Stuff, as well as sharing info about our process of selecting and creating hairstyles.
    > Similar to the clothing and objects that you selected via votes earlier in this project, hairstyles are something that we create concept art of here in our studio, which is then handed off to external partners for creation of the final asset. If you'd like to learn more about that specific process, I'd recommend this post which details our workflow for objects. Some of you have asked why hairstyles weren't part of the votes that took place. Ultimately, there were two reasons why they weren't included in the voting process..."

    WOW! :o <3 B) You are very cool to share this detailed and specific kind of information about the creation of even the simplest seeming aspects of the game. I really love the transparency. . . and understanding this makes what you do, what I have at my fingertips any time I open the Sims 4, immensely more valuable to me. Thanks sincerely ...for all you do.
    Respectfully, "cosmoblivion" aka jj
  • wild4simswild4sims Posts: 45 Member
    death by lint trap exciting new adventure thank you for all the new stuff awesome
  • BlueR0seBlueR0se Posts: 1,096 Member
    I actually like the male hair, if only because it looks like an improved/fuller version of the previous ones? The previous ones just looked so...clunky.
  • Pipersfun2Pipersfun2 Posts: 683 Member
    Finally!!! I love all of these hairstyles, especially the one with the headband. :)

    I agree I might really use these of custom's I aways use!!
  • BlueBlack007BlueBlack007 Posts: 4,468 Member
    edited January 2018
    They are all well and ok , but what bout > ( Longer Hair Styles ) ?
    are we ever going to see Longer hair styles for Gothic type players who can not use any CC in the game at all that have to rely only on EA or Maxis to add them in ?, I have been asking for Longer hair styles since day 1, when Sims 4 first started, and I am sure I am not the only one who wants those styles, So I call out to All Gurus, and ask that you really consider adding in Longer hair styles, cause I for one am tired of seeing Up Do's and short hair, thank you for your time, and I have seen other threads on this subject, so I do know I am not the only one who wants them, again thank you for your time.

    P.S. as for the rest of the stuff in the Laundry Day stuff pack I have to admit I was surprised by them, so I will be buying this pack for sure, but again I would like Longer hair styles, thanks.
  • VengefulNoodlesVengefulNoodles Posts: 128 Member
    Please make more male hairstyles.
    Also, add more ethnic hair.
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