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Rebuild | Renew: A Sims 4 Genetics + Building Challenge


  • Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,202 Member

    Me this morning logging on to all these updates! :heart::lol:

    @JordanNicoleJJ - I'm sorry you're not feeling well :heart: I'm glad you decided to post before commenting. It's been too long! And as you can see from my update I already snagged your family for my game. I was getting worried all the kids would age up and spoil me with their genetics before you could see them! Potions! Ah that's brilliant! I completely forgot how useful those things could be. I could've really used them this generation too :lol: See! I need you to come back and remind me of stuff like this :tongue: Oh Cass :heart: She's such a cute little thing, and I have such a soft spot for alien kiddos. It's good to see she's just as much a part of the family as the other kids. Well, except maybe Leo :lol: Poor forgotten middle child lol at least he does scouts with his brother. It was good to see Reed and Sev still have that spark. With all the kids in my family I've pretty much forgotten about the parents, not to mention I'm terrified risky woohoo will kick in if I let them touch each other lol. Anyway, Cass' disguised park trip was adorable. I like how she warmed up to it. It seems perfectly logical that a half alien child would need some time to adjust. Clover :lol: and Oliver :heart: it's good to see them alive well. Oh wow :hushed: Reed is rockin' the full beard. He looks so much like his Dad now. I love it! I just hope the aliens only wanted to wish him a happy birthday :lol: No need to give him a birthday present lol. Aw look at how festive the house looks for Winterfest! I love all of the decorations (especially the handmade ones) and the tree with all the kids helping to light it was perfect. Emo Santa :joy: I'm having flashbacks of being a teen in 2005. Little Cass on her tippy toes didn't seem to mind lol. And River and Livvy :heartbreak: I love seeing them visiting with the family. I miss them. Awesome update!

    @debjameswhite - Yeah, I don't know what happened with Lyrics birthday pic, but her eyes really did go demonic for a sec :lol: Her klepto trait is a bit of a letdown, but it's pretty funny how she steals books from school everyday lol. I'm really happy we finally have the dice roll button back. I had been using a trait randomizer mod, but the less mods, the better. I'm glad you still love Cadence :smile: She deserves the love, and thankfully her lack of chin isn't nearly as bad as her sisters. Aw, I'm sad to hear you haven't been to crazy about any of your kids so far. I thought they've been turning our well!

    Thank you so much for posting for me :heart: I really was sad when I got to the end of my comments last time and realized I didn't have anything to comment on for you. Atticus is gone :disappointed: I really loved him, it's sad he's gone. No more picking based on eye color! You gotta go with your gut. As much as I loved Sean, Atticus was my fav from last generation. Anyway, Aimee looks adorable preggo in her sports bra. She seems like one of those health conscious Mom's who can totally pull of having their belly exposed the full 9 months. The toddler plate/item glitch is apparently a huge issue this patch. I was looking into some other glitches I was having and toddlers getting items stuck in their hands and needing to be reset is one that most players are experiencing right now :confused: The family trip to the beach was nice :sunglasses: It was sweet of Brad to let his wife rest, and sweet of you to include that shot of Brad in his speedo :wink: lol! Welcome baby Emery! That's such a cute name, and you're so lucky to have a boy! Aimee's trip to her Grandpa's was nice. How weird that the in game family tree still gets everything right but she's not being recognized as a relative. Either way I love Caleb is always insisting on turning her. Maybe someday one of his descendants will agree to live with him forever in the shadows. Nicolette :bawling: My first thought was of her kitties. I was really happy to see that Sean brought one with him to the island. The welcome wagon only showing up because he's famous was too funny :lol: Way to make Brad and Aimee feel welcome guys :tongue: The work night out in Strangerville was an odd choice, but it looks like Brad got away unharmed. Another baby :love: I'm glad there was room to expand and make the boys room. Which turned out super cute! I never really know how to decorate with those toddler beds, but your wall colors and end table work perfectly. Baby Flynn, named after his great grandfather I assume? I think it's adorable the red hair is taking over, but I'm sure you wouldn't mind more variety. Baby #5? Also the girls are gorgeous! I love that they both have Mom's nose, and Chole looks so pretty with her light gray eyes. I think they're gonna age beautifully. Can't wait to see more!

    @Kiwicantdie - :lol: I love emoji filled comments. I'm loving all the hearts. I'm so glad I'm not the only pic happy person always having to condense updates. My husband's always making fun of me for taking so many pictures :smirk: He doesn't get it. I'm like a professional sim photographer. You guys need to see my sims from every angle, it's just a must, obviously! I was super happy for the teen years, even though it's the childhood lifestate that bores me the most lol it's also the lifestate I get to see the most genetics in. You're completely right about teens having shrunken features to look more "teen" like. I'm forever annoyed that the teen lifestate isn't really it's own lifestate, it's actually just badly proportioned adults. I swear every teen looks like a giraffe with their long necks... Anyway lol I'm really hopefully for Chord too, but also pretty scared. I think your absolutely right about him being the only kid to get Brooklyn's jaw, but that worries me. If it's so obvious now does that mean it's over sized and he'll end up looking like Jay Leno when he's grownup?! The fear is real. :

    I'm definitely not over seeing your toddlers. I adore them, especially since I'm not the one taking care of them :lol: Curled up napping toddlers couldn't be more adorable :love: And Irene bringing her little squishy butterfly everywhere :heart: I totally go into overprotective mode every time I see toddler's climbing on stuff. Irene totally looked like she was gonna fall back out of the ball pit. Hello, Mom and Dad, where are you?? :joy: Thankfully they arrived at their birthday unscathed. All the cousins gettin' their groove on was too cute. As is Oliver youngest girl. By the looks of the makeout sesh, I think they'd still be poppin' the kids out if they weren't elders. Also Doctor Ad is looking pretty fine these days :wink: Pauline's cute with her new Marilyn Monroe do too. Awww the triplets are soooo cute. I feel bad for Selene not being identical like the other two, but at least she has Eliane who looks more like her. omg their winter trip to Sulani :joy: I won't lie. I totally cheated and made it summer in my game so my sims could live the tropical life. I admire you trying to make it work and sending them to the beach anyway :lol: I know it was cloudy but the pics still turned out great. I don't think Sulani can look bad. Adahy's face when it started to rain :joy: Same bro, I feel that. The whole family going home and freezing in their beach wear was pretty great. Where would they be without you? You took such great Winterfest pics. I'm getting into the holiday spirit after seeing you and @JordanNicoleJJ both celebrating in your game. That present pile! Wow! You always capture the best expressions. The girls truly look like happy little kids on Christmas. Poor Pablita crying over Cody. I still feel the same :disappointed: She can always go inside and cuddle up to Jace, bet that'd make her feel better :tongue: Aw and look! Cody came back for a visit! It'd be cool if in the Witch EP we could resurrect pets... though that is necromancy and I don't know if EA would be down with that lol.
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    Hi guys! Sorry for disappearing again. I've been on a vacation and I was very busy with work for a while, but I was sick last week and I actually got to play some Sims on the moments I was feeling OK. So not all bad :wink:

    Here's a long overdue update!

    So, most of you probably forgot about my family, which is totally OK :yum: Twins Leo and Fawn, 2nd generation Rebuilding Brindleton Bay, became young adults and I decided to play with Fawn.

    I use the random traits mod by Graycurse and Fawn ended up being cheerful, romantic and good. I manually gave her the Master Actress aspiration because I wanted to explore Get Famous a bit more.

    Fawn will eventually live in Brindleton Bay and continue the challenge there, but for now she moved to Del Sol Valley to further her career. She's living in a small apartment which she loves. Selfie in the new house for mah fans!

    And most importantly, starting out as an official actress.

    Fawn wasted no time in inviting her family over to show her new place. She even cooked dinner for them.

    And I'm not sure how, when or with whom it happened, but her boyfriend apparently wasn't behaving. She was devastated and tried to ease her mood by working out.

    In these cases though, only momma can help.

    Sweet Zauna was there for her daughter. She might live miles away, but she's always welcome home.

    After moping around a bit...

    talking to her mom and having some of Zauna's world famous shrimp cocktail, she was feeling better.

    At home, she met up with her director and one of her neighbors. They became quick friends.

    Can't forget to make the new friendships official on Simstagram.

    Fawn had looked forward to Love Day, but ever since she caught her boyfriend Casey with someone else, she's been having doubts. Maybe it was a misunderstanding? She invited him over to have an adult talk about it and work things out.

    Unfortunately, he started yelling before she could even invite him in.

    She was astonished, to say the least. Where did he get the nerve?!

    For a moment, it seemed they would be able to make up.

    But when Fawn wanted to thank him with a kiss, he denied her and stormed off angry.

    'I'm not going to sit around and be lonely on Love Day', Fawn thought. 'Screw him!' She went on Simda and arranged a date with a cute looking guy. Enter Jace :mrgreen:

    Being a true gentleman, he brought her a flower.

    Fawn wasn't really looking for something romantic to happen, she just wanted to have a nice time with someone who treated her right, but Jace ended up being very charming and kind.

    Unfortunately, he was married, so nothing could really happen.

    Fawn told Jace all about Casey being a 🌺🌺🌺🌺 and Jace admitted he didn't want to cheat on his wife, but felt like they were just good friends who got married because it seemed a smart decision at the time.

    They both couldn't help but feel the attraction.

    But in the end, they just became good friends who flirted a tiny bit.

    I'll end this update with a compilation of roles that Fawn had so far. She's been doing really well!

    It's been small roles in commercials mostly so far, but she's climbing the ladder :smile:

    I'll be back later for comments!
    Rebuilding Worlds
    Brindleton Bay Family Tree
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    @Kiwicantdie That's amazing about your bitey toddlers! Maybe they know their auntie is a vampire? I've seen the option to bite, but I've never had it actually happen :) I do know what you mean about them going home! I mean I love Sulani...but I remember thinking the same about Brindleton Bay. Eventually they'll go home and finish the challenge where they should. It is called rebuilding Windenburg after all! There are a few differences between the girls other than the eyes, but they are super close. The red hair gene is very strong in this family!

    You crack me up with your commentary on your own sims :) I'm glad your little devils survived their toddler time and aged up without issue. I love your little ones out in the snow :) Haha I know what you mean about having anxiety when you see the toddlers doing "dangerous" things! I remember the heart failure I experienced the first time I saw a toddler mount the stairs! Your parties are great! I love seeing all the family there together. oooo little Rebeka is sweet! I love toddler hugs so much. Hey...that just made me realize there was not toddler love between my twins or the boys after that! boo! The girls though aged up super cute. They're adorable. Congrats on surviving! I too am a little annoyed at how cold it gets for the sims in Sulani at winter time! I mean they can still swim and stuff but they get cold! Boo again!!! Haha that pic of Pauline where you said "Rip" it totally did look like she had passed! I'm glad she hadn't!! I love Adahy's annoyed face. It's great. Four little girls for winterfest! How awesome!! I loved seeing all the family there, and I liked the girls going out to wait for santa. That was a nice touch. Awwww little Cody! He's a good boy!! I'm so getting a beagle in game next time!!

    @Heckstress17 I am happy about the dice roll too when I'm being lazy. Although it doesn't really take into consideration the parents but I think that's ok. I'm annoyed with all my sims having the same traits. I wish it would dice roll an aspiration too though. You know, I take back what I said about the kids. I was talking to @Francisca464 today and I was wrong. They're going to age up just fine. Yeah I really liked Atticus too. I made sure to save him. I'll finish the green eye thing for Windenburg but then not again. Although I really love Aimee so it turned out ok. I always think your toddler rooms are great so I'm happy you thought I did ok :) I don't know if you noticed but when I realized I had (A)imee and (B)rad I just started going with it so when I got to F it seemed fitting to name him Flynn.

    @Francisca464 So happy to see you post! <3<3 I love Fawn, I think she's so cute! The acting career is super fun so I think you will enjoy it :) Aww that's sad about her boyfriend! I think the game does that sometimes without provocation! Awww I love that her Mom called her! Moms always make it better! Awww that's sad he started yelling at her right away when they hooked up again! Oooo but Jace...Oh no he's married? My heart!!! I'm glad they'll at least be friends. Oh the acting pictures! I love them!! I can't wait to see more. I wonder how your agency behaves. My sim was in the one run by grannies and it was hilarious.
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    Chapter 36: Life on Sulani

    I used to have weird dreams about fish who were just floating through the air…just like this. :)

    Brad’s been doing such good work, he’s attracted dolphin attention!

    Chloe is letting the old Stan know she’s really not welcome near her Grandpa or her Dad!

    Brad and Aimee hadn’t had a night out together for a long time so they rectified the situation. Sulani needs a restaurant :)

    As always they had a great time.

    It helped knowing the kids were safely in Sean’s care.

    The people with food showed up again.

    Sean went out to mingle. Guys, it’s getting a little weird now.

    As soon as they left he read a story to one of the boys.

    Randomly, I noticed smoke coming out of the chimney! I had no idea that would happen!!

    Sean entertaining the boys.

    Hugging a granddaughter. I love having him live with them.

    He still goes out and poses for the paparazzi though.

    Brad finally got to pick a branch in his career and he went for the marine biologist. He needs to be in nature.

    The girls don’t even care about fight day, but they still got into one!

    Mom had no idea. She was outside enjoying some fishing time. See the butterflies? Thank you Brad!

    She also got herself a pretty pink jet ski!

    Haha Emery aged up and I forgot to get him a big boy bed. That’s ok he took one of the girls’ bed!

    So she took Mom’s spot!

    So she slept with her Dad. We fixed it in the morning :)

    The girls were happily playing blocks together.

    Then decided to go out to swing.

    A strange man showed up and started asking questions about Grandpa. Drew ran inside.

    I’m not really supposed to talk to you.

    Brad had been tolerant of the fans until now.

    Sweetie, don’t stay outside talking to strangers. Always run inside.

    The family spent the next day at the beach.

    Sean drew the usual attention.

    He tried to ignore them and spend time with his grandkids.

    Brad and Aimee did get some time to relax together.

    I just liked this little group picture.

    Brad and Aimee started meditating together.

    He was doing a little bit better than her but he still had mishaps.

    She wasn’t impressed. “Show off!”

    Aimee was really grateful for the extra time she was getting with Sean.

    Guess who showed up again. I almost didn’t answer the door!

    It was only a matter of time before this happened :)

    OK this annoyed me. Caleb was so close to Sean he wanted to turn him and now he doesn’t even know him?

    “Brad, you really need to start wearing more clothes.” Sean? Why would you say that to him??

    Well, this was an achievement I didn’t really want.

    Poor Sean was all alone when he died. He was with his plants though so I think that was nice.

    Brad was working. I love the dolphins.

    This made me sad though.

    It does seem though every time there is a death, life moves on. It was time for a birthday.
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    Hey guys, sorry for being MIA the past few days. Just had some stuff keeping me busy. I think that must be the case for the rest of you too. With the exception of @Francisca464 coming back everyone's kinda disappeared :lol: I've been seriously considering starting over and doing the full 10 gen rebuild challenge in Sulani. BUT I really don't want to abandon San Myshuno, and I certainly don't want to always be changing families on you guys and making my post hard to follow. So I think I'm gonna stick it out. I'll probably have an update to post later. In the meantime, comments!

    @Francisca464 - :heart::heart::heart: I am always soooooo happy to see you come back. I really hope that this time the sims mojo sticks around and you it continues to be fun for you. I know you said you cleared out 13 pages of screenshots :joy: but did you sort through your CC too? Keeping my CC to a minimum has helped me keep my mojo and be creative with what the game has given us. Maybe that'll help you too. Anyway, on to your update :smile: I love Fawn and I'm glad she's your heir. I remember when she was a moody teen and in the drama club, pursuing the acting career is prefect for her. I love all the shots of her doing commercials. I haven't gotten to play an actor sim yet so I had no idea commercials were even a thing. That's really cool your sim truly works their way up. I haven't even visited Del Sol Valley yet so I'm really excited to see Fawn's moving there. I'll get to see more of the neighborhood, which from her house pics look very LA and perfect for the whole Hollywood vibe. Her house is awesome. All the mid century furnishings are perfect. I love that Zauna called up her daughter to comfort her after her emo dude cheated on her :tongue: Apparently emo blonde dudes are her type and teen me can 100% relate :lol: It's lame that MCC got to Jace before Fawn could, but we all know those MCC are just like arraigned marriages anyway :wink: There's no real love there, have at 'em Fawn! I'm really excited to see where things go with them. :mrgreen:

    @debjameswhite - Have I ever told you how grateful I am that you're such a faithful poster? I love that no matter what, I can always expect to see a post or reply from you. It always brightens my day :heart: I hadn't noticed you were doing an ABC thing with the kids names. Now that you've pointed it out I love it! It does make me feel like they should have a big family and get in as much of the alphabet as possible though :wink: How weird that the game intimated your dream! I love that shot of Brad with the dolphin :heart: Are their special interactions he can do with it? Is that how our sims become mermaids? Are they some sort of screening process you have to go through before you can meet a mermaid? :lol: I truly don't know. Chole's body language in that pic of her telling off her Grandpa's intrusive fan is adorable. She looks so angry. I know that sassy pose well. Brad and Aimee's date looked amazing. I do agree a Sulani restaurant is in order though :wink: I loved all the shots of the girls together this update. I just think they're so cute, and I'm glad @Francisca464 agree's with me that they're gonna age adorably. The boys are equally cute too. Dancing to Grandpa Sean's music was one of my favs. I'm sad to see him go, but he lived a good sim life, and I'm sure Nicolette is happy to see him again. I can't wait to see Emery as a child!
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    @Heckstress17 Scroll through my update again and you will see Emery as a child. The little guy at the end is Flynn! :)
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,439 Member
    Wow...What happened to all the people? I can't believe it's been so quiet!
  • Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,202 Member
    Wow...What happened to all the people? I can't believe it's been so quiet!

    I was just thinking the same thing! I hope everyone's doing okay. Miss you guys <3

    I haven't been posting because I've been building in Sulani. I've decided I can't wait 3 generations until my Fixer Upper San Myshuno save is finished. I'm sure I'll go back to it at some point, but for now I've decided to start over in Sulani. I know I've started over recently so I hope I'm not being too annoying or difficult to follow. I just finally have building inspiration and don't want it to go to waste. I'm gonna finish some community lots before I start off with my founders. I finished a bar, beach, and starter house, so It probably won't be much longer until I start posting updates again. :)
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    @Heckstress17 Woot! I can wait for that!! I haven't been posting because I finally moved back into my house last weekend. At work I've been getting ready for convention which I leave for tomorrow. Then I have another one the following week. It's a crazy month. I spent the entire day today unpacking and my back is killing me! At 4:30 I'll be leaving for the airport.
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    Hi guys! <3 Sulani is a great world. I love it. I deleted lots so I have an 'empty' save.
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    Hi everybody <3 I didn't quit (tho' I disappeared, I know). I actually had planned to update while I was on vacation since I brought even the pc with me, but... basically, once I arrived, I found out that everybody trolled me and that there was no actual wifi connection where I was staying. RIP me. I could log in from my phone, but as you know the forum just keeps on crashing every time I read it from the phone instead of my pc. I'm back home, now, and I'm already set on replying and updating asap.

    @Heckstress17 lol my emoji filled comments are back <3 also: I hope you're ready for one huge pic spam. I'm about to unleash a ton of old pics in here before I jump back into the game to collect a ton more :tongue:
    I'm glad you're starting over on Sulani, really, even if I'm super attached to your sims in San Myshuno. I can't wait to see what you've been building!

    @Francisca464 I'm so glad to see you updated! I'm also glad you picked Fawn, she looks adorable <3 she also reminded me that I still haven't explored the actress career after all these months. Fawn's troubles on Love Day were quite amusing to watch... and even if I'm sad her boyfriend Casey seemed in the mood for bickering, I'm really happy she met Jace :mrgreen: a little bit of flirt aint' gonna hurt <3

    @debjameswhite I was really surprised about the bitey toddlers too! I wasn't expecting them to do it autonomously when I wasn't looking lol. I love your Sulani posts! <3 the floating fish dream was kinda a thing for me too tbh :tongue: I'm impressed at the neighbors trying to make themselves welcome every single time. Sean entertaining the boys melted my heart, 'cause I knew his time was close. That's one sad achievement indeed :cry: The meditating pics were super cute, tho. I like to imagine that the kids almost make it impossible for them to concentrate :joy: Life moves on really fast in your household and I can't wait to see how the boys (and the girls) are going to age up <3

    @Rawla I'm glad to see you back here <3
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    update <3
    I'm going to post aaaaall the pics that were supposed to go into the update that I was not able to write while I was on vacation. I've also found out, as I was editing them, that I lost even a few of them... but oh well. Gotta go fast :joy: ---so. If it's too much of a pic spam, please let me know and I'll refrain myself next time.

    Last time I updated, I left the Austin fam off right after Winterfest.
    Tbh, I've quite hated winter in game during my last play session. I'm sure it's because managing triplets was giving me hell, but I really gotta say that I can't wait for spring and summer to arrive.
    The weather wasn't horrible. I just couldn't cope with the cold and wanted to move to Sulani already :joy:


    Nevermind. The weather was actually horrible, as a matter of fact.


    Freezing cold, just as I was hoping to bring my sims to the beach.


    Pauline was #me all of the time.


    The kiddos also seemed lost in the snow. For a few more days it was quite horrible.


    But not everyone was scared of the storms :tongue:


    Don't know why exactly, but... at work Adahy was facing one outbreak after the other. Maybe Strangerville has something to do with this??


    The only positive thing about this was that he was forced to go to sunny places to save lives.




    At home things were going much better between Ad and Pauline, which were no longer feeling tense around each other. Now that the triplets had become kids, the struggle seemed to be finally over.


    I also forced myself to push the fam out of the door and travel around town. The best spot for them was the library. Thanks to the kids room I built, they're all able to work on many skills/have fun outside of the house.


    Eliane & Selene challenged one another to paint, but it was clear that Eliane had much more experience with pencils and colors.


    While Irene spent a few afternoons reading books and Aurora played with the chemistry table.


    They were all so absorbed into what they were doing that only dad's food was able to snap them back into reality :joy:


    In their spare time, knowing that one of the blondies was going to be "the chosen one" :tongue: , Pauline started to teach her daughters some manners.


    I'm not sure it worked, because Irene kept walking into bathrooms without knocking first *eyeroll*
    Welp, what is privacy anyway??? :joy:


    Anyway, it was already time for Eliane's birthday <3


    I brought the fam to the lounge (why is the holiday decor still there???) to switch things around a little.


    She seemed super excited about becoming a teen. I was just as excited to see how she was going to turn out.



    Aaaaand here she is. Cute. I think she looks really pretty, but... been there, done that :tongue: no wonder I'm not going to pick her as heir. She got the materialistic trait and the Strangerville aspiration.


    Salali's genes are sooo strong.


    Later that night, I had her try out the wishing well for some love, but... it wasn't worth it.



    Eliane's face was already covered in pimples the very next morning, so she decided to start teenagehood with lots of skincare :tongue:


    But winter was already ending and the sky was pretty clear, so I wanted to get my sims out of the house once again. It was time to go back to the park and use the playground. I think I'm going to fix it with the sand that the EP brought, to make it even better.



    I had all my sims start building snowmen together, and... it turned out to be a bad idea :joy: I wasn't expecting each end every one of them to build their own snowman.


    Somebody must have gotten scared by the forest of snowmen xD


    Proud mama lookin' proud for the worst snowman ever lol


    As they were done playing with the snow, Aurora met a cool girl from San Myshuno <3


    They seemed to hit it right off, at first. Cadence was looking super cute in her winter clothes.


    But... her attitude came out in a matter of seconds :joy:@Heckstress17 she wasn't mean to Aurora, but... she seemed pretty 🌺🌺🌺🌺 off by something. I bet it was the forest of snowmen.


    As I was busy looking after the kids, I almost missed Ad meeting Brooklyn in the background.


    I don't know what he said to her but it must have been along the lines of "oh, my big brother Oliver? He's an old grandad now and he's about to pass away".


    He tried to cheer her up talking about skincare, since his daughter was so into it, but... :joy: Brooklyn decided she trusted him so much that she put a mask right on :joy::joy::joy: I'm dead :joy:


    Victor must have sensed that something was going on because he appeared out of thin air.
    Don't worry, Victor. I think Brook's past the days of toying with boys from Willow Creek :tongue:


    Also @Heckstress17 they seemed super lovey-dovey in my game. Even with that random face-mask on :joy:


    Fangirl!Pauline was right over there <3


    Cadence, on the other hand, kept looking pretty 🌺🌺🌺🌺 off as she walked through the park.


    Until she walked between the snowmen. Maybe she was just hungry??


    She's such a good influence on the Austin kids :tongue:


    Then, one night, the first of many deaths finally arrived. I almost shed a tear. One after the other, all of the third gen died in game.


    Adahy didn't take the news well, but he coped the best that he could. He didn't fall back into depression.


    Little Melody visited the hospital, needing help for no reason since she was pretty healthy :trollface: , but of course as soon as Ad was done with the usual emergency he was ready to look after her.



    ... uhm... Ad somehow almost electrocuted her :flushed:


    I was pretty shocked, I mean, he's the best in this hospital and somehow he managed to screw up with a little kid :joy:


    From that point onward, Mel didn't seem sure that coming to the hospital was the right idea xD


    To cheer the fam up, Adahy threw another of his parties. Maybe spending time with friends could have been good to lift their hearts.


    I'm not sure about them, but they lifted mine for sure. When Brooklyn arrived at the front door with another random face mask, I almost lost it :joy: I can't, this was just so funny to me :joy: --- she really did take Adahy's advices at heart!


    Lyric arrived too, but she was much more interested in mourning Cody than bonding with anyone.


    Eliane rushed to the rescue, trying to make her feel better with funny videos <3 they also had the same hairstyle :wink: cute?


    Overall, it was another fun party. I've had enough of them, but... this aspiration is driving me crazy *eyeroll*


    Aurora enjoyed spending time with her new friends.



    While Irene, on the other hand, was having some trouble with boys *double-eyeroll*



    Cadence decided to stay till very late in the evening, even if everybody had already gone home.
    She was so focused on playing basketball, that I doubt she noticed her whole fam going away :tongue:



    She left only when she realized that she was smelling pretty bad xD


    A few more days later, the flowers were finally blooming! <3 thank god, I couldn't take one more day of winter, I swear.


    The most exciting thing was... all them birthdays!
    Sadly, in the process of moving pics from my desktop to my laptop, I'm afraid I've lost all the ones concerning the kiddos birthdays. So, I'll sum it all up.


    Pauline & Adahy are now elders.



    As for the triplets, they've grown up too.

    This is Selene: she rolled the hates children trait :tongue: and wants to become an actress.


    Then Aurora: she got the mansion baron aspiration and rolled the outgoing trait.


    And finally, Irene: the unflirty, faboulously wealthy wannabe, bookworm sim *triple-eyeroll*


    I'll just add my few cents here: first of all, I love how the triplets look. I can't believe they're all so cute. I'm literally speechless and super proud of this gen and now of course I'm even more confused about which one should be the heir between Aurora and Irene. I've dressed them all cc-free 'cause I'm about to uploade them in the gallery as soon as I'm done writing this update. Second off--- I swear I rolled their aspirations too :joy: somehow, they're all related?? What's with these girls and money/fame??? :joy:
    Well, anyway, see u all soon with more from me in the next days <3 I hope you're all doing well <3
    Origin ID: Kiwicantdie | Family Tree
  • JordanNicoleJJJordanNicoleJJ Posts: 1,596 Member
    Hey guys! Sorry for the disappearance! It's been a busy but very fun summer. I just got back from the Colorado Renaissance Festival last night, back to work this week, then I'm off to Montana/Idaho/Oregon for a couple weeks, and to top it all off, I'm moving in with my boyfriend when I get home! So it's going to be busy several weeks, but I will come back to update & comment asap!
  • Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,202 Member
    Soooo I installed the new update and nearly lost all of my save files. Thankfully repairing the game in Origin worked, but I was really worried there for a minute. I definitely recommend backing up your games (which I have no idea how to do but assume everyone else does :joy: ) or uploading your fav families and lots to the gallery before updating. Anyway, I think the "new look" is super unnecessary and really ugly :confused: Everything looked great before, now it just looks really cheap? And don't even get me started on the shade of blue... my eyes are still recovering :tongue: I'm still messing around with building in Sulani, so nothing to post. Soon though... hopefully!

    @Rawla - Isn't Sulani beautiful? I just deleted all the lots myself. Hope you're having fun rebuilding :smile:

    @debjameswhite - I was wondering where you've been! I'm so happy you're finally back in your house. It's kinda lame you're out of town for work instead of being home and enjoying the renovations. I hope you're having a good work trip though! It sounds like everyone's having busy summers and I'm just sitting around twiddling my thumbs lol

    @JordanNicoleJJ - Oh wow, it sounds like your summer's gonna be awesome. I'm glad you dropped in to let us know what's up. Have fun on your trips, and moving in with your boyfriend! :smiley:

    @Kiwicantdie - When I went on vacation I checked the thread from my phone too, but as you know the site doesn't do well on mobile. I'm glad you're back now :mrgreen: and spoiling me with a big update. I seriously don't think you could ever post too many pictures. Oh man, I'm sorry about your eternal winter. The whole family looks about as over it as you are :lol: I completely feel your pain because it was winter in my game when Island Living released too lol I was bad and cheated it to summer though. Anyway, Adahy is lookin' mighty fine in his adult years :wink: It's gotta be the facial hair. That and I love seeing him treating patients. I've never seen that disease outbreak. I'd guess it's from Strangerville, I don't have that EP, so it makes sense you'd see it and I wouldn't. Awww I'm so glad you're getting use out of the library you built. That kids area was pure genius. I like the comparison shot of Elaine and Selene's drawing. Aurora and Irene are so cute with their curly pigtails. When Pauline was teaching one of them manners she looks exactly like a shrunken down version of Pauline. And that bathroom embarrassment shot :joy: Plus her outfit was super cute. I have a tendency to overuse those socks in my game :lol: The complete the look! O M G Elaine is beautiful! She has come such a long way from her Iguana days. I love that she's carrying on Salai's genes. Awwww Cadence! I can't believe she has her perpetually angry/upset attitude in your game too. I love it :lol: I'm really glad she wasn't mean to Aurora though. Her encouraging the girls to skip school is so in character lol omg Brooklyn and the face masks :joy: Apparently Adahy should've been a salesmen. And is it weird I think Victor looks 10x's better in your game? Maybe it's your default skin, but he's definitely more appealing to me in your game. Poor Mel getting shocked by the thermometer. We'll give Adady a pass since his brother just died :disappointed: He's gone in my game too. He's definitely missed :heart: Elaine and Lyric are BFF goals with their matching hairstyles. I just love seeing your sims befriending my sims :love: And seeing that Cadence is her angry tomboy self no matter who's game she's in is super cool. Anyway, hooray for spring! Finally! Pauline looks like the perfect 1950's housewife in that picture of her with the bird feeder :blush: The triplet's are gorgeous!!! I gotta admit I was pretty scared for you when Elaine was a toddler :joy: Especially when the triplets all turned out to be girls. I was like Oh no, but omg has it worked out for you. I know you want one of the blonde's as heir so it's completely unhelpful for me to say, but Selene is my fav lol! She just looks like such a great blend of her parents, and I love her blue eyes. Aurora and Irene are very close 2nd and 3rd favorites though :wink: Since they're identical I guess you'll be picking based on personality. Whoever you pick will be great though. :smile: Also I'm super relieved you're on board with me moving to Sulani. I actually really liked my San Myshuno family too, but man was I going stir crazy in the apartment. I'm really happy to see they'll live on in your game but, the sea is calling me :lol:
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  • RawlaRawla Posts: 7,276 Member
    @Heckstress17 I love Sulani! I'm doing a mermaid legacy challenge with it right now.
  • Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,202 Member
    New founder's introduction!

    This is Luani. Her family has lived in Sulani for generation's and she's a proud island native. However, when she was a teenager a horrible storm destroyed the island and forced the inhabitants to leave. (The hurricane story line just fits Sulani perfectly in my opinion) Luani vowed she would go back and rebuild as soon as she was capable. Now an adult, and married, she's returned and making good on her vow. She and her husband, Chad, have built a modest house, and a bar has even opened up down the block, along with a public beach. Together they plan to restore Sulani to its former glory, and to finally bring all of its residents home.

    Chad, while not native to Sulani, is no stranger to the Ocean. He grew up in Isla Paradiso (sims 3 island paradise world :joy:), and moved to Sulani with his family as a teenager. Sulani residents are a close knit family so it took him awhile to be accepted, but once Luani Tautu vouched for him it was smooth sailing. The pair married shortly after high school and share the same love and appreciation of nature. On the surface he may look like your stereotypical surfer dude, but he's got a heart of gold, and the right disposition to make his dreams come true. Which include keeping Sulani's ocean's squeaky clean and the wildlife safe.

    Admittedly these two have big ambitions and little means to accomplish them. They do, however, have a teeny tiny house they just finished building with the 20k they managed to save before their return to the island. It's not much, but it's a start!

    There isn't much to see on the inside, but it's cozy enough to call home.

    They have big dreams of owning a TV someday :lol:

    Their bedroom has the essentials.

    As does the bathroom.

    But these two are an outdoorsy couple so they won't be spending much time indoors anyway. Luani hopes to make some money growing fruits and veggies, which is currently the only plan for making money lol

    They're happy enough to be home though. :sunglasses:

    I haven't gotten any further then this in game. I'll be back to update once I have. It may be a few days though because I'm gonna be pretty busy. Prepare for a picspam once I get back though :wink:
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  • RawlaRawla Posts: 7,276 Member
    @Heckstress17 Awesome story! I love Sulani. Its my favorite world.
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,084 Member
    If you are seeing a lot of likes then just know it's me reading through everything and enjoying all your updates! Miss you guys ♥
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,439 Member
    So tired.

    @Rawla woot! <wave>

    @Kiwicantdie I hope you had a great vacation. You were definitely missed. I will take your picture spam EVERY DAY! Please and thank you. Being from New England, I can't blame you for hating winter. I'm right there with you. I get hives just looking at your pictures. I feel you Pauline! Oooo! Outbreak! I never had that happen when I played a doctor! I'm glad that Paulina and Adahy are in a better spot and your library is so much fun. You really do catch the best shocked faces on your sims. They're always great. I love the picture of Eliane with her Dad. I love how they're both if they knew you were taking their picture. Weee! You have Cadence! I love her! Brooklyn and her mask were awesome. So funny. I love the pic of Pauline putting seed in the feeder. Now that's what I'm talking about! Oh my gosh and then they were elders! I can't believe it!! The girls are so cute! I love Selene! All of them are super cute though!

    @JordanNicoleJJ <wave>

    @Heckstress17 hmmm a new update? But why? To fix things? I want to twiddle my thumbs for a while.

    OMG Luani! So pretty! And her handsome little surfer dude!! I love them. LOVE THEM! I love their stories. Don't you just love putting those open shirts on the boys? I do. Their little house is so cute.

    @OJenn <3
  • Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,202 Member
    @Rawla - Thanks! I've found if I write a little backstory on my sims I tend to get a bit more attached to them. Sulani is gorgeous. It's in a 3 way tie for my fav world :D Brindleton Bay and Oasis Springs will always have my heart.

    @OJenn - Aw, I'm glad you're enjoying reading the updates and taking a little time for yourself. It's almost baby time! I've been thinking about you <3

    @debjameswhite - Welcome back! I'm so glad you like Luani and Chad :) I get major Lawrence vibes from Chad, so naturally I love him :wink: And yes, I do love those open shirts :love: When the winter comes I'm not changing it lol
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    Well I got to play a little bit last night, but I didn't get a lot of pictures. Still, it's been so long I decided to post what I did have.
    Chapter 37: Life

    As it always does, life moved on, it probably seems odd, but I think Brad was the most affected by Sean’s death.

    He continued working.

    And spreading the word about conservation.

    But at night, at home, he was just sad.

    Even the plants were sad.

    The kids were sad.

    Even Grandpa Caleb’s new bride was sad.

    Finally though, people’s spirits started to lift.

    They took a trip to visit Grandpa Caleb in Windenburg and the boys loved the jungle gym.

    It seems there is a new little one in their house.

    Drew really likes his wife and they’ve been bonding.

    I always get suspicious after a night of woohoo when I suddenly find someone cleaning a disgusting toilet. Aimee? What have you two done? :D

    Yup! I love the minute she knows she’s thinking about Brad.

    What’s one more?

    Grandpa Caleb’s bride is expecting too!

    Just before the girls aged up there was a beach day.

    Drew and Chloe
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,439 Member
    I leave for another convention tomorrow. I'll be gone until Friday. I miss everyone and all the updates!
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,439 Member
    Did I mention I miss updates? I need some stress relief at this convention!
  • Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,202 Member
    Where has everybody gone?? :bawling:

    @debjameswhite - I've been busy and away myself so I was very happy to see your update the other night. Not that I'm happy Brad was upset, but it's really sweet he was so broken up over his Father in-law's death. They must've had a special bond. Seeing the kids sad is always the worst :disappointed: Even the plants felt his loss. It was good to see everyone looking like themselves again when Grandpa Caleb came to dinner. I love those circle tables. How cool is Grandpa Caleb? He's got the best toys. I bet the kids wouldn't mind visiting him in Windenburg more often. Another pregnancy!? I'm already in love with how Drew's aged up so I doubt this baby will sway me, but they can try lol! It's funny, Chloe looks so much like her sister, yet their eyes really do set them apart. I hope the convention isn't a bore! One of these days you'll be able to enjoy your newly reno'd house.

    Long overdue update!

    I debated with myself whether to make this two updates. I really wanted it to be one big one. Unfortunately as I started typing this up I realized there was no way I could spam you guys with 70 pics lol Soooo I scaled it down and I'll post a more eventful update next time. :wink:

    Luani and Chad moved into their starter house In beautiful Sulani. They're enjoying many sunset's like this one.

    Chad got a job in conservation.

    While Luani works part time as a lifeguard. The hours work out perfectly. She's able to tend to her garden and paint all day, then on the occasional evening head to the beach. I will say It's a letdown you can't go to work with your lifeguard sims though :smirk:

    The first day she planted a garden.

    She's so pretty. I'm really happy with how she turned out since I don't consider sim making to be a specialty of mine lol

    Her and Chad visited the newly opened beach across the street. I just gave the lot a quick overhaul. Chad nearly drowned while sunbathing due to my poorly placed beach towels. :lol: Oops.

    He lived and he and Luani stayed at the beach till nightfall.

    The next day I was surprised to see Luani's plants were already full grown.

    Later in the day she and Chad headed out to Mua'Pelam (probably butchering that name) to explore.

    After being unsuccessful at the fishing spots close to home, he finally caught his first fish.

    He also didn't miss the opportunity to pick up some trash that washed up on the beach.

    That evening they met up with Chad's co-worker, Makoa. Chad is a big storyteller and always the center of attention, but in a good way. (I didn't build the restaurant so I didn't take pics but it's gorgeous)

    He and Makoa became instant BFF's :smile: (Makoa's the cutest pre-made ever) Chad invited him out to fish and quickly learned Makoa's an expert fisherman.

    He mentored Chad and he ended up leveling his fishing skill super fast.

    I was surprised to see this pop up. I love that they've added this! Of course Chad let the fish go. He's also such an Ocean loving good guy he gets a sad moodlet when fishing... but money is money! :joy:

    Believe it or not, Chad discovered Sulani's waterfall while out on a work assignment one day. Coolest job ever. He called his wife and had her come down right away.

    They did some inspecting of the waterfall. You know. For science :wink:

    They were both very happy afterwards.

    *sigh* I love them :heart:

    "We just did it in a waterfall #waterfallwoohoo" lol

    But yeah seriously, I don't think I've had a couple I've loved so much since my Oasis Springs founders, Jet and Alisha.

    I hope you guys love the beach because literally 90% of my pics are gonna be from the beach from now on lol

    And another pic for science :wink: He'll have to tan again. I think I like him better all bronzed up.

    There's only been one rainy day so far. Thunderstorms are called Monsoons in Sulani, which I thought was pretty cool.

    Chad wiped out on a mud puddle coming home from work. Didn't know this could happen lol at first I thought he got struck by invisible lighting or something.

    It's just scratch you big baby!

    The next day the sun was out shining again. And Chad was back to work. Between surveying and spreading awareness he has a lot of free time lol

    He was out researching when I noticed there were chickens by the clothesline. A neat little touch. It'd be cool to have farm animals to raise...

    And I'll leave you this pic of Luani returning from work. Sadly I don't get to see her do her thing on the beach, but at least she wears her cool uniform home.

    Happy Simming! I hope everyone is doing well :heart:
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