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What Happened In Your Game Today?


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    @AlwaysAsking & here is a video of Sora and Ariana dancing fo no particular reason.

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    @Daephene Thank God for things passing through stuff otherwise, hugging Assumi would hurt. Speaking for Friends...

    Wan and Shikibu: You might remember those two from The Sims 2, but they're back. So far Patricia is married to her writing career, but Cleo has found Ross from Friends.

    Their first date was so successful that Cleo wanted woohoo so I decided to honor that and she got pregnant. So now Ross lives with her, Patricia, and their adopted mystic, Bunny Blanc (Ever After High). Here's them working on Bunny's science project.

    I decided to name their daughter, Emma, after the child Ross and Racheal had on the show.
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    It's Halloween in my game so happy Halloween from the Cordova family!
    Origin ID
    Sims 3 Username
    P.A.C.E- Positive Attitude Changes Everything
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    edited October 2020

    Sorry for the late reply! I don't mind at all; I'm actually quite flattered, although I'm also surprised, seeing as May can be rather horrid. :D




    She's like a caricature of a fashion wannabe I'd have a love-hate friendship with. :D I'm not quite sure how I feel about her myself, but I do know she's getting older so she really can't afford to be picky, but yeah, not during work.

    Nothing new on May right now; I honestly need a stronger connection with her to continue pursuing her storyline. I did find some cut out pics from Luise's story though back in the day. So have at it.

    This is what appeared to be the start of a cat fight. Around that time, Dino had found out Luise was a girl and started feeling bothered about her all of a sudden; a fact that Daisy was none too pleased about. There's something hidden behind that smile while Luise was oblivious to the poison of another woman scorned.

    This didn't make it in because plumbob. I was going to spin it into some sort of soul searching shtick. Bjorn makes an appearance.

    Conga line!


    This has nothing to do with Luise's story, but a casual play I've been toying with recently, using Louis, Luise's twin. Here's that old biddy Judith playing with the pool...during winter. Die already!
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    Excerpts from the Journal of Kaden Benali

    -We have one new guy on the hall this term, Gordon Currie, Ben Thomas moved to a house, it’s a jock house essentially, Ben is a big time athlete and all, so that makes sense. I have two term papers and a final this term, so no presentation, yay.
    So, this term I decided to room with both Lonnie and Trevon, I’m like doing the exact opposite of my dad at Uni. But, well, they both asked me and I wanted to do it. I guess, the thing is, I get along really well with them both and a triple room is way bigger, we each have kind of our own little section of the room to ourselves. So it’s not so bad, other that not having any real privacy, but, well, I really only need privacy with Christine, and I go over to her apartment in the city for that anyway.
    I got a level up on my Debate Club status too, so I’m not a newbie anymore, another yay. I finally went over to Gibbs Hill to that library and used the archive machine to do some debate research. I took Bryson and Rohan with me and Rohan did some research too, Bryson, as usual, just talked to people, that guy is a total chatterbox, no joke. He never met a stranger.-

    Gordon Currie

    The new triple room.

    Using the archive machine for the first time.

    -My friend Robert Morin passed away, dad came and told me. I’m really bummed, apparently he had been dealing with cancer for a while, but he never said anything to me about it.
    Later, I got a letter from some lawyer and it was about Robert’s estate so I called my dad, because it was kind of scary and all, I guess. I had to go to the lawyers office to hear the reading of the will, I guess that’s really a thing, not just something you see on TV. And, well, Robert left me his house, like, he owned it, so it’s all mine now, plus he gave me and the twins 5K each too. And he left a bunch of money to a charity for firefighters. I went home for the weekend a while after that and me and the rest of the family cleaned up Robert’s house, we donated some of his stuff to charity and all, I cried a little, even in front of everyone, so that happened. Josie came over and just held me and it felt really good, no one said anything about it either. After that, the rest of the family did some painting and all and my dad found someone to rent it to. The money I got from Robert and the rent, well, it just goes in the bank, dad insisted, and I agreed to save it for when I get out of Uni, so I have some money to live off of, I guess.
    Robert also left me a letter, I waited a while, but finally, when I was alone, I read it. Robert basically wrote that I had been like the closest thing to a son he had ever had and that knowing my family, not just my grandmother, had made him happy. That before I came back into his life he was depressed and that me and my family had been the one bright spot in his declining years. I was crying by the time I got to the end of the letter. I, well, I was really touched, I guess, like, that I had such a positive effect on someone’s life, you know?-

    -At the Debate Club practice I got to debate Lonnie, I just beat him, but he got in some good points, so we talked about our debate a bit afterwards. He is good-natured, as in, he’s not a sore loser. His biggest fault, well, as far as I’m concerned anyway, is that he’s a bit of a jokester. He does tend to play practical jokes sometimes, and, if I’m honest, when I’m not in the mood, it does hit me the wrong way, but that’s kind of my issue, not his.-

    Discussing our debate.

    -Dad and Samyr both visited me, dad was doing something at FI, he does lectures there, I guess, he’s kind of a big deal, I mean, his job and all as a FI grad. I kind of knew that, but, it wasn’t something I thought that much about, until now, I mean, my dad lectures students like me, he’s considered some kind of expert in the field or a success story or whatever, I mean, that’s a huge deal, isn’t it?
    Samyr came by too, he was alone this time and wanted to talk to me about some stuff without Zayn there. We chatted a bit privately then Brody Matthews horned in the conversation, but, well, he was nice about it and was kind of being really friendly to Samyr, so I didn’t mind. Brody’s kind of a ladies man, he has a reputation, as in, he has woohoo’d a lot of girls, one story is that he has been with half the 3rd floor of Drake Hall, it’s probably an exaggeration, but still.-

    Kaden realizes his dad is a success story.

    Chatting with Samyr and Brody Matthews.

    -Both Lonnie and Trevon have been begging me to go on another food run. My stockpile of home cooked food dwindles way faster now that both my roommates dip into it. Technically, they aren’t supposed to touch my stuff, the fridge and microwave are mine, but well, they are my roommates and my friends, so I have a hard time telling them no when they ask, OK?
    So, I did agree to the food run and somehow, the two of them ended up going home with me. The thing is, I kind of know a lot about both of them now, I mean living together stuff just comes up, right? They both know about my getting therapy now, it just came up, we were all in the room doing our lessons and talking, as you do, and well, we were discussing our majors and it just came out why I’m studying Psychology, OK? Like, I know that Lonnie is from a really normal upper middle class family with one younger sister, and that he’s studying History so he can be a lawyer like his dad. And that he’s a total foodie, like, he loves fancy and exotic food. And that Trevon is from a broken home, his parents divorced when he was really young and he spent his childhood shuttling between them because they had joint custody. They both date a lot too apparently, so that was a thing he had to deal with growing up, and one of his coping tools was to loose himself in art, he would spend hours drawing as a kid, so that’s why he studies Art History.
    Anyway they went home with me and they talked to my family while I slaved away in the kitchen and grill, so we would have enough food to get us through this term. Neither of them was too thrilled with the tuna casserole I made, so on the way back to UBrite, I told them that it was my grandmother’s recipe and that it’s really comforting for me to have that sometimes. Then I explained all about how my granny lived with us when I was a little kid and how she helped raise me and then about her dying and all. So, neither one complains about the casserole anymore, but they don’t eat it either.-

    Visiting with the family.

    Kaden cooks up some more food.

    -On Sunday, I went to visit Christine, well, she was in a mood. Like, OK, I was being all romantic and stuff and she kind of side-tracked that and wanted me and her to spend some time talking. She said we hadn’t really talked in forever, I told her that was what the phone calls were for and that went over like a lead balloon. So, we ended up “talking”, literally, and then I visited a bit with her roommates. Sigh, that was definitely not the kind of visit I had in mind, girls are really confusing and frustrating sometimes.-

    Trying for romance.

    Getting to know Christine’s roommates instead.

    -Me, Lonnie and Rohan went to debate practice, I just narrowly beat Lonnie again. Then afterwards, I had heard that there was a good fishing spot behind Darby’s Den, where the Debate Club has their practices. Plus, Rohan had told me that he had done some fishing as a kid, and I had always meant to do some fishing here, but hadn’t ever got around to it. So, the three of us did end up going fishing, it was really nice and very relaxing, and I think the two of them had fun too.-

    Kaden narrowly wins the debate.

    Checking out the fishing spot on campus.

    -While we were studying, my roommates got to talking about the two newest guys on the hall and I realized that they both knew them way better than I did, so I decided to make the effort to get to know them both a bit better. I kind of felt bad that I had neglected doing it, to be honest. I found out that Gordon Currie is really smart, which was a total surprise, I had him pegged as a jock, to be honest. And JT Kelp is into being in clubs like I am and wants to get married and have some kids and to settle down in the ‘Burbs, so I at least have started to get to know both of them a bit better. I mean, this is JT’s second term on the hall, so it was way past time I got to know him better. But, that’s kind of why I like rooming with the guy’s, they kind of push me to be more social and to take part in the more social aspects of being at Uni than I would if I still had a single room, I guess.-

    Getting to know Gordon Currie.

    And JT Kelp.

    -I had gone to see Christine again and when I got back a few of the guys on the hall made some really dirty cracks about it. I was fuming mad, I figured that the guy’s had spilled the beans. My roommates are the only guys I have ever mentioned the nature of my relationship with Christine to, although everyone knows we’re dating. Anyway, I kind of dumped on Lonnie and Trevon back in the room, and, well, they basically told me that neither of them said anything, but, to be honest, that it was common knowledge. I mean, Lonnie said, Kaden, you used to have Christine over when you had that single room first term and both of you would be alone in there for hours, do you think all of us guys really didn’t know what you were doing, seriously? Then Trevon added, yeah, I mean we all kind of knew Kaden, like, even before you confessed it to us, me and Lonnie knew you two were doing it. The thing is, he continued, most of the guys on the hall have known you since day one and they all feel like they know you well enough to take off the gloves now. Welcome to dorm life, dude. I did apologize to them then, they both kind of shrugged it off, but it really bugs me that everyone here knows my business though.-

    Kaden confronts his roommates.

    -Another A+ term, I’m totally in line to graduate with honors, if I can just get through this next term without messing up, classes have gotten a lot harder though, so there’s that, sigh.-

    @ryttu3k I have VtM Bloodlines it's from GOG, I should have told you that to start with, sorry. It's on my list of games to play along with Mass Effect 1 and 2 and Witcher 1 and 2 and some others.

    @Becka28 Wow, your Airbreeder Rohan looks like he walked right out of my game, like one of those movies where an animated character comes to life or something, well, except not as hairy, lol.

    Origin ID is: sobenewbie
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    @sarabeth2984 Thank you!
    They have both finally graduated and moved house (temporarily). New longer post coming soon!
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 6,292 Member

    always nice to see what you are up to in your save.
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    edited October 2020
    @Metior_Ice I no longer use mods because they often mess up some game mechanics. One current problem I have now is with the freelancer careers where completion of tasks does not finish the current gig. Another is the persistence of the uncomfortable moodlet from freezing temperature even after some Sims change into cold weather outfit. Those problems exist even though I do not use mods.

    To others players who use laptop with non-removable battery, do you keep your device plugged even when fully charged when you play TS4?

    @sarabeth2984 I will make his character less despicable this time, and I will make my story even more interesting with the new DLCs that I acquired :) I made most of my protagonists start at teen stage rather than young adult stage :)

    @Daephene Thanks! More characters to be introduced soon :) Manuel is based on a half-Spanish half-French person, so I made him wear the new male outfit in the latest update :)
    Reality Kings Episode 3

    Mick's mother froze to death. Manuel and their father accompanied him to the burial. (Credits to the player who shared the cemetery lot to the gallery)

    Mick moved in to Manuel's household, now living with his half-brother, father, and stepmother. He's now sharing bedroom with Manuel.

    Manuel was starstrucked upon seeing his celebrity crush (Seasoned Thespian, Global Superstar) just outside their apartment building. He asked for her autograph, and to his pleasure, he got it. He's wishing he could share a scene with her when he becomes an actor.

    Manuel had his last date with Luna in Casbah Gallery. He suddenly felt that he's no longer happy with her and that they don't match at all, so he decided to initiate their break up. He spent the rest of his night drinking. (At least he did not cheat this time :D )

    -to be continued-

    Episode 1
    Episode 2
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    Not much, unless they are going about their lives w/o me having to open the game. Such is the curse of the full time employed. Ha Ha ;)
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    I made a new Occult Family & Home for the new Spooky Spark Challenge. I just love October fun. B)
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    Rather than share a second update with Damion attacking the household and showing some darker behaviors already shared during his first attack.

    I'm sharing this image after he fed on Kylen's plasma. I'm not really sure what part of being a vampire triggers this response, but Dylan Zalrian also had preferred Plasma. So, there is a trait Dylan and Kylen share that makes their plasma more enjoyable to Damion. The only thing they have in common is a combination of traits that make them creative artists and identical occult traits. Whatever is going on, I don't understand it enough for anything to be intentional.

    That being said, both Kylen and Dylan's twins with identical occult traits do not trigger the response.

    50503727301_9dd9e90b21_n.jpgThe Sims™ 4_20201016011357 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

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    Trevon and Kinsley Reaves decided that Daisy Hovel was getting cramped and built an upstairs room. (This is my first attempt at second story building.) They are using it as an art studio. The paintings displayed are Kinsley's work.

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    @sarabeth2984 this year has been about four and a half decades long, seriously XD

    Haha, poor Gage! Always the most awkward question XD That dinner out could have gone better XD;; Glad it worked out, the karaoke is cute! Beautiful wedding and renewal! Oh haha is that hand sanitser at the end of the table?

    @AlwaysAsking coral is super pretty too! Definitely would include it in decor. (Coral and turquoise - beautiful combination.) Luca's doing great! His top skill is definitely Communication (on 4), which is amusing because story-wise, he's still on single words. Still, he loves being around people because of the Charmer trait! Gameplay-story segregation, I guess, he's going to have gameplay skills he won't have story-wise. (Mind you, Caleb decided to autonomously pick up programming, so they all have their little weirdnesses!)

    @sunblond not having to do presentations is always the best part :D The letter from Robert is heartbreaking but really sweet, and I'm glad that both he and Kaden were able to have that connection. Yeah, roommates are always going to be An Experience, seriously. Heck yeah, more A+!

    And oh, neat! Bloodlines is top of my To Play list.
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    Pro tip: Do not kiss your wife when there are children around. They will not approve.


    Your daughter will give you MAJOR side-eye.


    Sims 3 Families: Fairy Friends, Jenningses, Delaunays
    Sims 4 Families: Fosters/Matsumotos/van Beerses, Harper-Joneses/Bridges, Mastersons

    Mastersons Thread: Magical Mastersons: A Ginger Spellcaster Family

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    I got an error code 12 (sims 3), which I have been getting constantly.
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    @SwanSong93 I think the cold acclimation might help. It’s 500 satisfaction points, but it adjusts things to reduce the frequency of negative moodlets.

    Because merfolk sims can sleep in the water, I often don’t invest time and simoleans on an elaborate or conventional bedroom.

    When they sleep in the ocean, they can get the chilled moodlet in Sulani. Cold Acclimation helps them overcome the environmental limitations.

    I think the game is set up with increments for temperature that, without Cold Acclimation, can leave sims vulnerable to their environment. So, freezing temperatures can still make sims uncomfortable with cold weather attire, but it should help prevent things from getting deadly.

    For the games I do play on my laptop, like Stellaris, my computer is always plugged in.

    My game crashed while I was making substantial progress on my game. So, before I update, I’m going to make the house look the way I had it. I know it probably goes against standard legacy rules, however, I built everything fairly and lost it because of the game crashing.

    Even on the Console, you are forced to hit that loading screen before traveling to new lots or entering CAS if you want the game to autosave anything. Like, when my sims complete an aspiration and earn the trait from it, there should be an autosave for moments like that. Anyways, this will probably delay updates.
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    Hugo was home from work, making himself some dinner. The last week he had not been able to get the thought of his son out of his head. He did not tell Nelson yet and Hugo was not sure when would be the right time to tell your very new, very young boyfriend about your shiny new teenage son. It just did not sound right. Honestly, he had not told anyone about it, and it chewed away at him. Luna had been his confidante with these things, but he did not feel any intention to tell her. He was still angry with her and he felt like he wanted to punish her for the hurt she caused. But in the meantime, that also meant there was no one to talk to. Jacqueline might have been Hugo’s best friend, but she was still his younger sister and he did not want to bother her with this piece of news. He knew she had a busy life of her own and this was too big of an issue to drop upon her.


    That night, after dinner, Hugo and Nelson had a date planned at the local romance festival. The past week had gone by with barely any interaction between them and Hugo had missed hanging out with his boyfriend. When they saw each other, they hugged tightly. Hugo immediately knew this was not going to be easy because he could barely think of something to say. This had never been a problem between the two of them and it pained Hugo that his thoughts and feelings have made this easygoing relationship so much more difficult.


    Nelson seemed none the wiser and complimented Hugo on how good he looked. Hugo blushed and felt silly for feeling awkward. Nelson hadn’t noticed a thing and seemed content to be with Hugo, whether it was in casual silence or rambling on about how pretty everything was.


    Not sure on what to do, Hugo grabbed some pink rose petals from the ground and threw them at Nelson playfully. Nelson reacted rather dramatically by patting the rose petals from his jacket and looking irritatedly at the perpetrator. Hugo apologized instantly, not wanting this date to go off the rails and turn sour. He didn’t know why Nelson was so irritable tonight, but all he wanted was to have a fun evening, just the two of them.


    Trying to lighten the mood, Hugo mentioned the flirty vibe at the festival and how being here with Nelson made him feel light and happy.


    He even casually mentioned a flirty dream he recently had about dear old Nelson.


    Nelson couldn’t help but smile, his irritation melted away, and awarded Hugo with a kiss on the cheek.


    Moving on from that situation, the guys decided to pour some sakura tea which made them, inevitable, feel even flirtier and made them bold.

    And bold for these guys means they walked up to the relationship guru and asked him about their future together. Hugo felt nervous. He normally wasn’t the superstitious kind but this evening had gone entirely different than imagined and something needed to go right already. To his relief, the guru mentioned they were a ‘match made to last the ages’. Hugo floated away on cloud nine.


    After exploring the festival, and the evening slowly coming to an end, Nelson and Hugo walked back to their apartment complex while chitchatting.


    Hugo, feeling comfortable and at ease, felt it was the right time to ask Nelson about the fight in his apartment he witnessed a while ago. Hugo quickly added he wasn’t spying or anything but he wanted to come and visit him when he heard loud voices coming from Nelson’s family’s apartment.


    Nelson looked towards the floor and softly said he didn’t want to ruin this night by talking about something like that.


    Hugo pushed, wanting to know what was going on with his boyfriend.


    But it had the opposite effect on Nelson. He fell quiet, visibly upset. From his stance, it was clear he wasn’t going to say any more.


    Hugo stood still, not wanting to walk on in silence and talk about this like two mature adults, but Nelson didn’t stop and walked back home on his own, leaving Hugo behind.
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    Today’s featured article on Wikipedia (the English one, anyway) made me think of @Koteyka and her awesome story! I know next to nothing about the MCU and have no opinion on the ship, but it mentions Steve :)


    Proof that I have zero MCU knowledge: I didn’t realise Steve was from it :D:D I knew about Tony Stark and Peter Parker (or Stark as he is in the story), though.
    Sims 3 Families: Fairy Friends, Jenningses, Delaunays
    Sims 4 Families: Fosters/Matsumotos/van Beerses, Harper-Joneses/Bridges, Mastersons

    Mastersons Thread: Magical Mastersons: A Ginger Spellcaster Family

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    Back over to San Myshuno and the Mastersons! I try to spend around a week (real time) with each family, with around 3-4 updates each time. I might spend a bit longer with the Mastersons this time, though, so I can get Erytheia and Xanthe to teenagerhood, seeing as they're on the Long lifespan.


    "Honey, why are we standing here to eat when we've got a table right behind us?"
    "Search me."


    It was currently summer, and the weather was hot. Apollo took advantage and jumped into the pool. He seemed to be entirely unaware of the rash that had erupted over his body.


    Caroline had a job on the primetime TV show Detective Law.
    "Hi Loario! What look are we going for today?" she asked the hair and makeup guy, who she knew well by now.
    "Hmm, yes, detective show, nothing too outrageous..." Loario muttered.


    After being kitted out in her costume, Caroline went to interact with her fellow actors. She was a little surprised to see a purple alien, wondering what it could have to do with a detective show.
    "I don't know, either," came a voice, which Caroline recognised to be that of Herman Hudson.
    "Gosh, isn't that suit really hot? It's really warm today," Caroline said.
    "I am a little hot, yeah..."


    Shooting began with a flirting scene.


    Then she had to fight poor Herman...


    ... and finally send him to jail.


    Back home, the kids were taking advantage of the warm weather. Artemis was relaxing in a paddling pool, and Apollo and Erytheia were having a water balloon fight.


    The next day after school, Erytheia decided to hold a No Grown Ups Allowed meeting.
    "Hey Helen! Welcome to my club! You can go and play with anything you like."
    "Thank you!" Helen smiled as she walked into the apartment.


    And then the bits you've already seen...
    "EWWW! KISSING IS GROSS!" Xanthe said in disgust.
    Caroline and Peter smiled as they overheard the chorus. If only they knew... without us kissing, they wouldn't be here right now! They'll soon be wanting to kiss someone...


    "Dude, they did that when we've got friends over? That's just EMBARRASSING."


    Later, Caroline was outside grilling some asado.
    "So, I guess kissing in front of the kids wasn't a great idea," Peter grinned.
    "No. I remember I had a similar aversion to kissing when I was that age," Caroline replied.
    "So now might not be the time to tell them about adolescence and hormones," Peter said.


    Caroline decided to visit Planet Honey Pop! and sang the song "Classic Beauty". Unbeknowst to her, Peter was watching.
    She definitely is a classic beauty to me, he thought.


    "Your voice is amazing," Peter said after she finished.
    "Thank you, darling," Caroline smiled.
    "The kids aren't around, we can kiss to our heart's content out here," Peter laughed.


    No real captions for these screenshots, just Erytheia and Artemis hard at work. All the kids have A grades!


    The litterbox in the bathroom was looking pretty disgusting, so Caroline cast the Scruberoo spell. Unfortunately, it went wrong, and the mess got worse.
    "Dang it, how come it went wrong?" she muttered to herself.


    Peter interacting with Heidi. I doubt she understood what he was saying, but she looks as though she's really paying attention!


    I managed to get this screenshot of all the kids coming home from school.


    Helen popped over for a visit.
    "I love your dress," Artemis said. "I'm not really a fan of pink, but it really suits you."
    "Thank you," Helen said. "Yeah, pink isn't for everyone, particularly if you've got red hair."


    Best friends! Sadly it meant that Peter and Caroline aren't listed as best friends anymore, but seeing as they're married I think we can assume that they already are best friends :D


    Caroline has both a Pristine reputation and the Incredibly Friendly reward trait, so she makes friends incredibly easily, like Jenny Jones does. Caroline gave Lilliana Kealoha a friendly greeting and they immediately became Good Friends!


    Peter was practising the piano, when I noticed that Nicholas Paraskevas was watching. He doesn't come over as often as Anastasia and Alexander do.


    Post edited by Lucy_Henley on
    Sims 3 Families: Fairy Friends, Jenningses, Delaunays
    Sims 4 Families: Fosters/Matsumotos/van Beerses, Harper-Joneses/Bridges, Mastersons

    Mastersons Thread: Magical Mastersons: A Ginger Spellcaster Family

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    My game crashing was a blessing in disguise. It turns out that the auto-aging setting was set wrong. A couple households had sims age up before I intended them to. I fixed the households, adjusted the outfits, and I uploaded the Ghost Forms of Dylan and Zephyr to the gallery.
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    @Metior_Ice But I think the Heatproof and Iceproof Traits are much better, so I will collect more satisfaction points without wasting 500 on the Acclimation traits which I think are overridden by those.
    Reality Kings Episode 4

    Manuel sent a Happy Text to Summer who replied with an invitation to hang out in Magnolia Blossom Park. Manuel gave a friendly gift to Summer which she accepted happily.

    The two of them ate together at a cafe in Windenburg. They were supposed to be alone together, but Nancy Landgraab suddenly joined them in their table.

    Meanwhile, in the Partihaus household, Marcus Flex's wife Nina (a 1-star celebrity guest star) divorced him.

    Jordan flirted with Phoenix (Jade Rosa's younger sister), the girl who hooked up Manuel with Luna.
    -to be continued-

    Episode 1
    Episode 2
    Episode 3
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