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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 588 Member
    "Oh Ellie, what's wrong? Your nose is glowing like Rudolph's!"
    Ellie looked up at Sue plaintively.
    "We're going to have to take you to the vet... hmm, but that'll mean cutting short our holiday. Well, anything to help you get better!"
    Sue explained the situation to her family, and they all agreed that Ellie's health was the top priority. They could always come back to Selvadorada, after all.


    They left Selvadorada behind and were soon back in Willow Creek. Almost immediately, Sue took Ellie to the vet in Brindleton Bay.
    "Hmm... glowing nose and hot feet, you say? Sounds like Magmafied Organs," said the vet. "She'll need an antiviral shot."
    "That's fine, go ahead," Sue replied.
    Ellie received the injection and immediately felt better.
    "Thank you so much," Sue said. "How much is that?"
    "750 Simoleons," the vet replied.
    "No problem," Sue said, getting out her purse.


    That day, Tuesday, was also Joanna's first day of high school. Will R Wright High School was a modern building, situated opposite Llama Elementary. (I did not build the school, I found it on the gallery. It looks awesome! I might not use this building for my other saves, though, but I'll probably use it as inspiration for my own high school build).


    Tuesday meant that it was health and fitness day. The school gym was small, but well-equipped nonetheless. Joanna donned her tracksuit and began to work out on a fitness machine. She wasn't naturally sporty, but she knew that keeping fit was important, so she tried her best.


    That afternoon, Joanna and her classmates felt that the best way to end the day was to have a boogie in the school corridor! Even the school celebrity, Asia Lewis, deigned to join them.


    "Ellie has led a good life filled with bones, balls and barks, but it is now time to lay down and make her way to the Big Dog Park in the Sky." (The notification that popped up).
    "What's happening? Why isn't Ellie waking up?" Kirsten asked, worriedly.
    Sue gulped.
    "I think she might be dead," she sniffed.
    "NOOOOO! ELLIE!" Oscar wailed.


    The Grim Reaper stuck around for a bit and decided to browse the internet. Why, is the WiFi connection in Hell that bad?


    Joanna was devastated by the loss of her dog, and decided that the best way to deal with her feelings was to express her melancholy thoughts in her diary.
    I miss Ellie so much, she scribbled. She was there when I was first adopted. It seems so strange that she's not around anymore. She was such a sweet, adorable little dog.


    "Oh, Oscar, I'm so sad," Kirsten sniffed. "I loved Ellie."
    "We all did," Oscar said. "Mama says we can get a new dog if we'd like."
    "Oh, that'd be lovely," Kirsten replied. "It wouldn't replace Ellie, though, would it?"
    "No pet can replace Ellie," Oscar said, wisely. "One of my friends at school had a cat who died, and they got another one. He said that the new cat helped them deal with their grief."


    "Hi, baby," Sue said, once Jenny had come home.
    "Are you OK?" Jenny asked. "You seem kind of sad."
    "I've got bad news, I'm afraid," Sue said. "Ellie passed away this evening."
    "Oh no! Was it her illness?"
    "No, no," Sue said. "The vet did say that she was quite old and might not have long left. I think the illness was just a coincidence."


    The following evening was Wednesday, and Oscar's birthday. Sue baked him a tasty chocolate cake.



    Joanna's New Year's Resolution is to find a significant other... hmm... I hear there's a new member of her Geeks United club... *wink wink*
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  • ryttu3kryttu3k Posts: 1,137 Member
    Page 777! Great number :D

    @Koteyka I totally recommend all three <3 (Especially Realm of Magic for Morgyn!)

    Jamie and Sarah are getting so big! Poor li'l Ianto, they do need to keep an eye on that. Still, it's not like they were given a parenting manual! Ianto's commentary is even more fascinating - so he has his own kid at some point, cool! "That's actually rather funny now. You know, considering..." SCUSE U. Huh, so is he actually a reincarnation? Oh goodness Rhi stealing the sippy cup XD "Spoiler: my first word was coffee." Ohhh noooo ;_; Oh my those are a lot of names! And the bedroom is super cute! Aww, Morgs to the rescue.

    @Daravi oh, lovely Windenburg! You could theoretically use TOOL to make even the non-lot parts really green, too...

    @AlwaysAsking ooh yeah, probably a good idea to leave a note next time! Lovely walk! Danni the little trickster is fun XD Heh, gotta work those connections. Ahh yes, the 'if'. "muscles and stuff" XD I mean, it is a pretty lovely area! Wow, talking to Judith, that's a big sign XD Love the kids all going, "ewww, mushy stuf!" RIP Danni's marshmallow. Aww, Lucas!

    With Max's mother, I try to just ignore the existence of Sims I don't actually need for gameplay! Like, Nancy definitely isn't there, she's in jail, let's just ignore her. Alternatively, there's the slightly grizzlier option of killing her off! And aww, Max is getting to be such a good kid!

    @sunblond oh jeez, the Loud phase. Godspeed, Omar XD Poor guy, so out of loop about his teens, haha. And I do love Kaden returning the favour about romantic advice!

    Glad that Omar and Josie are communicating, and I love that she was all the Than! Aww, I remember when he was a tiny kiddo XD Sounds like Omar is falling hard! Glad Philip had a great time! And whew, speaking of great times, Omar and Josie had fun XD

    @Beardedgeek ooh, interesting combination of interests!

    @sarabeth2984 thank you! I don't usually like midcentury modern, so it was fun playing around with it for once. And I'll definitely give the original trio a shot!

    Aw man Harry and Maribelle sound so fun! The whole family is really well-detailed, and the trip to Sulani sounds great! Training turning into sibling rivalry, that's always the way, isn't it? XD That message with the gift is so sweet! Oh my, Neil, don't ruin the local weather system XD Lovely time!
  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 2,771 Member
    Rhydian offered half of his magic to Zelda so that she would use it on Cyrus. It infuriated the large man, so he prepared to cast a deadly spell. The dark-haired princess was still frightened. Rhydian sat by her side in a protective manner, while Cyrus let out a sinister cackle. The wicked man was always laughing, which annoyed the teenage spellcasters. It seemed as if he had nothing left to lose... Or so the teenagers thought.


    "Your magic is still restricted. Do you think taking someone else's is the solution?" Cyrus taunted.

    "Well, I suppose," Zelda murmured.

    "I thought you would stand up for yourself. Perhaps I'm mistaken."

    "You're insane. Do you think you can prevail?" Zelda's voice rose, and she lowered her brows. "I can call on the magic of my ancestors, you know! I'll just say the word, and it'll happen."

    "Ha. I don't think it'll work. We've come full circle, I believe. This is where Sylvia's parents died when she was young."

    "How do you know?"

    "Stories. A few of my ancestors were friends with Cronan."


    Tristan grabbed Stella's neck and lifted her off her feet. "I bet your windpipe is easy to break in half."

    "Stop!" Stella shouted.

    "Not until you surrender the throne!"

    "We won't cower!"

    "Eventually, you will."

    Luna stepped forward. "Let my mother go!"

    Tristan sneered. "Well, whatever you say. I'll just let her be. I can always destroy her children... namely, you and your twin sister."


    Shawn and Tristan began dueling. Shawn said, "You'll get what you deserve!"

    "Really?" Tristan asked.

    "Of course!"

    Luna prepared to cast a spell. "You're in for a surprise, Tristan."


    Rhydian used a spell to break Cyrus' curse on Zelda. He proceeded to duel with Cyrus. "You will never come out as the victor!"

    "Yes, I will!" Cyrus countered.

    "You're so arrogant."

    "Why, yes... That's true."

    "You better not have a trick up your sleeve!"


    Cyrus defeated Rhydian. "Turns out I did, fool! Now I'll get the princesses." He glared at Zelda.

    "Never!" Rhydian shouted.

    "I almost had her. If your meddlesome existence hasn't been here today, I would have strangled her!"

    "You're off the rails! What kind of man does that to a lady?"
  • BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 4,242 Member
    @sarabeth2984 thank you. More pictures coming soon, but maybe in the other thread. I am not much for writing elaborate stories, I prefer screenshots with short captions.

    Anyway, Lesley finally got into University (distinguished Communications degree) and is working up to an A+ average. Goal is to be as influential as she can towards a greener future. She has already been responsible for turning the campus greener.
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  • HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 2,680 Member
    My Cole family is getting bigger! The twins(Oliver and Emily) have partners and their sister, Hadley, just welcomed her second child with fiancée Marcus Cordova, Emmerson Rae.
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    Sims 3 Username
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  • sunblondsunblond Posts: 907 Member

    Excerpts from the Journal of Omar Benali

    - Kaden‘s finished with his therapy, It was pretty obvious to me that the was doing a lot better, he seems to be handling my dating as well as the twins, so that’s good enough, as far as I’m concerned.
    Robert Morin is around a lot, he and Kaden go fishing sometimes and he talks with the twins too. The thing is, well, he’s a good, decent man, he made the last few years of my mom’s life happy ones, and I’ll always be really grateful to him for that. He and Kaden seem to have formed a real friendship, and I honestly can say that I think it’s a good thing. Robert tells him all about his days as a fireman and Kaden loves hearing his stories. He has a lot of stories about saving people from fires and firemen almost getting burned or whatever, I mean, he spent his whole life helping others, and as far as I’m concerned he’s a good influence on the boys. So I invite him to dinner sometimes, Kaden says he’s lonely and, well, I might end up alone like him someday and, hopefully I’ll be able to have a nice family to fill up the time with too.-

    Robert comes over from time to time now.

    Some nighttime fishing.

    Dining on fresh caught Herb-Crusted Salmon.

    -I’m planning a party for the boys and their girlfriends families. I decided to just do a big one instead of trying to do three separate dinners. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to talk to all of them a bit, I’m hiring a caterer, bartender, and entertainer. I want everyone to enjoy themselves and I don’t want to be running around trying to do everything myself either.
    I was at the table working on the menu for the party and Kaden came in and sat down. And, well, he just flat out asked me why I didn’t invite my girlfriend too. I told him that Josie had a little girl who was in grade school and that made it harder to introduce a new man and all, it’s not like with teenage boys, who are mature enough to deal with it. He continued, dad, you’ve been dating Josie for a while now and, well, it’s pretty obvious that you’re serious about her, we all totally know you’re not a casual relationship kind of guy. The thing is, sooner or later our families will have to meet. The party is perfect for that because there will be a lot of people plus Christine’s sister Rebecca will be there, who’s also a little girl, so it’s not like Izzy will be the only one. That will be way better than just having the two of them over for dinner, all those people at the party will be good cover or whatever for you two. The thing is, dad, you can ask, can’t you, it can’t hurt to just ask Josie about it. Then I said, when did you get so grown up? I’m not sure I like this new thing where you give me the advice, son. Well, dad, he said, I’m going to be a grown up and go off to college soon, I guess I’m just getting in some practice beforehand, it’s not like I’ll suddenly feel grown up just because I had a birthday cake.-

    The boys made it a point to meet Josie.

    But they were less obvious with Izzy.

    -Kaden was right, of course, me and Josie talked, and, well, we both kind of felt it was time to have our families meet. I was really just waiting on her, I don’t have a little kid to consider and, well, when I did have them they were all boys, so parenting a little girl is a totally alien thing to me. The thing is, that we have been seeing each other for a while and, to be honest, I’m totally smitten. I know she’s the first woman since Becca and all, but it just feels right. It’s her laugh that did it, I guess. The first time I heard it I was hooked. There are a lot of things about her that I like and admire though, like how she grew up poor but still is a nice person with a positive outlook on life and how she worked hard to make something of herself. How when she couldn’t achieve her dream she found a way to refocus her goals so she could work in a field she is passionate about. Those are qualities that I can admire in anyone. And, of course, let’s face it, she’s a strikingly beautiful woman. Any man would take one look at her and want to get to know her better.
    There is an age difference, I’m almost a decade older than Josie, it doesn’t bother me, of course, and I did ask her if it was as issue for her early on. She told me that most of the men she had dated were older, a lot of them older than me, so as far as she was concerned, I was plenty young. And she makes me feel so alive, when I’m with her I do feel young again, I have the same feelings I had in college. I can’t believe she’s actually into me, to be honest. That she thinks I’m handsome and decent and that she likes me as a person, well, I think I’m lucky, I sure feel lucky. I never looked at other women when I was married, well, not seriously looked or thought about it, I mean, I am a normal red-blooded guy. But I never considered cheating or anything like that, so I know I’m not the most experienced guy when it comes to women, certainly not about dating them as a mature man, I know that. But, well, I’d be a fool to let Josie slip away to play the field, that’s just not me, not how I am now anyway. Not after all those years married to a woman I loved.
    I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m pretty invested in this relationship and seeing if it will lead to us getting married someday. Ok, there it is, I think I want to marry Josie. I’m hopeful that’s where we’re headed.-

    -Sunday is the regular bowling practice for Ten Pin Teens, and when they got home after the last one, well, Zayn came in the house and ran upstairs to his room, he slammed the door and turned his music on full volume, he ran through the house like he was a hound dog chasing a rabbit. It didn’t take long to find out why, because before I knew it, Samyr and Kaden were standing in the middle of the living room having a big argument, I kind of think that if I hadn’t stepped in, well, they might have come to blows. I made them both sit down and tell me what it was about, of course. And I was pretty shocked and more than a little angry myself over how they both were carrying on, they both said some nasty things to each other before I laid down the law. I mean I threatened to ground them both, as in no girlfriend visits, that one hit home, TV or games, if they didn’t calm down.
    What it was about, was that Kaden had been showing Chantel how to improve her lay up to releasing the ball, Kaden says she tends to cross over the line sometimes, which is a foul in the game. Apparently, Samyr thought he was a little too hansey when he did it and he got jealous. Boy was Samyr angry, I have never seen that boy that angry before, to be honest. Kaden for his part said he was just doing his job as captain, that he has to show the team members stuff by walking through the moves with them and all, then Samyr said he was able to coach Brodie without putting his hands on his hips. Well, you get the picture now, I sure did.
    I finally got Samyr calmed down and promised him that I would talk to Kaden and sent him upstairs to take a cold shower. I made them hug it out first, yeah, that one went over well. I had them do it three times until it didn’t look totally forced too.
    I got me and Kaden something to eat and I had a talk with him. I started by telling him about when Than was captain of the team and how he and Tucker decided to mentor the other team members by dividing them up so that Tucker got to train all the boys and Than could have the girls. I told Kaden that it was a really bad idea. That something like that comes off as a total abuse of power and it’s something that can get you kicked out of the league. I explained that being captain meant he had to be really careful, especially in dealing with anything that might come off as being se*ist. That leadership meant he needed to be above reproach at all times, it’s not just getting to do whatever you want. And that it’s something you have to deal with all through life. Kaden swore he was not trying to hit on Chantel, and I told him that I didn’t think for a minute he would ever do something like that to his brother or anyone else, on purpose. But then I asked him how he would feel if I was to put my hands on Christine’s hips and lean into her real close to show her how to be a more effective bowler. Think about that Kaden, I said, I’ve got my hands on your girlfriend’s hips and I’m really close to her while you’re watching. How would that make you feel? Aww, dad, he said, that’s totally not what it was like, not at all. Isn’t it? I said, it sure seemed like that to your brother and it might have seemed like that to Christine or Chantel or anyone else watching. Samyr says you don’t train Brodie or the other guys on the team by holding their hips, do you? This totally blows, he said, being captain used to be fun, but stuff like this makes me feel like it’s not worth it. Well, son, I said, that’s all a part of being a leader, it’s part of the package. Nothing like that in life is easy all the time, it just doesn’t work that way, I’m afraid. Kaden wasn’t happy when we finally finished talking, but I do think he got the point.-

    The boys almost come to blows.

    Getting to the bottom of the argument.

    Omar makes them hug it out.

    Talking about leadership with Kaden.

    -Our first family outing, as in my family and Josie and Izzy, we just went to the park. Zayn and Samyr fished. Josie and Kaden played as sea monsters for Izzy while she was playing pirate on the Jungle Gym, and I grilled steaks. Yeah, everybody likes steak, right? It went OK, the boys tried hard to be at their best and little Izzy is a sweet little thing and talked to us all, she’s not a bit shy, and I think she had a good time. The boys tried to get to know them both, and I guess all the questions might have been kind of aggravating for Josie, but if so, she didn’t let on. She answered all of them and asked a few herself, what their interest were and all. I want to get to know Izzy a lot better, of course, but I don’t want to come off as pushy either, so I try to just observe a lot, to kind of see what she’s like around other people and all. I figure that way I can get to know her without being too heavy-handed about it.-

    An afternoon at the park.

    A nice steak dinner cooked on the grill.

    -I wanted to do something really nice for our next outing, so I took us all to that seafood restaurant “The Diving Pelican”. We’ve done the parks and museums and I wanted us to have a bit of a splurge this time. It went well, everyone had a good time and we talked a lot, the food was really good. It was nice to be able to sit and have someone wait on us. It was a real treat for the boys and I think for Josie and Izzy too.-

    A bit of a splurge.

    -On our last Monday afternoon date, well, I was telling Josie that it seemed like the boys really were starting to like her and all. Then she just flat out told me something that was hugely upsetting, she said, yeah, well, Omar, the boys do like me, but they also look at me sometimes and the looks are not exactly family friendly. What, I said, what do you mean by that? Well, honey, what I mean is that your hormonal teenage boys look at me like, well, like boys look at girls, you know, kind of lustfully sometimes. Noooo, please don’t tell me that, OMG. That’s just, I don’t know, it can’t be, you’re my girlfriend, the girlfriend of their dad, for heaven’s sake. Yes, she continued, well, I’m afraid that isn’t something that makes a bit of difference when it comes to this sort of thing. I mean, well, Izzy has a bit of a little girl crush on Kaden too, just so you know. That boy has a way with kids, I think. Then I had a sudden memory of myself as a teenaged boy and remembered Alexander’s mom. That woman was so hot, at least I sure thought so as a teenager. Whenever I went over to his house, well, his mom had this tight red dress and let’s just say I spent a lot of time staring at her in it. All us boys were hot for her, poor Alexander would get so upset whenever us boys started talking about girls, because inevitably one of us would make some crack about his mom. Plus, there was the fight Samyr and Kaden had over Kaden putting his hands on Chantel during bowling practice that just happened. And then there was the thing with Roxie, that time she got so upset because I showed her a photo of Cadence and told her she was my new girlfriend. Yeah, so it’s a thing, I guess. Jeez, this whole thing makes me really uncomfortable and I said so to Josie. Well, honey, she said, you could break up with me and get an ugly girlfriend, I guess. But honestly, with teenage boys, I’m not sure that would work either, I mean, any chance they get to see or touch a female is just going to be an opportunity they’ll find hard to pass up. It’s just the way boys are wired, especially hormonal teenage boys in the throes of puberty. She was right, I had been kind of naively oblivious to it, but it totally made sense, I guess. Josie’s not a relative or anything like that to them after all, and she is a very good-looking woman. And my boys are only human and all to girl crazy these days, sigh.-

    Origin ID is: sobenewbie
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    Sim Wars Episode 12: Return of the Reapers

    So after absolutely crushing the Resistance, the boys went down the Cantina to celebrate!
    Darth Vader: "So uhh, I don't remember seeing you get that scar during your fight with Rey. How'd that happen?"
    Grom: "Grim, you've already had a few too many drinks. You really shouldn't show off your lightsaber skills right now."
    Grim: "Shut up Grom, I'm still sober enough to look cool."
    Grim: "Let's just tell everyone it was from my fight with Rey."
    Luke: "Hey kid, congrats on killing the last Jedi and wiping out the Resistance."
    Grim: "Thanks Luke, but I couldn't have done it without the help of my friends!"
    Luke: "I was being sarcastic, we've been doing everything we can to thwart the Empire's plans for decades. Now you show up and you might've just doomed us all. Who knows when they'll make their latest planet destroying super weapon."
    Grom: "Maybe the real Resistance was the friends we made along the way."
    Luke: "Kid, that was just downright stupid."
    Grim: "Now Grom, I know we've become accustomed to Batuu's way of life. But I'm starting to miss Earth."
    Grom: "Then why don't we go back?"
    Grim: "Are you crazy? We'd need a ship for that."
    Grom: "Oh don't worry, I got a ship."
    Grim: "How did you get the Millennium Falcon?!"
    Grom: "I killed a man for it!"
    Grim: "Oh you make me prouder with each passing day."
    6 Months later, Grom crashed the Millennium Falcon into the ground. But hey, they're back on Earth!
    Grim: "Hey Mom, we back yo!"
    Octavia: "Oh it's so good to see you. I thought you two were dead!"
    Grim Sr: "I've been telling you the same thing for years now, they're NOT dead, I would know if they were, I'd have to reap them!"
    Grim Jr: "Oh hey Dad. So where's Gil and Raven?"
    Octavia: "Raven got married and moved out since you guys didn't bring her on your space adventure."
    Octavia: "Gil however, now that boy didn't know how to talk but we could tell he was concerned about you guys....So he built a rocket....Yeah didn't know he could do that."
    Octavia: "So he took off and we never saw him again. He's probably dead too."
    Grim Sr: "Again, I would know if he's dead, he's not dead."
    Grim Jr: "Well I can easily say that I didn't see him on Batuu so I have no idea where he could've gone."
    Somewhere in space.
    Gil: "............"
    Grim Jr: "So dad, I hope you're proud of me now because I'm an actual Sith Lord now! You can call me Darth Reaper!"
    Grim Sr: "Oh I know son, you killed a LOT of people out there."
    Darth Vader: "Well if it isn't the Grim Reaper! How the hell are you doing, buddy?!"
    Grim Sr: "Oh I knew I sensed a disturbance in the force, Darth Vader!"
    Grim Jr: "You know Darth Vader?"
    Grim Sr: "OF COURSE! No one quite knows how to kill a 🎃🎃🎃🎃 load of people quite like Darth Vader!"
    Darth Vader: "Hey remember when I slaughtered all those children?"
    Grim Sr: "Ah those were the days."
    Grim and Darth Vader: "Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho ho!"
    Grim Sr: "Wow are we concerning or what?"
    Grim Jr: "Hey Dad, if Gil took the rocket to space then why is the rocket here?"
    Grim Sr: "That son, is one of the great mysteries of the universe."
    That night after getting home from work, Octavia threw a big party in honor of Grim and Grom's return.
    Darth Vader: "Oh if we're getting dressed for a party I need to put my nice shoes on."
    Octavia: "Wow, you really go all out for a party huh?"
    Darth Vader: "Says the woman who just put on a different colored dress."
    At least it's not as bad as what Grim's party outfit was.
    First person to show up, Grim's Great-Great-Great-Great Vampire Grandma. She's going to need that whole bottle after the rough day she had. ANOTHER husband of hers just died of old age.
    Speaking of old people, here's super duper old Ariel, slowly strolling her way to the party....She shouldn't take her time since she could die at literally any second.
    Oh but there's the party animal we were waiting for.
    Meanwhile, Darth Vader just enjoyed a nice drink by the pool, contemplating the meaning of life.
    Sophie: "Oh my god, it's the Grim Reaper!"
    Grim: "You're literally married to The Devil himself, I'm nothing compared to that."
    Grim: "Oh hi, Grandma!"
    Luna: "What did I tell you about calling me that?"
    Oh and that's when Raven finally showed up.
    Grim: "Hey Raven, I heard you got married. That's cool, sorry we didn't bring you to space with us. Hope you're not upset about that."
    Raven: "Upset? Me? Never."
    Luna: "Alright so Satan, I just have to ask....Why did you feel the need to give 'The Bro' demonic powers and allow him to come after my family all those years ago?"
    Satan: "I mean, that storyline your Grandpa was going through was pretty boring. I mean, we went from your Great-Grandfather who defeated the mother plant with Arnold Schwarzenegger to a vampire who just goes around and impregnates a bunch of women while he has a nice wife at home. Trust me girl, we needed some fun during your father's story. Now why did I give Sonya demonic powers as well? Well personally I just wanted to see what would happen."
    Satan: "Hey Sonya, hope you're happy that you're immortal. Too bad my demonic powers didn't stop you from gaining a LOT of baby weight."
    Sonya: "Yeah, up yours too, Satan."
    After the party, Sonya just had to introduce herself to THE Darth Vader. He's basically evil incarnate!
    And by introduce herself, I mostly meant offering herself to him. She needs love too.
    Darth Vader: "Now I appreciate a good evil woman wanting to be with me, but my heart belongs to only one woman....Who's been dead for like 50 years now. Sorry Sonya."
    Sonya: "Eh it's okay, I have a backup just in case."
    DoodlyDoofus: "No Sonya, I don't make Simselves just to date my own Sims.........Anymore, 2007 was a long time ago. Just let me burn in hell in peace."
    Sonya: "Hey, I CRIED over your grave. You're mine now! Now pucker up."
    Poor DoodlyDoofus, she DID choose you.
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    edited September 22
    The Broken World Saga

    This was incredibly difficult to get screenshots for. I had a major eco living bug slow things down. I expected to finish this update a lot sooner. I took screenshots and will post them in another thread. The bug was very similar to the Future Cube bug that spawned items in the Sims inventory so they could perform the action. Eco Living has features I find very helpful, but sims should not be able to use or spawn items they don't own. If there was a book case or something on the lot for these sims to get books, that's one thing, but I almost raised the household funds for the Darkfins by 3k because of how many books they materialized in their inventory, duplicates of some books. Obviously, they spawn a new book every time they perform the action regardless if they have the book or not. This had me extremely stressed, and I was hoping to use the inspiration from this post to complete more writing. Posting in this discussion has been very helpful when it comes to getting the words flowing.

    Anyways, fair warning with going industrial or the NAP that excludes tech, it seems to be the only possible cause of this bug. Time for the update.

    Calum Confronts the Darkfin Siblings

    Calum took notice of the Darkfin presence near the island's northern reefs. The remote location was home to a substantial portion of the Mua Pel'am pod. Before the pod fled, dozens of mermen and mermaids called this island home. When his sons passed away, they left the islands for the deeper waters. In the twin's and pod's absence, the Darkfins moved in without any worries. Calum showing up did not make Freddy happy. Freddy remembered Calum's warning when he isolated him. Shortly after, the twins ascended to their full power and the Darkfins fled to the dry Oasis Springs. The Darkfins feared the twins and their power. However, Arihi had lost her elemental and mermadic powers. Calum didn't have the power he used to. Despite the time that had passed, Calum hadn't aged a bit. Just like the Island Elementals cursed the Darkfins with scars in their merforms and an eternity to cower in shadows, it seemed Arihi used the last of her elemental powers to secure eternal life for her and Calum. Freddy took Calum's presence as an insult.

    Freddy: "How dare you stand before us?"

    Calum: "Is that an insult? That's rich. I just wanted to make sure you and your siblings weren't causing any problems."

    Freddy: "You may be able to give one of us a scare, but we don't scare as easy together."

    Calum: "Maybe I need to remind you as to who you are dealing with."

    [img][/img]50369949008_7894cecc82_b.jpgd5dd0870-fc4f-11ea-a55a-0a2714755afa by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Calum called a thunderstorm. As expected, the storm sent fear into the Darkfins and divided them. Only Nyx and Sara were willing to face Calum, but Calum sang a Siren's Lullaby that crippled Nyx's courage, and he proceeded to sow sorrow in Sara. Freddy almost summoned the courage to face Calum, but his past experience prevented him from finding the courage.

    [img][/img]50370811767_4d6de9c054_c.jpg0e03ebf0-fc51-11ea-ac73-0a79512fe22e by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    [img][/img]50370649536_9d8859fc63_c.jpg2d80fcc0-fc51-11ea-866f-06891da335dc by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Calum turned back to Nyx and attempted to summon a creature from the deep. One last show of power should be enough to either chase off the Darkfins or ensure they don't cause any trouble. Unfortunately, the creatures of the deep wouldn't answer his call, and Nyx evaded the assault from below. Nyx sensed a change in the tides. He and his brothers and sisters survived the lightning and Calum no longer held enough influence to call on the creatures of the sea. The Darkfins found the strength to overcome their limitations and found themselves at home in the stormy chaos.

    [img][/img]50370811737_a4baac9695_h.jpg3fd27890-fc51-11ea-8bae-020d4250b5ee by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Even though he was struck by lightning, Archer called a thunderstorm, unafraid.

    Calum thought: "What are they trying to do?"

    [img][/img]50370649426_1ed7d9fcb7_c.jpg65070f90-fc56-11ea-a0a7-0aa618a3b1e6 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Flaira: "We'll show you who's in charge of the seas, It'll be as easy as writing a book."

    Calum: "What would you know about writing?!"

    Sara and Volcana called a sea monster with their song.

    [img][/img]50370811557_682b116fc8_c.jpgc6fce170-fc56-11ea-8bae-020d4250b5ee by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Calum struggled as the octopus's arms wrapped around his tail and yanked him under. He uncomfortably swallowed sea water as he got dragged down.

    [img][/img]50370811522_559a7ce162_c.jpgd03fa380-fc56-11ea-a0a7-0aa618a3b1e6 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Nyx thought: "Who cares if the land and sky isn't under our full control. We control the creatures of the deep. The seas belong to us."

    [img][/img]50370811522_559a7ce162_c.jpgd03fa380-fc56-11ea-a0a7-0aa618a3b1e6 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Calum broke the surface and gasped for air. He thought the creature wouldn't let him go.

    [img][/img]50370649306_11c1be8852_c.jpgdad0b780-fc56-11ea-be8e-0630c6c0f8b4 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Drunk with power, all six of the Darkfins siblings sang together to call forth a kraken from the deep. Calum started to feel a sense of dread as he lost more control over the situation.

    [img][/img]50369949253_3133d2a31d_c.jpg6df4fe10-fc5a-11ea-a0a7-0aa618a3b1e6 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Calum thought: "It's coming back."

    [img][/img]50370811652_9d100fcfdb_z.jpg76ff23f0-fc5a-11ea-8bae-020d4250b5ee by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Calum disappeared below the water's surface. The Darkfins laughed.

    [img][/img]50370649501_9fe16f55b3_c.jpg7d269c40-fc5a-11ea-9b3b-024578d80d6a by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    To make their point very clear, they called another creature from the deep, proving to Calum that they could do this as much as they wanted to and he couldn't stop them.

    [img][/img]50370811712_438a05a21b_z.jpg4cb57560-fc5d-11ea-b436-02b1b53df25a by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Calum saw the creature coming, but he knew there was no escape. He braced himself for a fight for his life below the water.

    [img][/img]50370811667_dc5271af2e_z.jpg54d38d90-fc5d-11ea-a55a-0a2714755afa by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    [img][/img]50370811407_7b6da1a488_b.jpg5c7dd550-fc5d-11ea-ade1-0a470cdddf20 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Calum arched his back and twisted up as he kicked his tail. He took a breath as he broke the surface. The panic from getting dragged under made him forget he could breathe underwater.

    [img][/img]50370649411_87690fe09c_b.jpg64269670-fc5d-11ea-8bae-020d4250b5ee by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    The Darkfins laughed and scattered as they swam around. Calum knew they weren't swimming in fear. He was outnumbered and overpowered. Not even conjuring a monsoon would be enough to drive them out. They were thriving in these chaotic conditions, and the island, it was succumbing to a blight he couldn't fix. Calum swam for the shore and returned home. His new neighbors were here to stay.

    Freddy thought: "We'll let him go for now. We'll have an eternity to have fun with him and his family. I can't believe he scared me so much before."

    Flaira warned Calum: "If you challenge us again, I'll make sure you don't swim out of here again."

    [img][/img]50370649476_165bf770d5_b.jpg062f13f0-fc60-11ea-ac73-0a79512fe22e by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    [img][/img]50370649546_e90e79fefa_k.jpg1a055b00-fc60-11ea-ac73-0a79512fe22e by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    The Kailani Legacy

    Sara started cooking breakfast for the family. She was the best cook in the house. Unfortunately, something inexplicably went wrong and the stove caught on fire. Sara started to notice how so many things seemed to always go wrong in the house. She almost thought she was going mad.

    [img][/img]50370649346_51aa717078_c.jpgc074b510-fc62-11ea-85ca-027ec55895e0 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Despite the fire, the family gathered in panic. Fortunately, Reef and Sara were getting experienced with dealing with fires.

    [img][/img]50370649361_6009176c09_c.jpgc70aa6a0-fc62-11ea-9e99-06185eb08d42 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Reef and Sara yelled over the extinguishers in unison: "Boys! Get outside to safety! We've got this!"

    [img][/img]50370811482_1f66203d95_c.jpgd8a99b50-fc62-11ea-a0a7-0aa618a3b1e6 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Reef tried to fix the radio again, but he got zapped. This also sparked another fire. It had to happen while Kylen was practicing the Violin and Rylan played chess with his mom. Reef almost felt like the universe was conspiring against them. Reef knew what Kylen would end up having to do later. He cursed the bad timing because Kylen needed to hone his musical talents.

    [img][/img]50370649216_0c2b049eab_b.jpgfc8bef20-fc6f-11ea-9fcb-0676b3257eda by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Fortunately, everyone escaped to safety and neighbors arrived just in time to help Reef put out the fire. One of them was brave enough to run toward the fire, but he didn't seem bright enough to help much.

    [img][/img]50370811777_5538390161_h.jpg0cc0a570-fc70-11ea-9b3b-024578d80d6a by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    After everything settled down, the family gathered together to help Kylen finish his project after Rylan destroyed it. It was only right that Rylan finished his own project and helped out. Kylen's project turned out better than Rylan's too.

    [img][/img]50369949188_b232f37c9a_c.jpg056c8540-fc76-11ea-93b6-0227414a18a0 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    [img][/img]50369948958_82057408ce_z.jpg1eb636e0-fc76-11ea-9b3b-024578d80d6a by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    After careful thought, Reef decided to gather friends and family around Dylan's Urn. It was time that everyone knew what was going on.

    Reef: "I don't know where to begin. But, I'll start with the fog."

    Reef Looked toward Sara and smiled before frowning: "Sara, you came to Sulani because you wanted to clean things up. And it's true, the fog is unnatural, but not the unnatural you are thinking of. A monster of sorts came to Sulani and brought this fog with him. I thank every day we don't run into it because that thing murder the two beings that kept all this bad stuff away from the islands. And, it was that same monster that trapped their spirits."

    Reef gestured to the Urn: "I freed Zephyr's Spirit, and I'm sure that it helped in some way. People aren't fighting like they used to, but it didn't fix everything. Inside this Urn, his brother is still trapped in a terrible limbo."

    Calum sat down in the lounger behind reef. Arihi spoke up: "Me and Calum would be able to handle fixing everything if we had all our strength. But, it took everything we had just to ensure hope for the future."

    Calum spoke up: "I wrote the tomes that would one day bring them back, but the tomes by themselves won't be enough. We need talismans, objects close to the boys that could help strengthen their connection to the islands. And then and only then, someone who has obtained the necessary Knowledge and Creativity can read the tomes to resurrect them."

    Arihi added: "That person must also have a connection with the Islands' Spiritual Energy. Reef, I sense that connection in you and in your sons."

    Reef looked toward the Urn: "Zephyr told me that he believed that I would one day set his spirit free. Unfortunately, I do not feel like I'm able to touch Dylan's Urn. I can't free him, but I feel like one of my sons will one day. Kylen, I don't think the musical aptitude you've displayed is an accident."

    Kylen looked to his father: "So, that's what I'll end up doing. Freeing his spirit."

    Reef smiled at his son: "Both you and your brother could, but you have the best chances. It's important that you succeed. Setting his spirit free will heal some part of the island. Just like how freeing Zerphyr's Spirit stopped the constant fighting everywhere we went."

    Reef looked to Sara: "Everything going wrong around the house, the fires and electrocutions from attempting repairs, it's a curse. I'm certain it has a part to play in everything. The curse touches everywhere the sky touches except the places closest to the sea. I wouldn't be surprised if the curse was cast by Zephyr, but I doubt it will end with him. Setting his spirit free didn't even affect the curse."

    Sara: "Then what do we do. If these two have so much power over the islands and a monster managed to kill and trap them, what can any of us hope to accomplish. It doesn't sound like much has changed. The fog covers the islands..."

    Makoa interrupted: "All of the islands except the main island."

    Reef: "That's true. While things aren't fixed and might not be fixed in our lifetimes, the fog hasn't covered the main island in sometime. I think the demon must be weaker than when he assaulted the twins, and our family is growing stronger. Their may come a time when we also grow stronger than the demon at his full strength."

    Calum: "For now, the seas are not a friend to anyone. The Darkfins are in control. I tried to chase them away, but I couldn't overpower them. They've grown stronger, and the creatures of the sea answer to them. We may be able to change the weather as mermen, but we have no way of manipulating the skies in a way that will give us an edge. We need the power of both the Sea and the Sky to restore the Islands. We need Dylan and Zephyr to ensure that the Darkfins will not return to the islands.

    Makoa: "What about the others? I remember so many merfolk before I became a merman. When the twins were here, merfolk could be found everywhere. Can we get their help?"

    Calum: "It's unlikely. It's not just the Darkfins that drove them away. Most merfolk made Sulani home because it was a good place to call home. Merfolk don't have their own home around here, and asking them to stay, that's a lot to ask for considering how little is here for them. As you might guess, merfolk with pureblood like me prefer life in the sea over life on the land. I stayed because of my family, but the other merfolk are families of merfolk, brothers and sisters. They don't have anyone to keep them here."

    Reef looked down: "I brought everyone here so we could all know what's going on. We need to weaken the dark influences on the island before we fight back. Obviously, we're too weak to fight back, but we can still save Dylan's spirit. Setting him free will help us take back the sea."

    Sara shrugged: "What choice do we have? Now that I know what's going on. I can't give up on trying to clean up these islands. I'm dedicated to making the world a better place, after all."

    Makoa: "My family will stick around and help guide future generations. We've got the blessings of Island Spirits that will help us stick around until the end. Our role is to observe and carry the island's traditions, but we aren't afraid to step in and help out."

    Calum: "Thanks to Arihi, we won't be going anywhere either. We'll wait for a time when your family is strong enough to help drive out the Darkfins and deal with the Demon that took our boys away from us. We aren't as strong as we used to be, but we have a few tricks up our sleeves. I'll write a special gift for you Reef. One day, one of your descendants might need your help. I want to make sure they can call on you when that time comes.

    Reef: "Thanks, I feel like my age is catching up to me. I'm just happy the next step toward a brighter future is secured."

    Reef smiled at Sara, Kylen, and Rylan.

    [img][/img]50369949223_3227733696_c.jpg8a4ff870-fc88-11ea-b436-02b1b53df25a by Metior Ice, on Flickr


    Fruit Bears
    So, working on the social butterfly aspiration it happened again. Honestly, Rylan could be Zephyr's Doppelganger at this point.

    [img][/img]50370811592_038efae798_k.jpga368e5d0-fc77-11ea-8bae-020d4250b5ee by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    And of course, the King of the Fruit Forest would be scared of a monster under the bed. Reef was very helpful when it came to dealing with this.

    [img][/img]50370811357_328653f1fb_k.jpg120cd3c0-fc82-11ea-9fe9-029c91a3edee by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    [img][/img]50370811622_093254fcd6_k.jpg284ca0c0-fc82-11ea-93b6-0227414a18a0 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    First Elderly Death
    So, this is my first Elderly Death while visiting a lot. Most of the other sims have died and faded out of existence without being noticed. RIP Morgan Fyres the last of the Fyres Household.

    (Oh, All the original Celebrities kicked the bucket. No more celebrity interruptions! I admit that got pretty annoying. I still have problems with townies interjecting themselves where I don't want them. I had to turn Triton Beach into a generic lot to avoid a random townie showing up in screenshots.)

    [img][/img]50370649446_32118dc71e_k.jpg90d8e5f0-fc6d-11ea-b220-066dca9f8100 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Scars of a Fight
    Damion's Lair still shows signs of the fight he had with Zephyr. The ash from the lightning strike and puddles from the rain are still visible.

    [img][/img]50369949153_0275963117_k.jpg63bec430-fc6e-11ea-9e99-06185eb08d42 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Islander Reef
    Since Reef will become an Elder soon, I decided to make him look more like an Islander. He didn't have a strong connection with the islands, but after becoming a merman, freeing Zephyr's Spirit, exploring the Elemental Temple, and helping the islands heal by ending the constant fighting and participating in conservation research, I'd say he's an islander now.

    Just a Reminder: Reef is now wearing skirts because he's a merman, and in the story, the feeling of having a tail doesn't disappear in human form. Personally, I wish their were residential lots where merfolk didn't have to be in human form. For now, I'll use my imagination to make up for what doesn't exist in the game. I play on the console, so I wouldn't feel comfortable with attempting mods or cc.

    Everyday, Formal, Active

    [img][/img]50370649256_45b3dafb91_c.jpg44AD2461-4CC7-4A51-B95E-6AE4B920188B by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Sleep, Party, Swim

    [img][/img]50370649241_cfa0a4b366_c.jpg69CE8896-36B0-4A4D-A18E-A36A687DF85C by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Hot and Cold

    [img][/img]50369948908_97d07cf0dc_c.jpgB50A6BD5-C3C9-47FD-85B4-78B73F67782C by Metior Ice, on Flickr
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    I have now apparently spent so much time browsing “Sims 4 Child Female” CC on Sims Resource that it is on my “frequently visited” sites on my iPad. :D:D This from the person who used to be worried about installing CC in case patches broke them... only to find out that CC is rarely broken after a patch. I’ll never have tons, but I’m making up for lost time right now, clearly :D
    Sims 3 Families: Sanchezes, Fairy Friends, Jenningses
    Sims 4 Families: Fosters/Matsumotos/van Beerses, Harper-Joneses, Mastersons
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    Shawn and Luna defeated Tristan. He lay on the ground, not moving an inch. His left arm did move a bit farther away from his head, though. Tristan snickered softly before uttering an offensive word. In response to this, Luna cringed. She didn't like coarse language, and once again, neither did the rest of her family. Her friends wouldn't tolerate it, either. Shawn chuckled at Tristan's fate, and the larger man simply whispered an insult.


    "You got flattened!" Shawn said.

    "I guess I'll give up the ghost," Tristan replied.

    "You deserve to be banished. Speaking of whom, where is Saoirse?"

    "Why am I not spared?"

    "This is what happens when you threaten Luna."

    Tristan chortled. "Once a tough kid..." His breathing shallowed. "Always..." He sputtered between words. "A... tough kid..." He took his last breath, and his soul went to the underworld.


    Zelda, Rhydian, and Luna lined up, while Shawn took his turn dueling with Cyrus. So far, Shawn seemed to have the upper hand. But as Cyrus gained it, the trio summoned their magic and helped Shawn with the battle. The magical beams pushed back and forth in a seemingly eternal battle between good and evil.


    "You're going down, mister!" Shawn shouted.

    "Come on, now..." Cyrus replied as he recovered. "I'm older and more experienced. I have an ancient lineage."

    "So do I! Morgyn Ember is my ancestor!"

    "Huh. I figured you would remind me of someone my ancestors wouldn't tolerate too much."

    "That's right. You're evil, and I'm not."


    Cyrus levitated Shawn. "Not strong enough, kid!"

    "You sly snake!" Shawn retorted.

    "You weaselly little boy!"

    "You've gotta be kidding. I'm getting older-"

    "I'll always be more powerful!"


    Saoirse teleported to the dueling grounds and confronted Cyrus. The other four teenagers applied their magic in order to help her. "Not so fast, Cyrus! If you think you can win the throne, you're wrong!"

    "Are you kidding me? I defeated the others," Cyrus said. "No one has ever won a duel against me."

    "You better be exaggerating."

    "There's one problem - I'm not exaggerating about my power! I am stronger than countless individuals. Therefore, I deserve to rule the world."

    "I'm pretty sure the people in the human world will say otherwise. Your wife, for example..."

    "But she obeys me! Don't you dare say anything untruthful about her!"

    Saoirse rolled her eyes. "A real man doesn't-"

    Cyrus clenched his teeth. "I get it! Everyone has been saying that to my face, so shut your traps!"
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    I just graduated a sim from college. He lives on his own and he got together with his little sister. When he took her home to their parents I noticed in one of the rooms was a bassinet!! My exact reaction "What the... is that a .... THEY HAD A BABY!?" Totally shocked me as the mom didn't look pregnant at all at any point he seen her and then BAM! New baby!
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    Responses to stories:

    @Daravi I absolutely love the scenery pics! <3 and wow, new story! :open_mouth: Very intriguing. I love it and I'm excited to see what happens next <3

    @AlwaysAsking oh poor Danni :( That was quite very irresponsible of Don, just leaving a child alone like that! I know I'd panic at her age too. Good thing they made up!

    I'm getting even more worried about Thorne, he seems like quite a mess :( They really need to resolve their issues...

    Ah, the perks of your uncle being a rockstar - you can meet other rockstars! I'm sure that whole "best friend and best friends mom" thing was just made up, she just didn't want to admit he's her celebrity crush ;)

    It's so cute how Danni doesn't want to hurt Don's feelings and calls Phillip her stepdad. But Don's right - Phillip is the one who raised her so he's her real dad. Even if it hurts. Don can't just swoop in and claim his rights on Danni after so many years of absence.

    Oh gosh, poor kids in the park having to see so much smooches :D That little girl looked so confused!

    Aww, little Lucas is such a sweet boy! I can sense a little crush going on ;)

    Regarding the Max and Dash update - Max is such a character, I love him! Also his reaction to losing is absolutely hilarious :D

    @Lucy_Henley loved your Selvadorada update! I really should play there more often, the world is gorgeous <3 I make my sims prepare salads instead of something requiring cooking to prevent fires as well :D Oh god, poor Ellie... Rest in peace, little pup :disappointed:

    @haneul I laughed so much at Richards reaction to the present! "Only 10,000 simoleons!?" :D To be fair as kid I probably wouldn't want money as well. And woah, Asher looks great with artbreeder!

    @Daephene what a gorgeous wedding <3 congratulations to Max and Millie on the little girl!

    Responses to mentions:

    I'm sorry what I have written about Ianto and I take it back :( . With your next part explains a lot what I have missed. Poor eebie.
    Oh, it's okay! I love seeing different reactions on my story :) But yeah, Ianto has had it pretty rough :disappointed:
    And these nightmare, yes I know that pain for the oldest kid. in my challenge they have run always to the big sister. With so many kids, I would recommend to turn the nightmares off with mccc. The nights were so much quieter without that stupid monster under the bed. *phew*
    I ended up putting a stereo and turning on the lullaby station. Apparently it helps too!
    Thank you :relaxed:

    Omg this is so frustrating! It’s going on over here too! But at least something is finally being done about it! The people who accepted the bribes have been fired, the kids are being kicked out, and parents are actually going to jail for it! Somehow I don’t see that happening there 😠 But wow! I mean seriously, how did they justify not taking you when your portfolio got the highest score, and your story made someone cry! Someone who probably reads dozens of stories all the time! But yours was that special!
    I mean, my dad said he's going take it to a new level and talk to "higher authorities", to which all of our relatives said that he'll only ruin my life forever (but if we stayed silent every time we were mistreated I probably wouldn't even pass school... but thanks to my dad's menacing stare I've never even experienced a teacher raise their voice on me :tongue:), but overall yeah, I don't think it'll change anything.
    Is there anywhere you can post it, so that we can read it? Although, that would be worrisome about it being plagiarized.
    Well, I'm not really worried about plagiarizing because it's not all that original but I'm not really good at translating and it's written in Russian, sooo yeah :sweat_smile: I could explain the plot though!
    Omg that Gwen suffered the dreaded murphy bed curse! And don't worry, your secret is safe with me 🤣
    It literally happened on the second night... I've upgraded it now and so far they're doing fine :joy:
    I love how his birth story got more and more elaborate, lol, from a backyard pool to a raging ocean. Interesting that the story ended up being Thor who saved him. And Thor was the only one who could quiet him. If I was Peter and Gwen I'd be begging him to come over every day!
    Haha, that's what happens when your parents are geeks :D He actually lives in the household (although I send him off during night times because there's nowhere for him to sleep) currently because I love playing as him! And he's always there to babysit Ianto :blush:
    Clearly he ends up being some supernatural being, and seems to look poorly on a lot of people. But he recognized that little Rhi was ways there for him. That's some sort of compassion, which is good. I'll bet I know why he cried so much. He wasn't where he belonged, he probably understood what they were saying far more than your standard normal baby. But hadn't developed the means to communicate.
    Oh no, no, Ianto isn't supernatural😁 Although... I mean, I guess he kinda... sort of... He's still human for most parts :D I wouldn't say he looks poorly on people in general, although he can give off that impression. He's just... conflicted.
    Thank you! :blush:

    Thanks for your comments on my post and on Deli! With Artbreeder, I just keep trying and move all the sliders in all directions until I get something I like. It seems to work much better with some sims than it does with others. But, I also cheat and use Photoshop because I'm not satisfied with Artbreeder's results.
    Thanks! I posted my results below :)
    The twins have become such cute toddlers. I love Jamie's teeth.
    Haha, I forgot to change them after I switched him to normal size :sweat_smile: They do look adorable though :relaxed:
    Gwen and Peter's comments at the check-up weren't the best, especially them being so careless about giving him inappropriate food, but Ianto's harsh judgment of them still worries me and seems unjustified (the same goes for his harsh judgment of himself). I love how Thor calms him.
    Yeah, they're still pretty young so obviously they're not perfect parents, it's absolutely understandable :)
    Ianto's perspective on being the baby of the family is also really interesting. In most families, it seems that from the time the youngest reaches toddler-stage (and admittedly Ianto isn't there yet), the youngest is often the most annoying/attention-seeking family member. I wonder what Ianto will be like as a toddler.
    Oh yes. My youngest brother is the biggest attention seeker we've ever had :D And oh boy... Ianto will be quite interesting as a toddler, I can give you that ;)
    Thank you!

    @sarabeth2984 thank you! <3

    Poor li'l Ianto, they do need to keep an eye on that. Still, it's not like they were given a parenting manual!
    Yeah, they're really trying their best!
    Ianto's commentary is even more fascinating - so he has his own kid at some point, cool!
    I mean a certain J did mention he can get pregnant... like I'd let that get away XD
    "That's actually rather funny now. You know, considering..." SCUSE U.
    Hehe... I don't know what you're talking about 👀
    Huh, so is he actually a reincarnation?
    Not like Thor, no. But he certainly seems to remember something, hmm...😶
    Thank you!

    Hehehee, I tried out artbreeder on nearly all of my sims, some of them look fine and some look creepy :tongue: Tell me what you think!

    Tony. Pretty accurate.

    Child Tony. Also accurate.

    AWWWW BABY TONY MY HEARTTTT (I expected toddlers to turn out so much more creepy lol but he's actually really sweet!)
    Everyone else under the cut:
    Steve failed me the most XD I mean there's nothing wrong with the guy, but I imagine Steve to look very different, so this isn't canon. Like, at all. Also for some reason he confused the program a lot and it couldn't decided whether he's male or female :D

    There is something very orange about his child version...

    I also managed to come up with these less realistic results and I thought they were super cute so I saved them anyway. This Steve is more of a Steve :) I wouldn't mind TS5 looking like this... (not that I'll be getting it lol)


    Peter is... actually kinda good. He really looks like a dorky geek here in the best way possible.

    And here's his child version!

    Gwennie isn't dorky enough for my taste so NOT CANON :angry: ( :D )

    Peggy actually turned out very accurate.

    And of course my favourite Russian family! Here's Kostik, not really what I had in mind but pretty good:

    Yuri is actually quite perfect.

    I couldn't help but check out how Kai looks like since he's my favourite islander :)

    I also couldn't stand the temptation and ran the program on my favourite Harry Potter family, here's Sirius:

    And here's Remus.

    Next up - the tots! I was actually expecting them to look so much more creepy... but they ended up pretty cute!



    They're actually not even identical when processed like that BUT STILL SO CUTE!

    Baby Peter!!!

    Baby Thor <3


    Petya :blush:



    Kristian <3

    Aaaaand Harry!

    "Okay who was cleaning up last time, why can't I find any of the towels!?"
    "Paaaa I can't find my shoes, I'm going barefoot!"
    "No you're not!"
    "You let Jamie and Sarah run barefoot all the time!"

    "Speaking of the twins, where are- Wait, who was looking after the twins!?"
    "Guys, stop shouting! They said they were ready so I sent them outside..."
    "Well didn't you care to DRESS them first!?"
    "We're going to the beach, what's the point?"

    "Where's Rhi? RHI!"
    "It's fine, she's asleep."
    "Such a perfect child... Ianto! Who was looking after Ianto?"
    Getting ready for the beach is always a hassle.

    "A! Aaa! AaaAAAAA!"

    "It's fine guys, I'm with him..." Gwen tiredly said. "No, you can't have my coffee. That's my coffee."
    "Stop sounding so annoyed, you're not having coffee! You're not getting any human food until your skin clears up."

    "A! Cof! Fee! A!"
    "Oh dear... Peter?.."
    "I'm in the middle of brushing my teeth!"

    "Well our sons first word was coffee."
    Everyone expected my first word to be Thor. But Thor never really talked about himself in third person so how was I supposed to be sure back then?
    More under the cut:




    "How does that ocean feel, eh?"

    "Ah, I knew you'd love it!"

    "Look, little Ianto! Look. All of this - this is Sulani in its true form..."


    "Hey Pa, if Kristian and Makani are both crushing on me but me and Kalani kind of thought it'd be cool to live together and also I really like Makani and Kalani likes Makani too, do you think the best option would be to ditch Kristian and sign a partnership between the three of us?"
    Steve blinked.

    "First of all, I think you're too young for that. Second... and here I was thinking I'm progressive," he sighed. "I feel so old now."

    "What are you going to do with Kristian then?"
    "Well we thought he could just be a lone wolf and the cool uncle like Thor..."

    There comes a moment in a life of every newborn when they stop giving you those intelligent looks full of wisdom and start giggling, laughing and acting like normal babies instead. Basically, they become stupid. Most parents don't give it a second thought but I believe there's a bigger meaning.

    I believe that all of us, humans, might just be newborns that gone insane.

    Think about it. You're a highly intelligent creature. But your life is full of pain, you can't see normally, hear normally, you're surrounded by giants who aren't communicating properly, you're completely unable to do ANYTHING.

    The first few months you struggle, fighting through the stress, and then your brain just cannot cope any longer. And it reduces to the state we consider to be an average human being.

    According to my parents, this happened to me around nine months. I began smiling and playing and didn't look so stressed all the time. Regarding my sister - seems like she went insane from the start.

    Who knows - maybe if someone was able to contact a newborn and speak on its level, we could've gotten a race of super human beings.

    "Hey kiddos, smile for a picture!"

    "Daddy, daddy, Ianto kissing meee!!"

    I wish I had some memories of the days before I became 'tolerable'. Sometimes I feel like I even do.

    You know how you look at a photo and feel like you actually remember it being taken? Even though obviously you couldn't and it's just your brain being funny.

    That's how it's for me. I feel like I remember my first months on Sulani, I can almost picture it, but in reality I just remember our photo album.

    "Ianto wants photo toooo!"

    "Alright, one with Ianto then!"

    I would love to see my life flash before my eyes but I suppose that's just a myth. Because that dying thing when it's supposed to happen... Been there. Done that. Nothing flashed.

    Who knows - maybe if I remembered those very early days and the thoughts I had in my head, maybe if I knew more about my birth then the made up stories, maybe then I could get some answers.

    "Want picture too!"

    "Daddy, Daddy!"
    "Heyy Rhi!"

    "Take picture like grandpa Steve!!"


    "Mommy, Mommy, picture too!"

    "Okay then!"


    "Smile! You should smile, eebie!"

    I like to think that I was able to keep a little of that newborn intelligence in me, seeing how long it took for me to give it up.
    "Look, look, Ianto walking!"
    "Careful, guys, he's still a baby..."

    Unfortunately, there's no way to know for sure.

    And even if there is anything left, there's still a significant part of me lost forever.

    "Ew, no, Ianto, the water is too salty to drink!"

    "But look Mo'gan - he happy! Eebie finally happy..."

    But at least I became somewhat tolerable for my family.


    "Oh, oh, looks like someone is sleepy..."

    "Eebie Ianto bed time?"

    "Bed time? What is this 'bed time' you speak of?"
    "Uncle Thooor, give eebie baaack!"
    "Ah, you've had your fun. Shoo!"

    "See, little one? I told you you'd adjust... Oh. You don't even understand what I'm saying anymore. All I can hear is baby babbling... "

    This was probably the time when my family breathed a sigh of relief.
    "See? I told you he's fine... Just a bit of a troublemaker, that's all."

    And perhaps that was where my adventures were supposed to end too.

    My brain stopped fighting, stopped struggling, erased a big part of my identity in order to cope with this strange world. Now I was happy. I was content. I was an ordinary baby. A bit quiet, a bit grumpy, but nevertheless - ordinary.

    "Smile, eebie Ianto, smile!"


    So what could possibly go wrong?

    Blooper: LEVITATING FLOATE! :open_mouth:
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    Hello everyone! Finally have an update well updates! Incoming of my Stones! I played them like crazy over the weekend so incoming a lot of them heh!

    We last left of where Max and Juliana finally got together!

    Now onward!

    Meanwhile during that sobering morning for the two official boyfriend and girlfriend.

    Rainbow and Lilith rush off to go play at the park nearby~

    I have no idea what happened to Lilith in her fantasy world but it seems rather dramatic lol remember to write that one down for your next book Lilith!

    This little lady loves her sand castles!
    She will automatically play in the sand several times a day, it is really cute!

    Mckenna has baked some strawberry cupcakes, worrying if they are good enough, they are fine of course.

    Lilith asked her to make them, and even if things are normal now between the two of them, she often gets all extra nuts about making things perfect for Lili.

    She deserves it after all and while I agree, Mckenna needs to calm down, and she deserves as much perfection in Kenna's life.

    Dad decide to do some small extra exercises after his normal jog while little girl still flitters around in the sand~

    The reason Lilith wanted the cupcakes is because she was meeting Angel's family!

    Since graduating university, Angel went on to adopting a little guy then after getting settled started dating and eventually married a single mom with a son and then they both adopted another little guy (The adoptions happened due to a setting in MCCC.

    The woman that Lilith is shaking hands with Maria, Angel's wife.

    More On This Visit? Spoilers!
    The twins came into the home once invited looking in awe at how gorgeous it was.

    They also felt a bit awkward sure, they knew Angel and Matty (Who also lives with Angel, Maria and the three boys) But it did not take them long to feel comfortable since they knew, Angel and Matty well and Maria was a welcoming delight.

    Lilith said hi to her cousins little Louis was the boy in the PJ's he was adopted by Angel at age 1 and now was 3 years old.

    The little guy in the suspenders is Vicente whom was adopted by both Angel and Maria a little while after they got married, he is only about 1 year and a half.

    Lilith also wanted to get to know her step-cousin. (Because Angel adopted him after they became a family making this little kid his step son).

    His name is Wayne and he is kinda a lazy but seems friendly kiddlet heh.

    Lilith had Mckenna make cupcakes because she has zero baking skill, but she did bring some toddler books she had written and of course her still unpolished but finished 1st children's book.

    Being a non-active kid he was happy to have a book to read!

    LOL once the cupcakes were placed out, it was a stamped of little children and toddler legs rushing to get one.

    I love the fact that the lazy kid got his first! xD A future foodie or maybe even glutton maybe?

    Thank goodness Maria stood by to make sure only one each was taken! xD

    The Rest of the Visit in Spoilers!
    Aww what cute little guys, I never really adopt in this game so I can't wait to see their genetics!

    Also hello Matty! He just got home from work! Come have a strawberry frizzle cupcake!
    50246320273_7a0435aa7e_h.jpg261. by Lyrie Creesen, on Flickr

    Most everyone decided to gather and watch some T.V. together but also chat and get to know one another better~

    It was pretty successful, not quite friends but nearly there!

    Matty looks so happy Mckenna sat with him lol, but he seems like he is trying to either play it cool or divide his time between the show and grinning at her lol.

    Lilith meanwhile having gotten to know both Maria and Wayne better took the time to play with and chat with the little ones more, she sure has a way with children, maybe she should take up babysitting these boys or in general now and again?

    Matty being the amazing uncle that he is, came to check up on his niece and nephews also Lili is taking pics of these little darlings.

    First Vicente who followed her around almost all night very curious about her.
    50247163517_e8f2bc2884_h.jpg265. by Lyrie Creesen, on Flickr

    Then a picture of Louis who also grew to like Lili and used his advanced language skills well as advanced as 3 year olds get, to talk with her about animals and colors!

    Also Vicente is soooo photobombing but who can be mad at that cutie?

    Until next time! :)

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    Sorry for double post but tags for these amazing people for the post above @AlwaysAsking @mercuryfoam @RedDestiny92 @Silverofdreams30
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    @Koteyka ooh, Ianto seems very wise. Also, salt water is meant to be very good for eczema! Not by drinking it, though :D Such cute group photos! Baby Tony and Rhi are the cutest in Artbreeder IMO. Some of them look more realistic than others, which is interesting.

    I tried to make Artbreeder work, but I have no idea how haha!


    So... anyone guess what Oscar's favourite colour might be?


    Erm, Kirsten, that's kinda gross...


    Joanna hadn't held a meeting of her Geeks Unite club in a while, and she'd noticed that there was a new member. So, one evening, she invited everyone over to her house.
    "Hello! You must be the new member!" she said.
    Oh wow, he's so handsome!
    "Yeah, I'm Martin Bridge. My family are new here, and I wanted to get to know people. It's always said that a great way of befriending people is to join a club or hobby group," said the blond.
    "Well, you came to the right place!" Joanna said brightly, hoping that her crush on him wasn't too obvious.
    They went inside and began to play chess together. By the end of their game, they were already friends!


    Ellie's ghost came back!
    "Hey Ellie, nice to see you again!" Sue said excitedly.
    Ellie barked in an odd, echoing way, but Sue didn't care.


    "Ellie!" Oscar exclaimed. He had been closest to Ellie out of all the kids, and was delighted to see her back, even if it was in ghost form.


    The following day was Friday. With the children at school and her wife at work, Jenny thought that it would be a good idea to work on her New Year's Resolution of completing an aspiration milestone, which would also mean achieving her lifetime aspiration. A knock on the door, however, interrupted her plans.
    "You're Martin, aren't you? Joanna's friend?"
    "Yes, Ms Jones."
    "Shouldn't you be at school? It's 11am!"


    Jenny was incredibly friendly with a great reputation, and made friends easily. Unfortunately, two of those friends, Braydon and Bjorn Bjergsen, died of old age on the same day. Jenny was devastated, and took to her bed where nobody could see her cry.
    "Why? Why did they BOTH have to die today?" she wept.



    The family also adopted a puppy, but sadly she's aggressive. And I don't really want a dog being hostile to family members... should've paid more attention during the adoption evaluation I guess. So I think I'll have to give her up for adoption, which is a shame.
    Sims 3 Families: Sanchezes, Fairy Friends, Jenningses
    Sims 4 Families: Fosters/Matsumotos/van Beerses, Harper-Joneses, Mastersons
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    Excerpts from the Journal of Omar Benali

    -I babysat Izzy the other day, it was Thursday, my day off, so I went over right before she got home from school and was going to stay till Josie got home. Josie has to juggle childcare for Izzy after school and on Saturdays, she’s too little to be home all alone. I was happy to do it, it gave me a chance to spend some much needed one-on-one time with her, usually there are other people around, so this was a unique opportunity. What I hadn’t planned on was that her dad, Lenny would come over, he had a gig close by that night, so he decided to drop in. Luckily, it was a little after Josie had gotten home from work, I wouldn’t have wanted to meet him without her there. He’s a nice looking guy, OK, I guess he’s handsome and all, kind of has a lean build and is fit. He was nice, he tried to be really friendly and make conversation, he may have done a bit of bragging about his career, but that’s understandable. When I told him I was a Mechanical Engineer, well, I guess it kind of intimidated him a bit or, well, made him feel like he needed to talk up his career to me. I don’t blame the guy, the situation was awkward and meeting your Ex’s boyfriend has to be an uncomfortable thing to do, I know I was fully aware of the awkwardness of the situation myself. I think it went pretty well, all things considered.
    And then Josie’s mom, Connie, dropped by too, she’s an attractive lady, looks a lot like Josie, but not nearly as pretty, if you ask me, aside from the age and all. She was polite and seemed to be impressed with me, if I’m any judge, at least I hope so, I want her to approve of me and Josie as a couple. She’s Josie’s only immediate family, so I kind of think it’s a big deal that she’s on board with us being together. I know she was against Josie and Lenny dating at first, Josie had told me that, so I really wanted to make a good impression, I guess.-

    Omar meets Lenny.

    And Connie, Josie’s mother too.

    -Josie called me in a panic Friday night, Lenny was supposed to take Izzy for the weekend, but he got an out of town gig at the last minute and had to cancel. Josie wasn’t able to find anyone to keep Izzy Saturday, as in the next day. Unfortunately, I had a bowling game on Saturday and it was out of town, so I was going to be gone most of the day myself. Then I got an idea, I asked the boys if one of them would babysit Izzy, I offered 50 simoleans to whoever would do it too, which is a lot to them. Kaden said he would do it right away, he even seemed happy about it, it may have been the money, but something told me that he would have done it for a lot less. Kaden said that he thought Josie should drop Izzy off at the park and they could spend most of the day there, there would be other kids around for her to play with and he could keep an eye on her and get in some fishing or play some chess. Also, I happen to know a lot of teens hang out at the park on weekends, just saying. Josie was OK with the idea so everything was all set.
    When Kaden got home from babysitting, he told me that The League of Adventurers was meeting at the park and that Iggy Pancakes little girl, Keely, was the president now. So he used his charm and influence, seeing as he’s a family friend and all to get Izzy in it, he said it would be great for her, she could make some friends and have a lot of fun at their meetings just like he did. I was not so sure that he should have had Izzy join without checking with her mother and I told him so. But he was unfazed, every parent in town wants their kid to get in that club, dad, he said. Plus, well, I had to seize the opportunity, you know how quickly those open positions fill up.
    On our Monday date I found out that Josie was not nearly as thrilled about it as Kaden though. Josie said, I know Kaden was being nice and all, Omar, I could tell how happy he was, and Izzy was really excited about it, one of her friends is in that club and talks about it all the time. It makes sense that he had to act fast and all, but, well, something doesn’t set right with him just doing it without asking me first. Am I just being an overprotective mother? And, honey, you can tell me the truth, I mean, I don’t want you to just say what you think I want to hear, OK? Well, I did tell Kaden that he should have asked you first sweetheart. But, well, the thing is, he really did see it as a strike while the iron is hot circumstance. That club is kind of hard to get into, just so you know, I said. Right, why does it bother me so much then, Omar? She asked. Because you are a single mother and used to doing everything for Izzy yourself without much help and now you have me and the boys butting in and it’s a big adjustment, I answered. But, the thing is, well, going forward, if we are going to take our relationship to the next level, well, stuff like this is going to come up. All of us are going to have to get used to being a part of each others lives, and that’s gong to be a big change for you. It’s not going to be easy for the boys and me either and all of us will have to learn to adjust. I continued, that is if you want us to move forward with our relationship, that is what you want isn’t it? Because that’s what I’m hoping for, just so you know. Omar Benali, I sure hope that if you ever do propose to me that you do a much better job than that. Lenny proposed to me at the bowling alley and, just so you know, I want my next one to be way more romantic. So yes, she said, I do want us to move forward, I love you Omar, I haven’t felt like this about anyone other than Lenny, so fair warning. I love you too Josie, I said.-

    Izzy and Kaden play chess at the park.

    -Lenny’s girlfriend is moving in with him, Josie had told me he was seeing someone when we first started dating. Boy was Josie upset about it though. Lenny wants Izzy and Beth, that’s his girlfriend’s name, to get to know each other better. She’s not taking it well, Josie that is. I was treading on thin ice, I know, but I was a bit jealous because of her reaction, so I guess, well, I wasn’t as tactful as I wanted. What I said was, why does it bother you so much, you have a boyfriend who’s met Izzy, so it seems like it would be the same for Lenny, or are you upset about something else, maybe you’re jealous. No, I’m certainly not jealous of that woman, who I’ve never even met myself, by the way, it’s just that she hasn’t been a factor before and now all of a sudden he wants to spring her on Izzy, without easing her into it like we did, that’s all. I swear, Omar, that’s all it is, honestly, she said. Ok, I said, I get that, but, the thing is, he’s probably not nearly as careful as you are, he’s a weekend dad sweetheart. He gets to swoop in and be fun, while you have all the boring day-to-day stuff to deal with. I just think Lenny doesn’t think about the big picture the way you do. No, she said, he never did, that was one of his many failings, it’s just how he is, sigh. Right, I said, well, the thing is, Beth is going to be in Izzy’s life now and I’m afraid you’re going to have to accept that and try to make the best of it. Besides, she might be a nice woman, Lenny does have good taste in women, that I know. Charmer, she said.-

    Beth at GeekCon with a cosplayer.

    -OK, I think it’s weird. Uncle Kyle and Salim are friends now with Uncle Kyle’s Ex. As in the guy Uncle Kyle was married to before Salim. He’s apparently over at their apartment all the time and both of them are friendly with him now, it’s just totally weird. Joaquin, was never a part of Uncle Kyle’s life after they divorced, his name was hardly ever mentioned when I was growing up. So now all of a sudden he’s back and hanging out with them, it just doesn’t track at all, as far as I’m concerned. It just really bugged me a lot. So, finally, when I had Salim alone, I just flat out asked him what was up with the whole being friends with him thing and all. Salim said, well, Omar, the thing is, Joaquin, well, he’s lonely, his partner died several years ago, he was considerably older than Joaquin. And he lives in a tiny, dingy apartment, his career never really took off, so he doesn’t have much money or many friends left. When you get to be our age, well, having someone who knew you way back when, it’s nice, you can reminisce and they can jog your memory and remind you of things you’ve long forgotten. Plus, we both feel sorry for him, his life did not turn out nearly as well as ours, time can be a great healer, Omar. It has a way of making things in the past that seemed important, less so. Joaquin is someone we both knew a long time ago and for your Uncle Kyle, well, he’s a big part of those early years. But, Salim, I said, aren’t you afraid something will happen, aren’t you a little bit jealous of him being back in Uncle Kyle’s life again? Omar, why would I worry about that after all this time, Kyle has shown me how much he loves me many times over, we built a life together, for heaven’s sake, I’m not afraid of Joaquin stealing him from me. When I was younger, I suppose it would have been different, but, well, not now. I don’t know, old people are strange, if you ask me.-

    Heeee's Back!

    - At bowling practice today Alexander asked me what I did to his son when he stayed with us, I was worried by that, let me tell you, uh-oh, I thought. Then he continued, he actually asks to play chess with me now, do you have any idea how I tried to get him interested in chess, Omar. Somehow a few days at your house and he is some kind of chess nut. I don’t know what you did, but thank you, I mean it, Philip and I have something we can do together now, something in common, and it just means the world to me. Well, you should thank Kaden, I said, it was him that started teaching Philip chess. Oh, of course, Alexander said, that figures, Philip has had a bro crush on Kaden since the first time he was dating Christine. That would have been when Philip was still in grade school and the thing is, Kaden has a way with kids, they all seem to take to him right away.-

    -Samyr is totally bummed out right now, he had asked Mr. Kulani about joining that CosPlay Club and Mitchel told him that it was adults only. He explained that partly it was because they met in a bar, plus it was how the Club Charter was written too, changing it would talk all the members to approve and all. A bar is not an appropriate place to have teens hang out, which I totally get. But since Than and Bobby are in it, well, it wouldn't bother me, plus, now that I know Mitchel Kulani, well, he's a responsible parent and I wouldn't worry about it with him as the leader. But, well, I see his point, it's not the best place to have teens mixed with adults. I just hate it for him, Samyr is so into that stuff, he really loves wearing costumes. Anyway, a few days later Salim was over and I got the idea to ask him about maybe letting Samyr join his book club, the Avant Gardes. That boy always has his nose buried in a book. Salim said he had thought aobut it, but that the opening he had was actually the one left by Becca, and, well, he was unsure how Samyr would take it if he asked him to fill her old slot and all. I told him I didn’t think that it wouldn’t be a problem, that we could tell Samyr it was something Becca would have wanted, because she would have. So, when Samyr got home from school me and Salim talked to him and he was absolutely thrilled to join, the thing about him taking Becca’s place made him get all teary, well, me and Salim were a little choked up asking too, to be honest.
    A few days later at bowling practice Alexander got to talking about seeing Samyr at the club meeting and all. He told me how much good it did him back then when he joined as a teen, that he was having a hard time with Thomas moving in and the club was a big help with giving him something else to focus on. Then I remembered Salim had let both Alexander and Iggy join back then. And I remembered Iggy had come over to the house because his parents were fighting, it was Salim’s birthday and just supposed to be family that night but Salim let him stay for dinner and birthday cake. And I remembered how Salim and Iggy stayed in the dining room for a long time talking afterwards. It was right after that that Salim let teens in it and got Iggy and Alexander to join. Did I really not see back then how Salim was reaching out to both of them, that they were both going through a rough patch and he was trying to give them something else to focus on or just somewhere to get away from home? I sometimes think to myself how self-involved my boys are, but jeez, I was not very altruistic back then as a teen either, was I?-

    Samyr at his first Avant Garde Club meeting.

    @AlwaysAsking Oh, I want to try that artbreeder thing so bad, seeing all the realistic pics people like you are posting of their sims is so neat. Unfortunately, I'm clueless as to how to do it, I searched for a guide online, I thought maybe someone had done one already, but no luck. Maybe I'll eventually figure it out.

    Origin ID is: sobenewbie
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    Well, I've been playing my San Myshuno household this week. It's been a roller coaster, for both me and my sims.

    First, the cat died. None of the people in this screenshot really paid attention to the cat much, but they seemed very sad anyway.
    Geeta, who actually did interact with the cat daily, was sleeping. She was the only one who was sad about it for two days afterwards, so that fit at least.

    Then that sad moment was followed by a funny one as the Grim Reaper stuck around a while and turned on Sims of the Dead.
    This shot was immediately followed by a thought bubble of a sim with a bag over their head, so I think he found the movie an embarrassment.

    This was not the only appearance of the Grim Reaper, but we'll get to that in a minute.

    I'm unsure what went on at the coffee shop on this particular morning, but Geeta came home, autonomously made herself two drinks and sat down with both.
    I had her quit after that. She's like 100 years old she doesn't need that kind of stress anymore.

    Pierce finished his rocket ship, and he and Amelia um, christened it. But he's adding a few upgrades before he takes it on any serious missions.

    And we had Love Day!
    Athena a Geeta went on a karaoke date. Geeta can't sing, but she got points for enthusiasm.

    The ballad duet is sometimes adorable.

    Amelia and Pierce had a dinner date.

    And another humorous moment when Amelia and Geeta sat down to help Adam with his school project and he immediately left. Their faces seem to show a bit of disbelief.

    Since Adam was about to age up, we had one last Grandma and Kids club meeting so he could finish off the Social Butterfly aspiration. Adam, Farrah, Harper and Lorelei pictured.
    While they were talking they were joined by the Goths' butler. He made straight for the kids and started talking. Not creepy at all, evil butler, not creepy at all. But his outfit was horrid so I didn't take a picture with him in it.

    And then Adam aged up, so we had a Grandma and Teens club meeting.

    They like to stand very close together.

    They went to the alien museum, which is a fun place I downloaded from the gallery.

    Athena was getting end of the road popups so I made sure she had some good bonding time with her grandkids.

    And not a moment too soon...

    Like, right in the lobby, I thought there would be another day, but no. Also the Culture Club was also there so there was a huge crowd around to mourn, and all of them were my sims.

    Oh, and the next morning Adam and Amelia went to check on Geeta...

    I did get a nice Reaper action shot. Gotta take your positives where you can get them.

    Amelia managed to get most of her siblings to the cemetery for the burial. There wasn't a lot of room in the mausoleum for pictures though.

    Afterwards Amelia, Gillian and Ivy reminisced.
    The family mausoleum is otherwise empty because Athena was the founder of this family and this save. Her spouses are buried outside.

    So... that happened. I'd like to do a little memorial for her like @DoodlyDoofus does, but I'm not sure I'm up to that today.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 298 Member
    edited September 23
    The following day was Friday. With the children at school and her wife at work, Jenny thought that it would be a good idea to work on her New Year's Resolution of completing an aspiration milestone, which would also mean achieving her lifetime aspiration. A knock on the door, however, interrupted her plans.
    "You're Martin, aren't you? Joanna's friend?"
    "Yes, Ms Jones."
    "Shouldn't you be at school? It's 11am!"


    Jenny was incredibly friendly with a great reputation, and made friends easily. Unfortunately, two of those friends, Braydon and Bjorn Bjergsen, died of old age on the same day. Jenny was devastated, and took to her bed where nobody could see her cry.
    "Why? Why did they BOTH have to die today?" she wept.


    I had a couple teen merboys that I would run into at the beach. It seems they often skipped school to go swimming. Lol, I think they probably feel like human school isn't worth their time. Imagine if there was a merfolk school for the merkids. Everything is on land for the merfolk, so it doesn't surprise me that they would prefer to be swimming.

    The thing that scares me the most with Rylan and Kylen is that they will be teens when their parents become elders. Rylan and Kylen need to learn to manage on their own because I don't think their parents will be around when they become adults.

    Actually, I'm thinking of having Makoa and Lilliana Kealoha act as potential god parents for the legacy. They are a super friendly family, and I think they would be an ideal family to help look after the boys if they end up as teens on their own. In my game, Makoa and Lilliana were blessed by the Island Spirits to stick around and represent the true island spirit. They are meant to observe and look after any wayward islanders.
  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 5,892 Member
    @AlwaysAsking Lil Didi and her pops have a dear relationship even if Thorne isn't really one of her "pops" though you knew that ha.

    If you delete the sister it shouldn't take away the uncle status this is an older post so maybe you decided but if not you could also kill her and then cheat away their sadness with a moodlet solvent since she would have been gone a long time ago. Though I feel like I commented on the rest already not sure I've been spotty here lol that said Dash did not earn a stick shake this update heh that's all you get :D:p
    @Lyrie I think I missed a post but never the less, I liked that little bit to set them up I couldn't help some bitterness, I would have liked a little more prep for Olive but mainly I wanted to show how important it was she had a place to stay as they were out of chances.Morgyn makes a very hot blue haired sim.

    I think someone else said something and it's buried but of course you'll see what he did and didn't mean to do to earn some hate from Morgyn.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
  • DaraviDaravi Posts: 395 Member
    hello everyone,

    I think the notification is bugged a little bit. Thanks to all who comment my other story, I appreciate it. Well, I should say, I plan this story as a long time played game, but I have to admit I won't post much about it as long as I play my decade challenge. I need this story just to have a nice back up gameplay, when I won't play the challenge. I checked my other savegames, and they are all messy and too much overwhelming to have fun with them again, I'm disconnected from them too. I have thought about this tool mod too, but I'm not sure if it's stuck behind the patreon wall or not, also it seem quite complicated to use.

    So back to the decade challenge: Yes, the war is over, at last. It was so devasting to see a very sad Wilhelm came over everyday to visit his family and I had to ignored him for story reasons.


    Kings Day (in January)

    Instead of cheering the King, Luisa decide to go with the kids to the central cemetry and memorial to teach them what is war really meant to be and how good it would be for the people if there would be peace again.

    Back at home, more story time...


    (A little bit background story for the next couple of years.)
    Riots and uprisings Riots and uprisings spread throughout Germany in the next months. The emperor was forced to abdicate, the republic was announced. The new goverment had hope that the Alliance won't act too harsh with the peace treaty, but they will be disappointed. The Victors were too revengeful, the area where the Kaufmann family used to lived before was cede to Poland. France and Great Britain wanted to erase Germany from the map or at least only a small version should be exist. Many german citizens sent their hope in the us president woodrow wilson, because he was a supporter of the Self-determination, but he failed them. The versailles peace-treaty was harsh and was one of the reason for the rise of the rightwing nationals. Military troops who returned saw no further hope for themselves, the Stab-in-the-back myth began to spread. Rightwings and leftwing were foughting each other and against the democracy. Politcal murders on leftist were on the agenda during the first years after the war. Inflation were risen. Summary this new republic was already dead before it was given a real chance.
    Wilhelm returned to his family.


    (I can't help, these three little girls look like the nieces of Donald Duck :D )

    Time to get to know each other again and reintegrate into the family.


    The love between them still exist.


    Johanna shows Wilhelm her Toy horse and give him a hug and then its time to sleep.


    He enjoyed to put his children into the bed.


    His two younger brothers Gottfried and Otto came home too, unharmed.

  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 2,771 Member
    Now it was Luna's turn to duel Cyrus. The battle seemed to be taking forever, when in reality, they had been here for almost four hours. He became more desperate as time whizzed on. He didn't notice that he was getting overloaded with magic until one of the teenagers mentioned it. Even then, he was focused on becoming victorious. Yet the teenage wizards were persistent. He gritted his teeth, unable to stop. Perhaps he was insane, after all.


    "You went from a girl with no confidence to a woman with a backbone. How did that happen?" Cyrus mocked.

    "I'm not letting myself be defined by my circumstances or my lot in life," Luna said.

    "You could have been a useful asset to my gang!"

    "I chose not to live a life of crime."

    "And why not? My son will oppose your future children. Just wait and watch."

    "Should I be worried? Because I'm not. I hope his mother raises him to become a good man."


    "And corrupt my lineage? No way!" Cyrus disagreed.

    "It will improve the lineage," Luna said.

    "You mean corrupt."

    "What are you doing?"

    "Defeating you like I did Rhydian, Shawn, and Saoirse."


    Zelda was the last to duel Cyrus. Knowing that Cyrus had never lost a magical battle, it made her a little nervous. Not to mention that he was bigger and stronger. Cyrus smirked at her tense expression, and she widened her stance. He had seen through her brave front again. She glanced at the other teens, then commanded them to help her. And they did.

    "What did you just do?" Cyrus demanded.

    "Five against one," Zelda answered.

    "You guys are the ones who went off the edge!"

    "Shifting blame much?"

    Cyrus lowered his brows. "I will destroy everything!"


    Zelda conquered the battle with the help of the other four. She pumped her fists in victory, while Cyrus lay on the ground. For several seconds, they waited, making sure that he was actually gone. Sure enough, he struggled to his full height. The princesses froze, and so did Saoirse. Rhydian and Shawn braced themselves in case Cyrus decided to avenge himself. Using up the last of his magical reserves, he performed a lightning spell, and it backfired.

    "No, no, no, no, no!" Cyrus exclaimed.

    "Yes, Cyrus. You lose," Zelda pointed out.

    "Curse you!"

    "Is that the best you could say?" Zelda turned her attention to her sister and their friends. "Let's use a banishing spell!"


    The five teenagers combined their auras and surged the fused beam into Cyrus' body. He hollered in agony as he ascended into the air. Magical sparks enveloped him, and he could no longer move. He mentioned Draco, then whispered Elissa's name. Not that he cared about her; Draco was his top priority, not Elissa. Elissa would probably feel free to rat out the gang by now and attempt to raise Draco to be one of those goody-two-shoes spellcasters.

    "Draco, you shall know the truth!" Cyrus bellowed before taking his last breath.

    "I hope he doesn't turn out like you," Shawn said.
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    edited September 23
    Great stories everyone! Awesomes are out here is another update on my Stone Family! :)

    "It is harvestfest!"

    "I look so cute in my dress!"

    Rainbow skipped off to play her violin while everyone else got dressed and to the house.

    Maddy came in and sat on her bed listening to her play (Not so bad being level 4!).

    He is also blushing because, he thinks Mckenna is awfully cute heh~

    Getting in her nice clothing, Lilith takes some thankful cards and a package of sweets to the mail to get delivered to Angel and his family, they went all the way to Littlehaven to see Maria's father for the Holidays.

    Caught the twins being adorable and sharing a loving hug with each other thankful that they are here, and more so for all the other has accomplished.

    More On Their Harvestfest~
    All the grown ups gather to talk and chat while Rainbow goes to the bathroom, heh, such a kiddlet thing to do before leaving! xD

    I love seeing everyone together it feels great like a big family.

    Off they go! They are volunteering (a CC tradition) by help serving lunch at an elderly shelter home. Max, Mckenna and Lilith are super into doing things like this, they came from a hard background and understand the struggles of food insecurity and doing without.

    They want Rainbow to learn tons of empathy and being charitable an giving to good causes.

    Matty and Juliana never had it so rough but, they also see the value in this and enjoy helping others!

    Rainbow had a blast helping and she agreed to listen to an old woman's songs instead of rudely blaring her own, this had her and the elder sim bonding and the good kind lady taught her some piano skills , how sweet!

    When they got back from the volunteering, the girls ran over to have some playtime with the fall leaves (another CC tradition).

    *Coos at* LOL but how many times can I say how adorable this sim is? I love her to bites and back

    While they did so, Matty had seem to caught something while there so Mckenna was awkwardly flirty with him while also trying to give him some mediation, lol what are these two? xD

    Towards the evening, the group went out to Chezz (Ch-e-z not Chay) Llama since they sell holiday dinners on this day!

    The group all looked through the menus trying to decide what food they wanted and asking around if they wanted to share an appetizer?

    Nectar or no nectar? For adults!
    Apple juice or fruit punch? For kids!

    More On Harvestfest Dinner
    After the order was taken, the group settled into a relaxed talking of wht they were most thankful for and one thin they really wanted to get done before new years either finishing a big thing or doing a small thing.

    Rainbow wanted to learn a new song on the violin and maybe play the piano again!

    Lilith wanted to finish at least four more chapters of her lastest book.

    Max wanted to continue to study his programing skill maybe take a side job or at least mod a few games.

    Mckenna wanted to sell some more woodwork either on simbay, plopsy or out during the Sunday Flea Market.

    Juliana wanted to take up more of a job, being a host was okay, but she felt she could do something more.

    Matty wanted to gain more knowledge in a more mental skill such as logic. He also wanted to finish his book! Having three nephews running about made that a bit of challenge.

    A nice man was playing some tunes on the piano setting the nice sophisticated vibe in the restaurant.

    Their dinners get there and everyone continues the merry chatter, jokes and friendly banter and ribbing, it is one of those blissful moments one might cherish when they are older some day.
    50246336473_7b7ef91823_h.jpg281. by Lyrie Creesen, on Flickr

    Their dinners get there and everyone continues the merry chatter, jokes and friendly banter and ribbing, it is one of those blissful moments one might cherish when they are older some day.

    Also Juli ate her meal fast~ I wonder if it is a trait or something else? *wink*

    They all ordered some pumpkin pie to celebrate the fall season and harvestfest spirit!

    Ugh restaurants confuse me! I have the chef lot trait on for all of them yet poor quality food still happens!!!

    Anyone know why or a mod to fix this? Or tone down the frequency of poor quality food appearing?

    At least we got compensation! Poor little baby, you are to precious for this!

    Dad.... was not satisfied with just that, he marched right into the kitchen and gave the cook all the heat he could give for poisoning his daughter, boy Max, easy buddy, heel, down.

    After her bathroom trip, Rainbow felt much better and wanted to sing and play the piano before they left for home~

    Dad was the first to come lend his support to his baby.

    She kept wowing him and teaching him more and more about life and how beautiful it and she was through it, he was so lucky, honored and proud to have such a wonderful ray of hope in his life

    Of course the others came to support her listening to her little voice sing twinkle, twinkle little star with all of her heart concentrating on tapping the right keys and having a wonderful time~

    After that was done, they all went home.

    PS: Oof yeah, 'I' loose track of time so it was the next day by the time they went home and Matty had to hurry to work as to not get demoted whoops!

    Poor Lilith got food poisoned too!

    It did not hit her until late into the next day, but calling we got compensation as well oof, may not have to eat there anymore.

    If anyone knows about restaurants and how to get better quality food that be great! Even with MCCC you can't click on the chef and raise their skills up *sigh*

    Anyways, until next time! :)

    Request tagging @AlwaysAsking @mercuryfoam @RedDestiny92 @Silverofdreams30
  • DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 737 Member
    Another sexy day in the Reaper house, Darth Vader decided he was going to teach Grim's little sister how to use a lightsaber.
    Alvetta: "But I don't want to train with a Lighstaber."
    Darth Vader: "You'll train and you'll enjoy it."
    Darth Vader: "Now the first step is to have a good stance."
    Darth Vader: "Then you gotta use your instincts and you'll-"
    Darth Vader: "And you left already...."
    Darth Vader: "Hey kid, wanna learn how to use a Lightsaber?"
    Sarai: "Meh, sure."
    So Grom decided to join the real world and get a job. Now he's a school teacher."
    Meanwhile Grim.....
    Grim: "Nothing better than enjoying a good drink in a bath."
    Grim: "Hey kid sister I forgot the name of, you like Star Wars? Let me tell you the story about how I killed Rey and destroyed the Resistance!"
    Alvetta: "I hate this story already."
    Meanwhile, Grim got YET ANOTHER Job offer. Seriously, all these people just keep giving high profile jobs to this guy.
    Grom: "What Job did you get THIS time?"
    Grim: "Surprisingly, they just gave me the role in a big Hollywood movie. Crazy huh?"
    Speaking of Grom, he just moved out.
    Darth Vader: "So since Grom's gone does this mean I can have his bed?"
    Octavia: "Over my dead body."
    Darth Vader: "Great, still have to sleep in Gil's bed."
    Grim Jr came downstairs to hear Grim Sr laughing maniacally and asked what he was laughing about.
    Turns out he did that because this is going to be one 🎃🎃🎃🎃 good Butternut Gnocchi.
    Octavia: "But seriously Grim, you're almost 30. If you're not going to get a job at least get married to a rich woman and move out that way."
    Grim: "Marriage eh? Well, I'm no stranger to picking up ladies."
    Sarai: "I don't know who would want to date you now with your face looking like that."
    Grim: "They're battle scars, the ladies will think they're cool."
    Sarai: "Keep dreaming."
    The next day, Vader of course wanted to make sure his Pupil is still proficient with a lightsaber.
    Darth Vader: "I said this is a friendly spar! Don't come in with the kill shots here!"
    Grim Sr: "Hey, you two better not harm my bushes!"
    Grim Jr: "We're trying not to!"
    Later that day, Luna came to visit once again.
    Luna: "So why do you wear that suit?"
    Darth Vader: "Fell in a volcano, loooong story there."
    Luna: "You know, I'm magic. I'm sure I can heal your scars."
    Darth Vader: "Magic you say?"
    Luna: "So Vader, how do you feel now?"
    Darth Vader: "Boy, I feel like a million bucks!"
    Grim: "So if your scars are healed then why are you so pale?"
    Darth Vader: "I've been wearing that suit for almost 60 years now. It'll do that to you."
    Luna: "So since you're no longer wearing that suit this means we can call you Anakin again right?"
    Darth Vader: "No no, Anakin is dead. I'm still very much evil. Keep calling me Darth Vader."
    Grim: "Say Grandma, do you think you can heal my scars too?"
    Luna: "Keep calling me Grandma and I'll give you MORE scars."
  • sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 530 Member
    Hey all! Last time I spent some time hanging out with the MacMuruch siblings. They just finished up their vacation. I transferred everyone back to their family households and hung out with each for a few days. I was also making some adjustments to the houses/businesses and such.
    Of course spring has started in my game at this point. I hung out with Neil (the oldest sibling and a merman).
    Neil and his family:
    Neil lives on Crumbling Isle in Windenberg with his extended family. I downloaded @alwaysasking ‘s Flowery Swiss Chalet as their ancestral home from the Gallery! I LOVE it!! Its gorgeous!! Neil and his girlfriend Miranda Casteneda really like it too. (They are technically married, I usually wind up having to marry everyone off because my game has lately been deleting or setting all romantic relationships other than spouses to 0. Its really annoying) sqI2ZB2.png
    I really like that graying short hairstyle from the Knitting pack and decided to use it on Neil. It makes him look distinguished! He dotes on his youngest daughter Anna T17ebbr.png
    Neil’s elderly parents live with him too, Eleanor and Owen. 6gE0FdN.png
    His older daughter Agnes lives next door with her beau Fernando Garcia. But they come over to visit a lot. They live in an older, smaller home. Fernando is the dude standing with the green shirt eRAOEWW.png
    Agnes and Fernando have a son, Skyler together. Agnes was a college student studying history when she met Fernando and they had a one night stand. He was her history professor at the time! XD 3hc5bBu.png
    They had parted ways before Skyler was born, but recently rekindled their relationship. I.e., Agnes was married to another man and she was having an affair with Fernando. That marriage ended obviously. Skyler was a bit weirded out about having his biological father hanging around again. Neil was more of a father figure, and he has opted to live with his grandfather. Besides, Skyler will be inheriting the family estate and business, as well as the MacMuruch name. Owen and Neil are involving the boy more and more.
    Neil likes to spend movie time with Anna and Skyler RTHG8Ug.png
    Skyler and Anna’s grades aren’t the best so I had them working on that and their parenthood traits. Grandma Eleanor helps her grandchildren with homework W9c4zfs.png
    Owen and Neil are both fisherman (and mermen)
    Miranda always makes it a point to greet Neil when he gets home N04W6Qw.png
    Neil bought a pub and restaurant near downtown Windenberg. He renovated it and called it Coomara’s Tail. I needed Neil to stop in and check on his employees, you know, for raises and additional training etc. His dad helps him out with it when he feels up to it. This place was hopping! NOsYdtS.png
    Even the occasional royalty visits. That’s Princess Cordelia with one of her many boyfriends (I downloaded her off the gallery) W8cro9X.png
    Melusine and Cody
    Once they were all set, I checked in Neil’s middle sister, Melusine and her hubby Cody Beauchamp. They live in Oasis Springs. Cody’s parents live with them and they still have a teen son at home, Rocky.
    Hooo boy was I in for a surprise! Apparently Mel was pregnant! It must have happened via risky woohoo while they were on vacation. I really really really deliberated very much on whether or not it would be official (I use MCCC to delete the pregnancy and treat it like a miscarriage in my head canon if this happens). She popped into her 3rd trimester by then.
    The problem is, Mel and Cody are both in their mid to late 50s with their oldest daughters in their mid 30s and they have teenaged grandchildren! They are on the verge of aging up to elder in a few years. It wouldn’t be realistic for them to be having another baby...
    So at the end day I decided to delete the pregnancy.
    She and her mother-in-law are both freelance photographers and they had a gig to finish. I had them travel to San Myshuno. I converted the Karaoke Building lot in the Spice District into a generic lot. Its got “shops” such as a bakery, cafe, laundromat, and maker space from Ecoliving etc downstairs. And offices upstairs! I use the career bonus items to make a law office, engineering office/firm, artist studio, photography studio, etc. Anyway Mel and Granny Rose met Rebecca there for a photoshoot. Rebecca (aka Becky) is Mel’s youngest daughter. Becky is a trendsetter. Mel took some photos. 5cfaUEn.png
    Mel was set to do a photoshoot with Rebecca and a male model. I imagine Rebecca was to be featured in the latest fashion magazine. She looks fantastic as always SPyDQq0.png
    They also had to hire a male fashion model for Rebecca’s latest trend. When I hit “Hire Fashion Subject” Makoa Kealoha showed up!!! <3
    And he looked glorious as always K8LzDQn.png
    Let’s bask in Makoa for a moment. He’s probably the best looking premade in the Sims 4 in my opinion

    Meanwhile Cody has been busy with his detective work. There have been a few arson and computer hacking crimes going around Oasis Springs. woV7ipy.png
    He booked in quite a few suspects 34eVM8z.png
    And gave out tickets for littering and fighting. Here is giving a ticket for littering to a vampire lol! XD The look on her face BPu5VuK.png
    Especially since she is a coworker XD tz1zvqj.png

    Their youngest child and only son, Rocky has been busy! He’s going to become an adult soon and I realized he has a grade C in school! I was mortified. Anyway, I decided to work on his grade and parenthood traits. He helped out with chores such as laundry and cooking.utecQlF.png
    He wants to join the military like his grandfather, The General (Frank). The General has been helping him with sparring. 3l7PCtK.png
    They like to fish a lot together too.
    Rocky went out on a date with his girlfriend Joselyn Bachelor. She is the daughter of Nina (The blonde Caliente daughter) and Michael Bachelor (brother of Bella Goth). Joselyn lives in an upscale neighborhood in Willow Creek. He took her to the jazz club in downtown Willow Creek v5U6Rtm.png
    They had ice tea B22Fd2h.png
    And danced u1wWUP7.png
    They became best friends forever 9i14E2D.png
    And one last good night kiss before he drops her off at home 3DLuATl.png
    The Hippies:
    Maribelle and Harry

    They were all set so I decided to check in on Harry and Maribelle Morecombe. They had to get back to their foster kids. Its a very busy household! hv9Pg7U.png
    They have 3 teens and a child they are caring for.
    They adopted the Villareal kids years ago after they were removed from Jacques Villareal’s care. They did an amazing job! Hugo has since matured and settled down with Darling Walsh and they have a son. He bought a successful restaurant on the wharf. Luna went to college, got her psychology degree and married Oscar, Maribelle’s son. They have a little girl together. Luna now works as a kindergarten teacher. Both Luna and Hugo live in Brindleton Bay. Harry and Maribelle still have Max left at home. He’s a peach! After they got his reputation and parenthood skills in positive range, I changed his evil trait to gloomy. That was an ordeal believe me, but he’s had a happy childhood.
    Here he is! He’s about 14. He’s now gloomy and creative. Harry and Maribelle consider him as their son, as they do the older Villareal kids. He helps any new foster siblings adjust to the new home 3HeyoQH.png
    Hugo comes over to visit all the time X4tuQqh.png
    He spends some quality time with his little brother Lyz9Fn5.png
    They are also caring for a teen runaway, Leroy Mosely. Leroy was found wandering the streets of Del Sol Valley. He was a randomly generated teen my game made, he has an awful reputation and is quite famous for it. I turned off his fame shine and Harry and Maribelle have their hands full with him. He and Max like to play chess. He’s the one on the right kbblmnK.png
    He’s got a lot of potential, but he’s going through the loud and rebellious phase so he really likes to turn up the Heavy Metal music lol. The boy has some questionable choices in fashion (I fixed it) oZW2VPQ.png
    The loud music was driving Harry crazy.
    “What is this cacophony?!” thinks Harry, in all the centuries he’s lived as a vampire, he’s never encountered music of this kind! g1pdplB.png
    Harry decided he likes it EzFi0rj.png
    They are also caring for a child, Jacoby Montano. Poor Jacoby was found abandoned in Strangerville. His parents are nowhere to be found. He was a child only household! I transferred him to their household. He has the glutton trait and tends to scarf any and all food down. I guess poor Jacoby was neglected and starving. He has taken a liking to Maribelle. ZTm6Scm.png
    The latest arrival is Lan Feng. Lan was recently orphaned when her elderly father, Professor Feng from Britechester passed away suddenly. SudDgWC.png Lan has no other family and is too young to be on her own, she also had no inheritance. My playable Death sim felt really bad and couldn’t stand the idea of an orphan out on her own. 7sYCt89.png
    He knew she’d be happy with his friends Harry and Maribelle. Death runs my retirement home in Oasis Springs. He asked his residents, Vivian and Matilda Lewis, KUn5qou.png
    To drop her off since they were in the vicinity. Vivian and Matilda are a fun couple to play!
    Harry and Maribelle have their hands full with her because she is still grieving QJepjlW.png
    She’s taken a liking to Harry. Harry has some musical talent and quickly found out that Lan loves to play the violin. He gave her a nice violin as a gift ZpoLBL4.png
    And is more than happy to give her lessons WTjgnWe.png
    Family time and Hay Fever and Vampire Visits
    They always make a point of eating together GSi7zgU.png
    And are always on top to the home work situation and school projects ItB6zPt.png
    They noticed their foster kids do better if they are in the Scouts. Max loves the Scouts! rOmIoGt.png
    Of course its spring and that time of year! Everyone is getting sick. Lan especially so. She complains to Harry. I’m so itchy! J7qtrnF.png
    Harry took her to the local doctor’s office. Dr. Vanderspiegle assessed her symptoms and prescribed some medication nwxWaUM.png
    She’s feeling much better UrZK6Gc.png
    So Harry is the one and only vampire living in Brindleton Bay at the moment. He gets the occasional visit. Bjorn dropped by! Harry’s son Griffin had turned Bjorn a few years ago, so Bjorn is kind of like his vampiric grandson (I guess?). He gives him a training session ZXZ3EF5.png
    and they gossip about some of the other ancient vampires hanging around
    Art Gallery
    The Casbah Gallery asked Maribelle if she would like to showcase her latest paintings from Sulani. Maribelle is a little reluctant to do so but Harry encourages her to go ahead with the offer aOJxiGC.png
    The day finally comes and her Island Installment has been showcased at the busy gallery in San Myshuno. So far it was a success! Aqy49Pj.png
    Of course they dragged the kids along Rue1Bme.png
    I kept them busy with some murals 8KNt0oL.png
    Harry is very proud of his wife OfMh1Xn.png
  • Dust_Bunny2010Dust_Bunny2010 Posts: 136 Member
    @sarabeth2984 Thank you! I'm sorry about your saves too.

    So, it turns out I really do have a "back-up of a back-up", but it's so far back in my save that it's only the second generation as teens. I don't know yet if I will come back to it, but for now, I'll focus on May.

    Have another update:

    So, after selling a really expensive gift from Father Winter (hurrah!), May contrived to turn the Calico Lounge as her own personal hotspot for networking, socializing, and connecting. It worked so well, that a certain celebrity returned.


    Judith Ward, and in true celebrity fashion, she doesn't bother remembering the names of fans and people who are far lower than her. "So, dahling, who do I make this out to?"

    It took May a lot of self-restraint and underlying hypocrisy to keep her look of amazement in place. She's certainly not smiling anymore though. 'You should be the one recognizing me, 'dahling!' I'm going to be the next editrix of Smogue, or even better, the fashion trailblazer of this century. Unlike you, you silver-screen half-baked banshee. You're certainly no classic yourself. You're only riding the coattails of a bygone era, unlike Marilyn, Marlene, or Grace, who are as eternal as Miss Simtour and Mademoiselle.' "Please make it out to 'my biggest fan!'"


    There seems to be a hot trend of carrying around a lump of clay as an accessory though. It was weird.


    Even celebrities are doing it! How is a lump of clay even remotely fashionable, for serious?


    Meanwhile, a very dumb teenager decided to join the polar bear club by dipping in the the middle of winter. It was that girl a while ago who was copying the trend of carrying clay.


    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


    Still, a little death won't kill the latest trends. Always have to stay in fashion, after all.


    Yet through it all, May slept peacefully, dreaming of the day her clothes will make a mark in fashion history like mademoiselle, while also banishing horrible trends like eyeball rings and clay.
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