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Mods FAQ: Links to Tutorials & Resources

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Newly Added to the FAQ & Announcements

July 19, 2015 - New update Sims 4 Studio v. (Joy)
Studio has updated to and has added loads of new features including CAS specular editing, the ability to create tuning mods, the ability to add new swatches to object meshes and recolors, and lots of little extras like an eye dropper tool for making catalog swatch thumbnails.

New Tutorials
July 29, 2015:
How to remove an unwanted swatch from custom content items @ S4S by orangemittens
How to batch fix custom CAS items so Sims shower nude @ S4S by orangemittens
How to Merge Packages Using Sims 4 Studio @ S4S by orangemittens
How to recategorize CAS custom content using Sims 4 Studio @ S4S by orangemittens
July 27, 2015:
How to Recategorize Objects (Buy Mode items) @ S4S by orangemittens
How to resize a painting - for absolute beginners @ S4S by orangemittens
How to create shadows on objects using Blender & a 2D editor @ S4S by orangemittens
Eyeshadow Tutorial - Using Photoshop CS6 and Sims4Studio @ S4S by laracroftfan1
July 25, 2015:
Video Tutorial: How to make an object tuning mod with S4S(moderate) by Bakie
Video Tutorial: How to make an object tuning mod with S4S(easy) by Bakie
July 19, 2015:
Extracting TS4 XML Using TS4 Combined XML Extractor -- that extractor (scumbumbo) is here (does binary tuning too)
How to create a career (OhMy on tumblr)
TS4 CASTools: Recolouring
TS4 CASTools: Flag edits (gender, randomness, categories, etc) -- TS4CASTools is here
How to Make a Basic Change to an Item's Tuning @ S4S by orangemittens
This tutorial will show you how to make changes to an item's tuning that cause its behavior in the game to change.
Tutorial: Basic Guide to RLES-Specular Map editing @ S4S by untraditionalnerd
Video Tutorial - Recoloring a Painting using S4S @ S4S by LexiconLuthor
How to get exact colors for swatch thumbnails @ S4S by orangemittens

(*) FYI: Please post in this thread if you've written or found a tutorial not listed here. (*)
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