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Runaway teen challenge

I am about to start the Runaway Teen Challenge, and I was wondering to whoevers done it, could show me and tell me their experiences please!:)
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  • panthergirl2panthergirl2 Posts: 59 Member
    I know this is late but I figured I would share in case anyone else needs the same information.

    On Youtube vixella did the challenge for the sims4 and maisims did one for the sims3, I really enjoyed maisims! good luck.

    I'm starting one myself for the sims3 on my panthergirl simmer channel on youtube. If you're playing on youtube share your channel name I will check it out? Hopefully I didn't loose everything because my pc was acting up now I have to reload all my games.
  • Animal_SimmerAnimal_Simmer Posts: 79 Member
    I started one and I made my girl a werewolf. She was kicked out by her parents after the dad found out the mom had an affair with a werewolf. He kicked her out but kept the child, he thought the mother would expose it and embarrass him. He kept her hidden in a basement until she finally escaped into the world. The dad 'changed' his mind and still tried to call her to come home, but she wouldn't listen. She and her father both live in Moonlight Falls and I tried to make them not run in to each other. Thanks to Nraas Story Progression the dad got married again in a different household and had two kids, a boy and a girl, which were both humans and he thought they were just perfect. She ended up camping underneath the library and I fixed up the hidden room behind the bookcase door to put a rocking chair in, so she could sleep there. Anyways, she ended up marrying Waylon Wolff, and she moved his family in. His mom is pregnant, and so is she. She already had twins before though.
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