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What happened in your sims 3 game today?

emorrillemorrill Posts: 5,607 Member
Hey everyone. :)
I've been playing Sunset Valley (along with the W mod) and I just made some CRAZY things happen yesterday and today with the Langerak Family. Hee hee ;)
Well, I thought I would pick on this family for the fun of it. They seemed to have some dysfunction going on. Iliana (the mom) is a workaholic, Dustin (the dad) is lazy but loves family (he was in the criminal career when I started playing them. Not a good suit for his personality so I made him quit. He now has a part-time job at the bookstore). Their daughter Kaylynn seems to take care of everything while her older brother Parker, rebels and pays more attention to wooing girls than anything else. And to add craziness to the family, Iliana's sister Zelda Mae needed a place to live so, in she went. That is the original story of this family.
Now for what I did to them. Lol! ;)
Iliana didn't like how much of a slob Dustin is and he in turn didn't like how much of a workaholic she is. And little did Iliana know that her husband and sister were...doing a lot of romantic things in secret while she was at work. ;) Well, for a while she didn't know but then she was able to catch on. In anger she turned to her secret crush from work (Thornton Wolff) and begin having romantic relations with him. Meanwhile the kids are not exactly sure what has been going on...and Dustin and Zelda Mae had a risky woo hoo one night. Zelda got pregnant days later. At this time Dustin decided he had enough with Iliana and divorced her. Iliana then moved in with Thornton. Later, minutes before Zelda went into labor, Dustin proposed to her. The kids were pretty happy about it, they never saw much of their mother anyway. (Funny, this new baby would be their half-brother AND cousin...weird. ;) )
A baby boy was born and they named him Link (sorry, I couldn't help myself ;) ). Dustin and Zelda go off on a honeymoon and leave Parker and Kaylynn to care for the baby and the home while they are gone. (Seriously?) Well, Dustin asks the girl he's had a crush on for a while to Prom (River McIrish) and they go together and end up falling so hard for each other they become boyfriend and girlfriend. The next day, with the parents still gone, Parker is DYING to see River again and goes over to her house. They get frisky and...I'm pretty sure River is pregnant. Lol!
And that's where I left my game for today. Had to get back to reality. :)
I love how I can screw up sims lives or make them do things I would NEVER DO!!! It's so much fun! ;)

So what happened in your game today? Can we keep this thread going for a while? :)
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  • KayeStarKayeStar Posts: 6,471 Member
    edited January 2015
    Well, I have played since that post, so:

    The heir I mentioned mastered painting, began studying inventing (she's up to level 3), and will begin sculpting. Her mother became an elder, and both of her parents moved out. Her brother and sister got four promotions in their respective careers (her sister's a journalist and her brother's in the military). I intended to have her marry her eventual husband as a young adult, but I spent so much time having her painting, the days pretty much flew by. She only has ten days of her young adulthood left, so I've got to rush a bit now. I have to get her siblings moved out with their partners, and have her marry and pregnant within ten days. And I like to have my sims accomplish their lifetime wishes, so she'll be raising a child with her husband while studying and sculpting. And I don't even know what I'm going to have her or her husband do as a career yet. The household was getting income from her mother's book royalties ($23,000) and her siblings' jobs.

    Yeah, my poor heir will be busy.
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    "In the name of the moon, we will punish you!"

  • kmsim15kmsim15 Posts: 1,552 Member
    Im playing a family where I am trying to have them earn a million simoleons, it is going slow.
  • KayeStarKayeStar Posts: 6,471 Member
    I did that with a couple. It was slow, but it was so worth it! With their funds and assets combined, they're worth nearly two million.
    "In the name of the moon, we will punish you!"

  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 5,607 Member
    Miyaca wrote: »
    someone died.
    Aww :( Did they die the same way as one of their friends so they could have matching ghosts?? ;) Lol!
    kmsim15 wrote: »
    Im playing a family where I am trying to have them earn a million simoleons, it is going slow.
    Oooo, that sounds like fun!
    My favorite Sim of ALL TIME became a World Renowned Surgeon pretty quickly (especially after going to Uni and building up skills). He makes like 3000 simoleons an HOUR! So he comes home each day with 21,000 simoleons. Yeah, he and his family have a very nice beach home with a private pier that I built. ;) I think their household funds are up to 300,000 now, but I'm pretty sure with more playing they will hit the million soon. :D

  • KayeStarKayeStar Posts: 6,471 Member
    Right now, I'm playing the 100 baby challenge. I only have four kids, so I've got a long way to go. The oldest is about to become a teenager and I'm trying to get the mother to have another baby.
    "In the name of the moon, we will punish you!"

  • TadOlsonTadOlson Posts: 11,345 Member
    I was playing a town legacy challenge in Winfield and stopped to build a new Civic Plaza design so I could replace the one in Winfield with the new design.I'm switching to using lots with rabbit hole replacers instead of the EA shells.
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 5,607 Member
    Right now, I'm playing the 100 baby challenge. I only have four kids, so I've got a long way to go. The oldest is about to become a teenager and I'm trying to get the mother to have another baby.

    100 BABIES!?!? :-O
    Oh my...
  • Jessa_DakkarJessa_Dakkar Posts: 9,732 Member
    You're very welcome! Maybe more pics tomorrow. :)
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 5,607 Member
    Oh and my update:
    River didn't get pregnant! (AFTER 2 RISKY WOOHOOS AT 50% CHANCE) Wow. Parker must have been firing blanks! Lol! ;)
    I made them do a risky woohoo again and this time it was a success. River is now expecting and Parker doesn't know yet... but once she tells him I am going to have him move in with her and her mom (since the game doesn't allow the mod to even allow two teenagers to live alone together...)
  • lisastar08lisastar08 Posts: 121 Member
    For my game today it was a rainy Saturday so sleep catch up day. Lucy (Mom) ended up going to lead a field trip at the Science building while her eldest Madison started helping her youngest, Mason, learn to walk (Dad later finished that job). Madison after had her boyfriend and the two decided to the the master bathroom....while her Dad was sleeping in the room. I think she may now be pregnant, will know when I get another day into the game. Meanwhile the four children slept most of the day away and did homework after a long school week.
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 5,607 Member

    Yep, Felicity's got her hands full! Emmanuel is about to become a teen and the toddlers will soon become children, so at least, she will have some more help (Roselyn helped with the cleaning as a kid, and does the cooking and fixing as a teen, as well as tending to the toddlers every now and then).

    OH MYLANTA! Yes, heaven help that poor mother!! ;)
    I have a hard enough time in real life handling ONE!!!
    Sometimes I feel like a single mom because my husband is chronically sick with a rare autoimmune disorder and he helps me in every way that he can but...for the most part he just tries to get through work and is too sick to help. :(
    Anyway, those were good pictures and thank you for sharing. :)
    Thank you ALL for sharing! If I "Like" your post that shows you that I read it. :) I love reading Sim stories!! Keep them coming!
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 5,607 Member
    Anyway, in my Sim story today:
    River invited Parker to live with her and then they had a Private Wedding. :) She still hasn't had the baby yet and I'm excited to see what they have.
    In the meantime her Mom, Fiona McIrish, has just started dating Xander Clavell. Oh boy...he's an odd one. I hope it works out. I think his parents are about to die soon so he can't mooch off of them anymore. Lol! ;)
    Here is a pic of River's new hair coloring. I hope it shows up....
    SHE'S SO IRISH! Lol!
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 5,607 Member
    edited January 2015
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 5,607 Member
    Update in my game:
    Well, River and Parker had a baby girl and they named her Amber. (I thought it fitting since both of their names end in "er" ;) ). They sure made a beautiful baby (pic below). :)

    So yeah, they live with River's Mom Fiona and she just asked her boyfriend Xander Clavell to move in with her (after his parents died). So, we have a full house here. Did I mention that River and Parker got married? It was a private wedding but yes, they are married.

    I kind of feel bad for Fiona because she doesn't know that Xander has commitment issues and wants to be the boyfriend of 20 different girls. ;) Lol! Guess we will see how the story plays out.

    What happened in your Sims game today?
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