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I'll start off

100 BC update

Emily had kids with 3 different men; Craig Elson, Brandon Woods and Mithun Khan, all Starlight Shores townies.

These are Craig's kids. Mixed gender twins called Uzma and Jason.

Here's Uzma (excuse some of the cross cultural names, my name theme is contestants from the UK TV show The Apprentice, and some of them had Arabic names)



And here's Jason



Zeeshan and Kurt are now teens

Zeeshan. Looks like he has Wayne's mouth, eye shape and hair


And Kurt. Basically a dark clone of Emily.


Here's Brandon's son, Alex. Another Emily clone.


Tim's now a Young Adult. He's now in my studio if anyone is interested.


Finally, here's Mithun Khan's daughter Rebecca. Story Progression made Mithun a vampire, so that's why she's one too.

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