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Generations Bug Thread - Please see compiled list on first page before posting.

crinrictcrinrict Posts: 18,734 Member
This post is not maintained by me anymore.

Pets bug thread is here: Pets Bug Thread - Please post your issues here

I have moved my blog. Not going to update all Links in this thread.

My blog can now be found here:
Twallan has also moved. His mods are now here:

Many people seem to be seeing an invalid file error. Please check this thread for a solution:
Solution for "Update Error: Invalid File Found" Patch 1.24

The new patch is out with a very long list of bug fixes:

I don't have much time right now so I won't be doing any updating here anymore. I'll be back with a new bug thread when Pets comes out.

Check my blog for news:

Please feel free to post NEW issues and fixed issues that are NOT on that long list.

Before updating your game and/or installing the new EP, please make sure to follow these steps:
TUTORIAL: What to do before patching
FAQ: How do I uninstall a Mod/Hack ?

Ask here, if anything is unclear. It will help you avoid most patching problems.


There is no need for reading this whole thread but please check my posts on this first page if your issue has been reported and only post if you have extra info to add.

Please post all your Generations bugs in this thread. I will try to compile them. I will forewarn you that I’ll be on vacation from June 8th to June 18th and probably won’t have a proper Internet connection. So you’ll be on your own during that time. If anyone wants to help out during this time, just let me know so we can set something up that people know where to look.

Remember that the patch will make your game ‘EP’ ready. Most of the bugs (unless they are specific to functionality of the EP) and fixes will also apply if you only have the patch and NOT the EP.

As it seems you get memories, the age sliders and body hair with the patch. I've not been able to figure out the collections/filter yet. It's there but greyed out.

Please post the following info and I’d appreciate it if you follow the rules


1. Are you using any CC or mods ?
2. If you are using mods, are you using any of the ‘big ones’ like Awesome Mod or Twallan’s mods
3. If you’re not using mod, did you never use them or did you take them out for the EP (as you are supposed to do)
4. What EPs do you own
5. What patch level (game version) are you currently at. I need the version of your base game. You find it in your launcher when you hover over the basegame icon. I need the one that starts with 1.xx


6. Some basic Info about your Computer (please NO DxDiag, can’t read them anyways). Processor, Amount of RAM, Graphic Card and Operating System (Mac, Win 7, Win XP, …)
7. Did you start a new game for Generations or are you playing an existing ones
8. What town are you playing ? EA or Custom ?


No more rules. Post ahead.

Important Links

Please read these older posts for more information

- Late Night Bugs - Compiled List in first two posts (this thread has tons of info in the first post that I’m not going to repeat. Please read there)
- TS3 + EPs & SPs - Known Glitches & Causes
- FAQ: Bugs & Patches
- Generations-Patch & existing Mods/Hacks
- FAQ: What files should I backup ?

DEP Information

If you are experiencing crashes after load screen or after a few minutes of game play, it's most likely a DEP problem. The game has now a new .exe file in your base game folder. Make sure to add the following new files to your DEP:

TS3EP04.EXE in your Generations\bin folder
TS3W.EXE in your base game\bin folder.

MAC Users

There seem many issue like crashes and not being able to open the Launcher. Please check the Mac Forum and this thread for details: PROBLEM WITH MOST RECENT PATCH.

There also seems an issue with exceptions after long play session.

Can't upload memories cause they can't type the '@'.

--> Please check this thread for more info on mac issues:

Things to try

- FAQ: Delete your Cache Files
- Move your family out and back in.
- Reset the sim ?
- TUTORIAL: Resetting the game to factory settings without Reinstalling
- TUTORIAL: - How to reinstall the game
- FAQ: How do I restore a backup file ?
- Move your Sims to a new town. Save them to the bin for that. Use Twallan's Porter if you don't want to loose the relationships.

A word on Mods/Hacks
It's ok to use them, I do too (I even recommend some of them), but please please, educate yourself about them. Don't just pop something in. There are many mods that conflict with each other and there are many mods that will be outdated with every patch (that's how it works).

Some of the mods need to be uninstalled in a special way but it will always tell you in the mod description if that is the case. So PLEASE read them and DO what it says.

Instructions how to install a mod can be found here: FAQ: How do I install Custom Content/ Mods ?
Instructions how to uninstall a mod can be found here: FAQ: How do I uninstall a Mod/Hack ?

Abbreviations used
MC = MasterController = Mod by Twallan
SP = StoryProgression Mod = Mod by Twallan
CC = Custom Content = cloth, objects, hair, etc from third-parties you add to your game.
DEP = Data Execution Prevention = Windows security feature.
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  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 18,734 Member
    edited July 2011
    If you are seeing any kind of Sim Corruption as decribed below, please post in this thread:
    Blank or Missing Sim Icons, Missing UIs, Missing Interactions and Clones

    Sim/Neighborhood Corruption
    Sim Corruption comes in all kinds of flavors and has been going on for a while. Sims get stuck (on objects, on beds, on each other), jump out of interactions, turn invisible and as a ultimate corruption you loose your UI. There's a loooong thread on the issue in the technical forum: Lags & Invisible, Frozen & Stuck Sims. I can't help out over there right now but there are lots of people with long time experience with the issue. You also find some info on it linked in the first post.

    What can you do when it happens to you ?
    First thing you can try (if you are not opposed to mods that is) is try if Twallan's ErrorTrap or Overwatch can save anything. It's important that you are patch level 1.22 to use ErrorTrap. You might find ScriptErrors after that in your documents folder. Post them in Twallan's forum. He can help you out. NOT here, I can't really read most of them.

    That didn't work
    If you are attached to your family/town, I would suggest, moving everything to a new town. Unfortunatly with the EA approach you loose all your relationships this way (you won't loose any skills this way). You could also use the Twallan's Porter to achieve the same AND keep your relationships.

    Na, still nothing
    Then I would suggest, resetting your user data and start a brand new game. I can be hard, I know but sometimes it's the only way to still enjoy the game.

    The corruption might come back after a while so I do recommend using Overwatch to prevent most of the causes of this corruption.

    If really nothing helps at all, you might need to reinstall your game, clean your registry and defrag your computer.

    Reports on that
    - MitserPhooka,chattyaholic, Stumbleduck, Minous
    - Resender1
    --> Connected to false resource.cfg in c:\programs\electronicarts\outdoorliving\ (not game\bin that one is required).

    Blog Entries on Corruption
    BUG: Sims reset / jump out of actions
    BUG: Invisible Sims
    BUG: Social Interactions are missing
    BUG: Missing UI
    BUG: Sims missing from the portrait panel

    Sims standing around doing nothing

    --> Please see this post over at Twallan's forum for a possible cause:
    A Test For Slow Responding Sims

    - Sims just stand around and are not doing what they should
    - Sims take hours to do an action
    - Sims don't to actions automatically anymore (no free will)

    Explanation / Solutions
    This issue is usually seen on slower computers with little RAM (2-3 GB is not a lot if you have all EPs/SPs). Upgrading to more RAM and a 64 bit system usually helps this problem a lot. Also try to turn off all background programs that you don't need.

    If the Computer is busy with something else or trying to process stuff in the game, that can lead to other actions being held up.

    This problem can also be connected to bad routing. If you have a house with a lot of furniture the game might be busy trying to find the best way. A routing fix mod can help with that.

    --> Possible Cause by ZeekSlider: NPC Sims won't join in activities if their needs aren't full.

    Reports on the issue
    smalltownteddy, becca_xo,jwise9ej, judynjo, ZeekSlider, XxNiqhtAc3xX, Bagelbaker,PlexiglassPrism

    Sims resetting themselves out of actions (jump bug)

    It seems this is the first sign your hood is about to explode.

    Explanation / Cause
    Could be because of a unhandled script error that fires or an incompatible mod.

    --> Theory for jumping out of make-out interaction by snapdragon.
    --> Possible solution for jumping out of bed by Blysscia
    --> Abra9867. Jump out of bed problem might be caused by missing/corrupt sleepwear. Give them new sleepwear.
    - Sim getting reset from rabbithole --> Try replacing the rabbithole with a new one.

    BUG: Sims reset / jump out of actions

    Reports on that
    Kita5399, Several reports, WingedArc, Resender1, Shan,, Sim3Gal1013, PolarBabe, butt_bunn: , jacqpinks, MiyuEmi and many more.

    Interactions not working correctly
    - Missing interactions are to some extend mod related but only if you are missing the interactions on ALL your Sim
    - Sims are being reset when doing an interaction --> might also be mod related for some interactions.
    - Kamb64: Missing interactions after falsely accusing of cheating.
    - sirona66
    - catloverplayer: Trait-based interactions not available early anymore.
    - buckeygirl80: One Sim resets himself out from date activities.
    - butt_bunn: Pillow fight not working.
    - Lizzzie350

    --> Solution for unclickable Sims by Conclue: Move out and in.
    --> For those who don't mind using mods, try if Twallan's ErrorTrap can solve the issue. You will need patch 1.22. This mod does NOT work for 1.21 or 1.19.
    --> BUG: Social Interactions are missing

    Aging is messed up in an all new way

    BUG: Aging troubles

    --> If you have any troubles with aging, try moving the sliders all the way to the left, then all the way to the right and then settle them where you want them.

    Reports so far on this issue:
    - KelMarCos: Age bar suddenly full
    - Nokuoro: Random age jumping
    - Sgizzle09: Aging up still occurred when the sliders were changed mid-game. There was no birthday message just yet when the sliders were changed.
    - NocturnesRequiem, Cororon: Age bar won't budge although aging is on.
    --> Might be connected to pre-existing games that had aging off at the time of patching/installation of GEN.
    - DamagedGoods: Wrong aging pop-up without the actual aging.
    - Stylist station and tattoo chair still reset the age.
    - Mellowsnowy2002, eilian: Sims age up with aging off.
    - Debeeby
    - PnkGdAngl: Aging and SP stops working entirely for the whole neighborhood after a while.

    Camera / photography skill issue

    BUG: Sim freezes while taking pictures

    - The skill tab is empty
    - DOLLDRMS1 (and many many more): Taking pictures is not possible --> Sim freezing
    - RaceTheDream: Pictures blury even with good camera.
    - clubers: Photographs do not save and every photograph in camera is gone.
    - Details by dk4ofjoshuayhyu

    --> Correlation to opportunities ?
    --> Some people claim that fully patching the game and all EPs (especially WA) fixes the issue for them. Try manually updating all your games according to this table: (click on the 11 to get to the actual patches).
    --> Try buying a new camera.
    --> ivinian: Quit the game. Restart, choose a new active household, test the new household, camera works.

    Inventory Problems

    BUG: Stuck inventory items

    - Stuff is stuck in the inventory (especially gems, bugs, etc).
    --> Take them out before installing the patch/generations.
    --> Use the Option Sort Inventory on MasterController to unstuck
    --> Go traveling to unstuck.
    --> Removing your cache files:
    --> How to prevent by orangeplumbob
    --> Theory by DulceMell
    - Stuff shows as empty squares in inventory
    - Wrong inventories showing up upon switching Sims.
    - Inventory items flashing madly
    --> Might be connected to cameras in the inventory before updateing.
    - Books get stuck after a Sim reads a bedtime story to a little one.
    - betty_me13: Group of gems not clickable.
    - RuthC: Newspaper gets stuck in inventory all the time.
    - RuthC: Certain relicts from dig site spawner don't show up in inventory.
    - BlazeMasterwort: Celebrity gifts not added to family inventory.
    - Freckles_Filigree: Not only inventory items are lost but also known recipes, skills, etc.
    - Resender1: Stuff taken out of the family inventory are invisible when placed on lot.
    - DOLLDRMS1: Cars get stuck in inventory after traveling.

    The After-Traveling-Clone-Bug
    BUG: Clones
    This issue is actually an existing issue that just got a whole lot worse with the Gen Patch. I do believe that some of the symptoms seen by several people and listed in the posts below can actually be accounted for by this problem.

    Twallan implemented a fix for this in Overwatch V28 or greater.


    FAQ: How do I turn off the memories ?

    Alarming Memories Space?

    Unfortunatly the new memory system seems to bloat the savegames making them double the size they used to be. Make sure to delete memories you don't need for active and inactive families from time to time.

    A Word on Twallan's Mods

    There were some bug in Overwatch and ErrorTrap. Both mods have been updated so make sure to get the current version at Twallan's place.

    Both StoryProgression and MasterController are not set up to handle the new features of generations just yet. This includes the age sliders as well so you might run into problems here.
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    How to report bugs at AnswersHQ
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  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 18,734 Member
    edited July 2011

    Relationships are being lost/messed up
    - Relationships are being reset to 0 (several reports)
    --> Workaround by ZeekSlider: Get the Long Distance Friend LTR
    --> Delete your cache files
    - Relationships that are 0 are being deleted --> Might not be a bug but a new feature.
    - linarwing: Relationship bar is stuck.
    --> Might also be connected to one of buzzler's Mods, especially Scribbling Pad

    - Whales_Rock: Having Fun and Having a Blast only last 50 min and decay very fast --> Maybe just changed
    - Sims do never ending animations (like clapping, singing)
    - Chatting on Computer doesn't increase social relationship
    - Gained Skills are not showing in the tab --> This is due to some incompatible skilling mod. Remove.
    - Paintings are showing up completely for a split second before going back to the state they should be in.
    - Can't read to toddlers
    --> Possible cause by AnnaCombrink
    - Interaction bubble gets stuck
    - Sims miss work on their days off and performance meter get stuck
    - CollectionHelper is not working for children.
    - Medical outfit replaced by chem lab table outfit ? --> Pictures
    --> GrandmaSnoodle: Outfit multiplies
    - Random Skill gaining.
    - Emma24601, EIisabetta, EIisabetta: Some bookcases are missing all books and will loose them again when restarting the game.
    - Nokuoro: Random Jingle Playing
    - tigerlily319: Random Trait dropping
    - Dove_CG: Problems with fridge and not being able to remove anything.
    - Dove_CG: Missing wants
    - ZeekSlider: Resetting of the stereo moodlet
    - ZeekSlider: Sims are getting kicked out of rabbitholes if going there chosen on map view.
    - **********23: Sims suddenly don't live in the house but in a way still do.
    - wecantpickaname: Items placed outside such as pedestrian sculpting station or lawn sprinkler will sink into the terrain or rise above the terrain without warning.
    - Sunnylover614, DokuPuffs: Moodlets and Memories for dying relatives are messed-up. Names in messages replaced with blanks
    - Cassandra1190, hanyo, DemonSweetie: Sims can't be selected individually anymore. The selection stay, making multiple sims to be selected. Can't be resolved by restarting the game.
    - catmom1987: Lost of stuff is breaking.
    - MartinRWolfe: Asking for promotion makes you not able to go to work the next day.
    - Unit_13: Sims complain about something in they way when in fact there isn't anything (kind of existing issue). Could be connected to rubble that should be gone but isn't.
    - WingedArc: Mobile phone not working anymore after moving out.
    - AngelaKaye: Maids not recurring anymore.
    - KrazyAngelKat81: Sims now take the car instead of the taxi when going out with the baby. It does look rather silly. Picture
    --> Connection to stroller in inventory ?
    - JMS16019: Consuming Life Fruit had no effect on Elder Sim
    - Haiden: level 10 sims not being able to fix simple things around the house
    - ejnarts1: Sims not getting a promotion.
    - Freckles_Filigree: The TV keeps turning itself on.
    - Stinalina: Sims that were invited to stay overnight get kicked out nevertheless.
    - julienrob2004: Writing Reports on computer does not show up correctly, although interviews were conducted.
    - Ateres: Catch robbers disappears from the queue.
    - ZeekSlider: Actions get canceled from the queue with no apparent reason. More reports by ZeekSlider on actions being canceled.
    - ZeekSlider: Upgrade jobs are being reset (possible existing issue).
    - Simbologist, goofball68: Dead Sims now show up as fiancés (or are still married to the sim. Connections are not broken anymore.
    - HillsyHeart: Children's cooking skills don't show up in the tab.
    - kirara646: No school available. Boarding school not working either.
    - 420Sim: Dishwasher not working properly.
    - gayle_afcb: when toddlers play on the xylophone everyone else stands around with their hands over their ears making those nasty noises motions.
    - GoHere on the home lot (instead of going home) makes the Sim run there instead of taking the car/cab even for very long distances.
    - marianna88813: Sims are forgetting recepies.


    BUG: Constant/False Pregnancy

    - Sims act pregnant all the time and are missing options pregnant woman miss although they are not pregnant anymore. Just had the baby.
    --> Possible fix by Stacyblue1
    - MermaidBlues: Sim gets memory that she got pregnant every few hours (not pregnant)
    --> Get Sim pregnant again (regular or use pollinate on MC) and then determine pregnancy with MC.
    - **********23: Sim can't have baby. Skill and name chooser window are in a loop
    - Kirika: Sim can't try for baby although they are not pregnant.

    - FadeWolf: Different LTR are not working anymore (existing issue): No Jealousy, Long Distance Friends, No Bills.
    - Bagelbaker: Vampires cannot buy or use the Clone Voucher LTR.


    - krystle0385: Memories seem off (not what really happened)
    - Uploading a lot of memories can crash your game.
    --> Don't make the text for your custom memories longer then 40 characters and don't use any special characters if you want to uplaod (Thank you ZeekSlider).
    - Memories are missing their pictures
    --> Observation by velocitygrass
    - Memories loose their pictures.
    - Random memories that never really happened at all.
    - iharasu23456: All sims in a household are getting memories some stuff someone else did.
    - Nokuoro: Memory pop-ups freeze and later crash the game after awhile.
    --> Turn the memory notifications off.
    - ZeekSlider: Endless log in pop-ups if you loose your Internet connection.
    - Aldwen: Selective Memories.
    - Paintedwings: Memories are repeating themselves.
    - ZeekSlider: Memories replace themselves.

    Body Hair

    - sirona66: Body hair is lost when aging up.
    - ZeekSlider: Body hair is not genetic.

    Reputation/Dates/Group Outings

    BUG: Sim feels betrayed with no good reason

    - MermaidBlues: Option to confess to cheating although they never did
    - julienrob2004: Accused of cheating although they never did.
    - MermaidBlues: Romantic relationship to a complete stranger.
    - ladynaava: Makeout on couch and other romantic interactions did not produce a positive experience while on date.
    - ZeekSlider, extra info: Changing lots makes everyone leave the lot.
    - julienrob2004, Sevensoybeans: Inactive sims give flowers to married sims a lot, making the partner think they cheated.
    - Kita5399Grandmother gets the betrayed moodlet, when son cuddles his baby.
    - linarwing: Going to another lot doesn't work correctly. Active Sim gets left behind.
    - linarwing: Group outings with only one other sim, makes it automatically a date.



    - Toddler is being taken out in the middle of the walk --> Mostly when going uphill, might not be a bug
    - molmol: Strollers are used for very short distances.
    - elanorbreton: Babies attach themselves to the stroller
    - ZeekSlider: Strollers around the house are put into Sims inventory whenever they pick up the toddler.
    - catloverplayer: Strollers disappear from inventory after stroll to the park.

    Boarding School

    BUG: Boarding School Troubles

    - Damaris1972, TiggyTwonk182: Teens/children not going to boarding school. They are enrolled never the less but can't be taken out.
    --> Move out and back in to reset
    - crinfixed32x32.pngsara00016, Phlox: Teens coming home from boarding school before they age and not going back. Are not able to go to regular school for it still says they are in boarding school.
    - I_am_bean: After coming home from boarding school, Teen can only get a profession, not a regular job.
    - Stinalina: Teens loose their wishes when coming back from boarding school early.

    Videokamera/Home Movies

    - Bionickai001: When you ask a friend to film, they abandon that task to watch the wedding.
    - elanorbreton: Sime getting stuck watching movies.
    - ZeekSlider: Long movies don't loop and don't provide the remembered moodlet.
    - SkewedReality04: Home movies crash the game.

    Chemistry Table

    Angelllite7: Lets you gain piano skill from time to time.

    Vacation for Parents Opportunity / Teen Parties

    - TribbleTruffle: Parents never really go on that vacation and loose the ability to travel normal with WA. One parent was at work, when the opportunity came.
    - Babies and toddler are left alone to be taken care off by the teen.
    - Stinalina: Teens are getting scold for messes that aren't there (just because they were caught)
    - AZcokeacola: Parents that go on vacation loose their wishes.
    --> Observation by EIisabetta
    - kaliebell, jkrman401, fishbulb, Wolflmg: Only part of the adults come home and are not playable. Also messes up the age.
    - Stinalina: Parents have red energy bars after vacation.

    Imaginary Friend

    BUG: Problems with the imaginary friend

    --> Any issue with the IF could be related to SP. Twallan is working on it.

    - swimmehk, Nokuoro, perfectvelvet, sam123: IF goes missing (and NO, it's not the parents not seeing it)
    --> Move the family out and back in.
    --> Could be related to an outdated version of StoryProgression. Update.
    - MermaidBlues: Can't sing to IF
    --> My own observations on this one: The interaction works fine when used from the inventory. When I had my toddler first play with it and then sing, it would just put the IF away instead of singing to it. That also goes the other way round.
    - MermaidBlues: Gender confusion (reversed ?)
    --> My own observations on this one: When the IF is a toy, you can choose if you wan't to give it a boy or a girls name. It already had a name which I couldn't really tell if it was male or female but if that name is chosen at random, it could account for the problem.
    - tigerlily319: Sims obsessed with IF.
    - ZeekSlider: Imaginary Friend will interrupt and cancel out automatic actions, such as going to the bathroom and going to school, if they enter a room when that action is cued.
    - Twoe2000: IF doll doens't make the transfer from mail box to inventory.
    - Ladyhawk1979: IF follows child everywhere so that child can't really take a shower.
    - Wolflmg: IF turns up in child form without being converted.
    - MiyuEmi: After resetting the doll, it came back in child form but still acts like in doll form.

    After School Activities

    BUG: Sim can't go to after school activities

    - Kids not going to after school activities
    --> Possible Cause: Field Trips, Thetford
    --> See more info on the issue in this thread (which I did not read yet): Possible Bug: After School Activities
    --> Move out and back in to reset

    - Logansmomma: Teens can't go to school when they are grounded.
    - tigerlily319: Endless punishing loops for things teen did not do.

    Daycare Profession

    - leighannegetglad, Starscolapse: Toddlers are not being picked up from daycare but disappear later.
    - Parents never show up
    - EIisabetta, EIisabetta: Toddlers randomly disappear.
    --> Probably connected to immigration on the StoryProgression Mod. Turn of Immigration for now.

    New objects

    - wannie00: Medieval themed bunk bed seems to be bugged


    - After learning to drive, teens (and sometimes their parents) just stand around instead of going home.
    - Children stretch when using a cell phone.
    - Sims get stuck in their walk style (especially sneaking) --> BUG: Sim is running / sneaking everywhere
    - Shinyknight: Children get into different beds (not their own) when having a bedtime story read to them
    - fredbaremum: All teens leave slumber party instead of staying.
    - catloverplayer: Bachelorette party turns venue into a rabbithole
    - catloverplayer: Dancers at bachelor/bachelorette parties just vanish
    - Sevensoybeans, ZeekSlider: Can't tell ghost stories now. Seems to work only once.
    - CoffeeChick0: Aunt wants to be prom date.

    - Sims will loose their wishes when traveling.
    - MermaidBlues, inclement: Objects bought on vacation are lost when coming home.
    - ZeekSlider: Scrapbook Statics get reset after traveling.
    - fuehrer315, Narmez: Sim looses vacation home.
    - ZeekSlider: Photos you take in foreign worlds don't count towards the challenges anymore.
    - JaanaDruid: Can't travel with playable ghost.
    - inclement: Loss of visa state and coins.
    - Unit_13: No vacation moodlet when coming home.
    - dsgnGrl: Cell phones are not working after traveling.
    - hanyo: Nectar goes missing from the racks (could be connected to vacation opportunity).
    - Sincerbox: Learning songs has a strange voice changing issue.
    - belare: Sims go missing after coming back from vacation.
    - China is laggy (has been for a while now.
    - DonnaNoble: Minerals for quests appear where Sims can't go.

    - Meteors are now far to frequent --> Could be mod related. Make sure to remove them all, including Buzzler's Scribbling Pad.
    - Spunke: Can no longer remove ghosts from lots during jobs. They leave but it doesnt register
    - Stinalina: Stylist has Job Cancellations and can't offer make-overs at level 1. Only at the make-over station.
    - Mimine17: Put out fires are not recognized as such.
    - lri1209: Private eyes now not only loose their progress when switching families but on reloading the game as well.
    - EveAye: Simbot has constant degrading hygiene.

    - Hotspots are missing from the newspaper
    - soccerkeeper: Sim randomly dropped from a 4-star celebrity to a 3-star celebrity while inactive.
    - wecantpickaname: Playing instruments makes sims spinning.
    - NRobson: Active sim can't stay at venue although it's open.
    - Mfaw81P: Inactive households with butlers are a real mess.
    - linarwing: Paparazzi managed to get even more annoying, following sims everywhere.


    - ZeekSlider: HELS Aquarium needs daily cleaning now
    - clubers: Sims reset when scooping out dead fish from the store aquarium (Alpha Waves) & HELs Aquarium.

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  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 18,734 Member
    edited June 2011
    - Create a Style is slow and buggy
    - CAS is slow and jerky.
    - Zoom is extra slow --> Seems connected to outdated mods.

    --> If you experiencing problems in CAS or with your zoom, I need you to take ALL cc out (including patterns and store). Move the following folders to your desktop (don't delete)
    - Mods
    - DCCache
    - Library
    - SavedSims
    Delete your caches (including world caches) and try again on a new game. Let me know how that works out for you.


    - Rrrjtl1: Trying to change to the misc category locks up the game.
    --> Might be connected to patterns. Remove all your cc and try again.
    --> Possible solution by EIisabetta
    --> Possible CC Culprits: Rrrjtl1
    --> Reinstalling patterns might be needed.
    - SarahsALoser: Voices don't have different pitches anymore.

    - Simmerd80: Saving a pattern in a new color will not really save the new color.

    Edit-in-CAS Cheat
    - chereb: Weight doesn't stick (Edit in CAS cheat).
    - Body Hair ain't sticking.
    --> Suggestions by Thetford
    --> Suggestions by BoltzY2k
    - SimsVIP_Admin: Aging into another age group has weird effects.
    - ZeekSlider: Muscle Definition does not stick

    Sound issues
    - MermaidBlues, sirona66: Sound effect from game are way to loud (settings are correct)
    - tigerlily319: Loss of sound
    - Prettyweed870: Music cuts off
    - sam123: Sounds piling up on each other
    --> Try deleting your cache files.

    - linarwing: Building Stairs on hills doesn't work anymore.
    - jacqpinks: Houses that have come with Generations don't have the roof tiles under the roof they have floor tiles (post has pics)
    - Cyron43: Whenever I want to set a spiral staircase inside a house the game denies it (minimal level required message.
    - Build/Buy Filters won't filter out downloaded content.

    Edit Town
    - Kharii: When attempting to move a family into an empty lot, no lots were clickable.

    Misc issues
    - SilverSerpent: Map view zooms into the horizon instead of the town --> Mod related. Remove and update all your mods.
    - ZeekSlider: Animated textures are blank after minimizing the game.
    - Hell9997: Using the 'c' button seems to mess-up all ingame photo-taking interactions.
    - zombiepride9: Keyboard short-cuts don't work anymore.
    --> go to start -> type in msconfig -> enter -> startup -> and uncheck GID desktop application -> apply -> restart
    - Damaris1972: Camera spins madly after Sim grew into elder.
    - cloudburst_dx, retrobones, JoJo_Nett: Invisible furniture (post with pics)
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  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 18,734 Member
    edited May 2011
    This post will stay emtpy until we get the next patch which will usually be 4-6 weeks after the release of the EP
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  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 18,734 Member
    edited June 2011

    - Car are still piling up in inactive cars --> Overwatch has been updated. Get new version
    - Flute Forward dress is still missing a leg
    - Sims still like to run around town a lot.
    - Sims still get stuck with the broken arm syndrome after holding a toddler (now in a new stroller flavor) --> Use resetsim firstname lastname to fix
    - Sims get stuck in their walk style (especially sneaking) --> Running Disease Hotfix also works for this problem, ok to use. Buzzler updated but only some header info
    - Becoming a star is still contagious
    - Bad mood bug is probably not fixed --> Mood Fix. Has been updated, get new version.
    - Excavation bug --> Excavation Site Hotfix. Ok to use. Buzzler updated but only some header info
    - Objects get stuck in use when they in fact aren't.
    - Marrying a foreigner has all kinds of weird effects.
    - Buildings sometimes still invisible in map view
    - Baby Patch glitch not resolved
    - Reading a book is canceled.
    - Some Sims still age twice in one day.


    - StoryProgression seems a lot more active.
    - Social Decay bug (toddlers would have their social bar decay very fast) (?)
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  • Jessika2009Jessika2009 Posts: 9
    edited May 2011
    just wondering .....

    i have the version and cant do the memories yet....but i know others that seem to have the same version and can make memories already....i guess i have a lovely EA bug :cry::cry::cry: :?:
  • elijahhines10elijahhines10 Posts: 6,433 Member
    edited May 2011
    Problem: Filters Greyed Out

    Crincit, the filters aren't greyed out for me:D
    You HAVE to have a different type of object for them to be greyed out.

    Ex. You have just the base game installed, like me, and go to the TV section. You haven't installed any store content or CC. You see that it's greyed out because you don't need it:P

    Ex. You have all EPs/SPs, tons of CC and store content also:wink:
    You go to the TV section and you see that it's not greyed out:D

    So it seems that the filter will only work if you have store content, CC, or other EP/SP content in that object section:)
  • Omri147Omri147 Posts: 10,865 Member
    edited May 2011
    yay! a Generations bug thread! (sarcasm)

    let's hope it will be empty... :P
    but it's not gonna happen... :roll:
  • ZeekSliderZeekSlider Posts: 5,831 Member
    edited May 2011
    crinrict wrote:
    Bad news: The Car Bug is NOT fixed!
    Well, ❤️❤️❤️❤️...

    What about the WA excavation bug? Can my Sims dig in the dirt again for profit and fame?

    Are Late Night clubs still empty even though they are labeled as Hot Spots?

    Does the Architect/Interior Design career still break for anyone, or is it just me? I ultimately can't save if I have a Sim in that career path, even in a new game. The game just won't let me because it "Cannot Write the World" changes I did to a NPC's home. :roll:

    Are Vampires and Celebrities still infecting everyone?

    On that same note: can Vampires now turn back into regular Sims instead of being stuck half way cured?

    Has the "Bad Mood Bed Bug" been fixed as well, or will I have to deal with the compounding negative moodlet thing?

    Also, what new features are broken?? :twisted:
  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 18,734 Member
    edited May 2011
    @Jessika2009: That's because of the leaked patch. Some people have updated their base game to get the new features but all the EPs did not get updated because that patch was not posted.

    @elijahhines10: Thank you. Tried that out and installed all my store stuff. They are really just filters. Lets you filter by EP, CC and Store. For me when I chose the basegame filter, the store items would still show though. Not what I expected (ok. have not been reading much about it).

    @ZeekSlider: Can't answer you those, cause I don't have the EP yet and only installed the base game to test out that patch. Did not run into the bad mood bug yet but then again, I never did.
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  • Maximilian1996Maximilian1996 Posts: 1,412 New Member
    edited May 2011
    Do you know what the 'major bug' of the new 'leaked' patch is? I am downloading via the link we got from SimPrograms... If there really is something like a major bug, I'll re-install the games again, I don't have a precious savegame atm, so I don't care installing everything again.
    Please answer soon, I really NEED this answer :(
  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 18,734 Member
    edited May 2011
    No clue, but I would only install it if you have just the base game. I've heard people say they are now missing their camera skill in WA, that might be it OR that might just be becuase the EP patch is missing.

    I don't even no if that's the real reason. It was not supposed to be available in the first place.
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  • Maximilian1996Maximilian1996 Posts: 1,412 New Member
    edited May 2011
    I wonder if we got that 'major bug' rumour from EA themself or only from SimPrograms' facebook. 7be5c36a.gif

    And also why is this only one file? I thought there was 1 single patch for each EP... :?
  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 18,734 Member
    edited May 2011
    Cause they are missing (have not been found). That's the issue with this patch in the first place.

    And yes, the bug thing is just a facebook rumor.
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  • Maximilian1996Maximilian1996 Posts: 1,412 New Member
    edited May 2011
    So the EPs won't be compatible with the base game and I won't be able to play anymore?

  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 18,734 Member
    edited May 2011
    People seem to be able to play but you might run in all kinds of troubles :D
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  • Maximilian1996Maximilian1996 Posts: 1,412 New Member
    edited May 2011
    I'll try the patch out... I have nothing to lose tbh! ;)
  • Maximilian1996Maximilian1996 Posts: 1,412 New Member
    edited May 2011
    may EA please make this thread sticky?
  • SurrealSurreal Posts: 3,236 Member
    edited May 2011
    Just for the record, I'm running the patch, have all the EPs installed (except for Generations of course) and haven't found a problem yet. Removed all my mods prior to installing (and backed up saves, etc.). Prior to installing mods, I had the bad bed bug, but have not noticed it in game yet. And yes, the game does seem a bit smoother, and the story progression seems to be working a bit better. I could always learn the photo skill and see what happens if you want a tester.
  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 18,734 Member
    edited May 2011
    I wouldn't worry about that skill just yet. Lets wait till tuesday when we get the official patch. I really don't want to add anything that might or might not be an issue at all.

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  • Jessika2009Jessika2009 Posts: 9
    edited May 2011
    Ahhh ok thanks for the info !! :D
  • simsdivagirlchicksimsdivagirlchick Posts: 2,298 New Member
    edited May 2011
    crinrict wrote:
    Bad news: The Car Bug is NOT fixed!
    *sigh* :?
    When will they fix the problem??
  • ZeekSliderZeekSlider Posts: 5,831 Member
    edited May 2011
    crinrict wrote:
    Bad news: The Car Bug is NOT fixed!
    *sigh* :?
    When will they fix the problem??
    When they hire Twallan... or when the Sims franchise ends.
  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 18,734 Member
    edited May 2011
    Head Patch on the babies is not fixed either.
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  • ZeekSliderZeekSlider Posts: 5,831 Member
    edited May 2011
    crinrict wrote:
    Head Patch on the babies is not fixed either.
    Ew, so I guess that graphical error is still there, huh?

    Does that mean the "Running everywhere" bug is still in the base game as well? Or the missing leg from that one DLC?
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