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My Sim date disappears!

I have been experiencing this bug in the past. A sim calls my Sim out for the date and when she arrives he leaves and the date is over! Why? :'(
Also, when I send my Sim to make coffee, she or he gets really angry and starts shouting pretty much going into a fit of rage. Help! Don't like seeing this for no reason. Thanks! Don't know if to imitate it in RL or ignore it. B););)


  • lisamwittlisamwitt Posts: 4,892 Member
    I've had the date thing happen. Not sure why, but I assume it's an issue with task assignment. That particular Sim is being tasked with going to work, manning a shop or booth, or doing a walk by somewhere at the same time they're supposed to be on their date.

    The coffee thing I haven't seen, but I haven't actually played Sims in my game in several weeks, not since the Sims started being randomly mean to each other. I've just been working on a build, when I've played at all. I'm not keen on my Sims all hating each other.
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    You can report issues with gameplay here:
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