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Teen/older Sims randomly dies of starvation when needs are full.

UshioUshio Posts: 106 Member
edited July 2022 in Mods Bugs & Issues
I just got the new EP, and playing my household of 1 teen sim. She dies out of no where with her needs all full (dies of starvation). Also her bladder is low and doesnt go into green when using the bathroom.

At the time i had mods in my game. And made sure all of them needed updating. And i also check without mods/CC. I used a Save file created by another simmer. Made sure the Lifespan on Normal.

  • removed mods folder, sims don't die randomly or needs aren't broken.
  • Played a full day or so and sims are alive.
  • added back a few mods - MC, MissyHissy MTS , Lumpinou - LGBTQIA, Pregnant Overhaul Mod, LittleMsSam.

will be testing if anything happens with Mods back in game.
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