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Sims 4 Lagging for Absolutely No Reason

dafadollydafadolly Posts: 1,215 Member
I'm posting on the forums because I think I've tried absolutely every option to fix this. This week my game started lagging really bad. It was totally random and the only thing I did between the game running perfectly fine and it running unbearably, was turn off my computer and turn it back on. Now side note, this has happened to me once before. My game started running really slow for no reason late last year (I think this was immediately after an update though) and the only thing that fixed it was installing the Get to Work and Get Together expansion packs late December. For the issues I'm having now, I have probably tried every single option possible to fix it. I've run it without mods, had the game generate a new sims 4 folder, tried running with the tray, saves, mods, and screenshots folders empty, tried repairing the game, tried running it offline, tried unticking a few online features everyone recommended, the list goes on and on... Yesterday I bought new additions to the game (Outdoor Retreat, Romantic Garden Stuff, and Movie Hangout Stuff) and installed them thinking maybe it would fix the game like last time. Sadly this didn't work at all :( I've tried every option multiple times, before and after installing the new stuff. I even went so far as to completely uninstall Sims 4 and everything linked to it and reinstall it. Nothing has worked. I've been trying to fix this for 2 days nonstop and its really starting to feel hopeless. I'm open to the idea that it may be something outside of my game causing it, but I don't have any evidence pointing to anything. My drivers are updated (I've checked at least 5 times throughout this whole fiasco) and sims 4 is running the right graphics card or whatever. I'm not all that tech-savy but I think I can get by pretty well. If anyone were to help me out, I would really really appreciate it.

The lag I mentioned consists of the game moving perfectly fine for about five seconds, give or take, and running really slow for about the same amount of time. This goes on forever, in new saves, old saves, basically everywhere without fail. Please help me :(

My dxdiag: here
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