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Hi guys. I have a challenge for you all to try, if you're interested. I've done some research, and I didn't see any knowledge of this challenge out there. This challenge is similar to the 100 Baby Challenge, but it's completely different. <br /> <br /> 100 Heartbreak Challenge<br /> <br /> The purpose of this challenge is to break 100 hears in your chosen Sim's life. You might want to consider playing on "Long" lifespan since the Sim you choose will be the only Sim doing the challenge. You also have to complete all 100 heartbreaks before your Sim dies. If you fail to do this, the challenge is over.<br /> <br /> 1. No cheats. One mod will be accepted, if you so choose to use it. The mod is the "Billionaire Mod" (from modthesims.info)<br /> <br /> 2. You cannot marry anyone. You also cannot get engaged. You must be in a relationship with someone (whether it be male or female) before you can "break their heart". You are allowed to woohoo with your boyfriend/girlfriend, but you cannot get them pregnant. If one of the Sims is pregnant, the challenge is over. <br /> <br /> 3. The only time you can leave the house is to find other Sims to date. Other than that, you cannot travel to another location. You may go to whatever location you like to find someone to date.<br /> <br /> 4. Pick traits and an aspiration that will help you in the game. Example: the "Love" aspiration's "Serial Romantic" wants to play the field and basically date as many people as they can. The "Romantic" trait would be great to work with; it will make it easier to get into relationships with other Sims. <br /> <br /> <br /> I thought this would be a fun challenge to do. I have a "Let's Play" for it on my YouTube channel. If you are interested in seeing how it's done, you can find me at Paul K on YouTube. And if you like the challenge, or any of my other videos, please subscribe. Also, my Origin ID is LPGWP (which means, Let's Play Games With Paul)


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