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Janine Benjamin<br /> <br /> Janine was only a teenager when she started living on her own. Her and her parents never really seen eye to eye, so Janine decided that she could make a life for herself in Newcrest.<br /> <br /> Janine was (and is) doing wonderfully. She’s a model student and a wonderful worker. She’s worked as a fast food employee and quickly rose to the top of that career. Then she decided to do something better with her time and become a scout leader. <br /> <br /> As an aspiring world-renowned chef, Janine took up the hobby of gardening and cooking and quickly mastered both. Now getting ready to become an adult, Janine has to figure out what direction she wants to take her life in.<br /> <br /> Just at the perfect moment, Janine gets a notice that something terrible has happened to her parents and they have left her a restaurant. They’ve always known that Janine loved food and they have always planned to help her start her culinary career. Now is their chance and now is Janine’s chance to make it big.


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