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  • @lisasc360 thank you so much, that's very helpful
  • Hey, how am I supposed to know how many points I have? I saw in a post earlier on this thread that it should be above/below badges on my profile, but, at least for me, there is no points option. I thought that maybe this was because I simply didn't have any points, but I can see that I have several likes, which supposedly…
  • Right where I am. There's not really any place that I really want to be right now that isn't, well, home. What's something about you that people often misunderstand?
  • kind (of thing)
  • Kind of? But mostly when I'm really tired, or when I'm high on sugar haha Loner?
  • These past couple of days, I have been really craving fries. Not even poutine, just plain ol' crispy, hot french fries.
  • SUBSCRIPTION??? Idk how, but I feel like all of this is Netflix's fault. The root of all of these related problems can be traced back to Netflix and I will forever rue the day that company came into existence. Anyway. I would never ever buy the Sims 5 if it was a subscription. Trust.
  • I want literally all of those options, but bro, coming from the sims 3 to the sims 4 and not having that open world was insane for me. I hate it so much. If the open world was limited to the individual Worlds, I'd be chill with that, but the fact that I can't even go to a neighbour's house without being greeted with a…
  • I definitely plan to wait for the reviews to come out and for the games to be fixed and improved (and hopefully for sales haha) but I do think I'll buy both of them eventually. I love the Sims, but I don't feel any particular loyalty to Maxis or EA as a company---like, they aren't paying ME. Frankly, I hope paralives will…
  • ... the pack of my dreams. Even so, I literally can't let myself buy it until it goes on sale like 😭 a part of me cries but I know it's best and also this way I give the Sims team more time to patch and fix the bugs that must be sitting there. Right? Right?
  • @vancanuckfan86 can you IMAGINE if your sims have a surprise baby and it's, in fact, another set of triplets 👀
  • Before, there was this bug that affected one of my most beloved toddler-adult interactions---that is, I wasn't able to do the read to sleep interaction anymore. I was wondering if that's been fixed or if there's a mod fix or anything? I haven't played with toddlers in a hot minute but I will, inevitably, and I wanted to…
  • If I remember correctly, the arrow is on the shorter lengths (width? not sure what to call it oop) of the crib, so maybe try to leave more space there. You might also need to remove the curtains, or at least move the crib a bit farther away from the wall.
  • Ooh that's going to be an absolute mess when they become infants---and then toddlers! I have to admit, I'm a bit excited. Unpopular opinion, but I love the absolute chaos that multiples bring. Praying for you though and sending all of the simoleons for the best nannies available. Any plans for more children? 😝
  • > What are the things you wished you had known when you were getting started with The Sims? I know I'm new to the forums, but I've been playing the sims for a long time---for the past seven years I think? Holy, haha Anyways, as I've gotten older, I've realized just how much money I could save with the sims 4. Like, don't…
  • I briefly played with one, but I didn't find it as difficult as some were saying. Maybe it's because I only had one infant in the house rather than multiples, but idk, I think they're adorable! I thought the infant was going to be all-encompassing, but at least for me, it was quite easy to navigate the infant's needs and…
  • I had the gouda and egg sandwich from Starbucks for brunch
  • From Simvasion's website (https://simvasion.com/status/), all of their mods are cleared

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