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"Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me." She's in my Westeros neighborhood. I've just got to add her as a grandmother to the rest of the Tyrell family (formerly the Villareals).


  • The same reason that every sim was rolling the want to own a bee box after Seasons came out, even Penny Pizazz who had absolutely nothing to do with gardening.
  • I wonder if it came with the update that came with the Snowy Escapes neighborhood, you know, with the Career Sim trait and those things.
  • Olenna Tyrell has arrived in Westeros. As soon as the Tyrells entered their house, they started checking the dust level in their mansion, even though I have the dust effects turned off, but whatever. Both Olenna and Loras (formerly Max Villareal) are rolling wants to make an enemy.
  • Amen to that! Everything that's remotely critical on this site gets deleted and flagged with a warning. It isn't fun to play a broken game. It's enjoyable to play a game that works. I've been spending most of my gaming time playing The Sims 2, which was easy to fix (just set it to Windows 7 compatibility if you don't have…
  • Seasons are the best in TS2. One of my absolute favorite moments was playing Marla Biggs in UNI in a custom dorm during a blizzard. (Dorms were kind of my specialty, I have them designed by major and hobby.) It's so quiet at night with the wind howling and the snowflakes, it reminds me of looking out the window at Warren…
  • Oh well. It was quite satisfying to nuke her out of existence anyway. Once I'm done turning the neighborhoods into a survivalist heck-scape, I'm going to start instituting mandatory brownouts in San Myshuno to ruin the day for any Bheedas, Karaoke Legends, and other techies who just annoy and offend me during my gameplay.…
  • I've created a desert neighborhood for the binned sims. Ginger just graduated from Uni at La Fiesta Tech and is engaged to the goth looking kid from the Tricou family. She moved into a barn looking house with Gallagher and the youngest twins, who are all teens now. Her fiancé will help them skill up so they can get…
  • Should I just delete everyone in the neighborhood? I'm turning the entire city into an Apocalypse off-the-grid anyway. (The Landgraabs have their roof absolutely COVERED with solar panels and windmills, because, Landgraab.) I kind of like the idea of some areas being completely abandoned, like they were nuked or something.
  • Don Lothario banged everyone in the house and then did Diego Lobo and took him on a date to Pan Europa. Then Jade Rosa showed up. Twice. I'm concerned.
  • Finally! Yes, I love this. I think it's a pretty logical deduction that the Sims live in a world far more advanced than ours. They have interstellar travel, cloning technology, and multiple ways to resurrect the dead. So why wouldn't they have technologies we've had since the 1970s like IVF and surrogacy? This would be…
  • W. Wathondara
  • If there was a way to REALLY disable the cursed Bust the Dust kit, I would genuinely like the new app better. The game is running a lot faster and more smoothly. The downloads are faster. Once I cleaned up my computer (there were some old, conflicting programs), it did start working better. If you have BlueStacks3, get rid…
  • Try resetting your sims. I know simmytime has a mod for sims having the WHAT IS THAT??? reaction on community lots. Maybe there is something similar for that reaction?
  • It's in there, you just have to look in a different location. You also might need to wait for your games to download. It took about five hours for mine to download, which was a huge improvement over the Origin interface. No sarcasm here. Microsoft has been going crazy with updates this weekend, so you might as well get all…
  • Costco has giant slabs of turkey breast that you can cut yourself. Nice and fresh!
  • I went into my game about an hour ago and all my packs were missing. Nice going, EA.
  • I usually let Brandi be John's side chick because she'll roll wants for more kids, not to get remarried. They usually have a lot of bolts for each other and John also rolls wants for kids, and Jennifer rolls fears. Everyone is happy that way. Incidentally, Brandi is almost friends with Nina Caliente, who is a Romance Sim…
  • Odds are about 50% of the time, I'll answer a turkey breast sandwich as it's usually my second or third favorite food. My favorite tends to change from time to time.
  • Any information on whether it's available in languages other than English now? I've been getting questions about every two months on my site about that.
  • You might want to read my post and check the link I posted. I was the one who actually found the original fix for TS2. There are a few things you need to know when you're installing that maybe some of those other people forgot to post. ;)
  • *ahem* I'm the original person who got it to work with modern operating systems, not SIMSVIP, so you might want to check out my page on Facebook. Pay special attention to your settings when you install it. There's a PDF in the page's about section that you should read before bombarding me with questions.
  • R Rhaella
  • I wish I never bought Bust the Dust. It's the worst $5 I've ever spent. It broke my game, my $1000 worth of DLCs and EPs and SPs game. For about a year or two, I followed James Turner's instructions and just disabled the kit on the Origin interface and it was okay. The evil spawn of Satan just disappeared and my game was…
  • The game isn't difficult, it's broken.
  • There's a way to do that. Watch Lilsimsie's builds on YouTube.
  • I'd love to see wheelchairs, canes, and hearing aids in the game. Why aren't there disabled sims?
  • Speaking of phones, what's up with Bella and Clara calling non-stop, asking total strangers if they should have another baby? One of these days I'm going to lock the two of them up with an alien and make both of them pump out alien babies non-stop for this.

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