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  • You have no idea how much I wish this to be true! Ever since I got the game I've just made "pretend farms" with mostly crops and empty spaces. I guess if there's no cows and sheep, at least there's horses which are a farm animal. =D Though I wonder, since there's a deer in another video, if you could just have a deer farm…
    in Farms? Comment by sims234 June 2011
  • Teen Angel by Mark Dinning? I cheated. xD A Tricky One (A more 'normal' song xD) Wide awake, my mistake So predictable You were fake, I was great Nothing personal
  • It depends. If it's a sim who died of old age or an accident, I feel sorta sad. But if it's a sim who I have had locked in a 1x1 cell with windows on all sides for three days or so then I feel relieved. xD And also very evil. :evil:
  • I remember a friend of mine telling me how her sim's maid took a baby from her crib and left. I laughed so hard. Then EA patched it. D:
  • I can't see the Gifting And Thanks forum? :S Would it be okay if I posted my picture here instead? It's really generous of you to gift someone like that. ^^ I just posted it anyway. ;D
  • 1. Do you change the ringtone on your sims phones? No. I hate them having portable phones, they always go off at awkward times. xD 2. What color of eyes is your favorite for your sims? Blue. 3. Do you always teach toddlers all their skills? Yes. 4. What's your favorite job/profession for your sims? Well, Ambitions wise…
  • Yeah, I'll take CC, I use the stuff anyway. :D And a barn would be wonderful. Thank you. And, can you keep the Ambitions items to a minumum please? As I don't actually have it installed, it refuses to install on my laptop. ¬.¬
  • Can you make me a house please? A kind of farm house, more traditional if you can, I'll deal with the plants and things. Maybe a 2/3 bedroom with a nursery possbily? Is that too much trouble? Thank you. Edit - Typo Second Edit - Could you make it on a 40x40 lot MAX (though a 30x30 would be great). As my game isn't good…
  • Aww, it's gone. D: I was about to post my picture too. D:
  • Thank you. :D
  • Try going onto the 'Move' option on a Sim's phone, and see if she's there. If she is, move her and the other sim to a cheap lot somewhere. Then turn on 'testingcheatsenabled true' via the cheat bar and go to visit them. When you see them, hold shift and click on them, then 'add to household'. Hopefully, that'll solve your…
  • Scotland. :P And it's 00.16 here. I think I'll go off for the night. :/ After one post, I really should post more often. Night all!
  • Thanks to both of you, though I was looking for an already made one. Even from some CC sites that do houses. I really appreciate your offerings though. Thank you. :D
  • I've had a family where they had triplets, then twins, then a single baby. So I had three kids, two toddlers, and a baby at one point. T'was epic-al. :D And I once made a single sim adopt seven babies. o.O And when they aged into toddlers. o.O.O (Yes, I grew an extra eyes from the stress, xD).
  • Congratulations, my sister bought it, but it doesn't work on my laptop, and she's only let me play it once. *sigh* -Sims234
  • Lol. It's okay. So I take it that it works then. Btw, I own it on the PC as well. ;D
  • Hmm...I'm not sure. :/ Two different opinions. :/ That's the thing I'm not sure of, it may not be the same as the PC and it never said anything 'bout needing the base game on it.
  • Thanks. Nah, I'm not either. I just couldn't find anything else for him to wear. :/ -Sims234
  • Would you mind gifting me that? You're really kind doing this you know. :D I think I'm gonna add you as a friend. :D -Sims234
  • Hey, I've seen a lot of threads on this subject around recently. I just don't find it acceptable that people do this, maybe if they actually changed some things it wouldn't be *too* bad, but I can't even see a change. I've heard a lot about you and your simming talents from my sister, and it's very unfair on you that this…
  • Well one family did have triplets, and then twins when the girls were toddlers, but once they made it to child, it was far easier. Ooh! Idea! I'm going to adopt 7 babies at once and see what it's like. ^_^ EDIT - Has anyone ever played the family on the exchange that has 82 babies because of a glitch? O_O -Sims234
  • Ooh! I like this idea! :D But there must be farms, farms are epic. And if you don't like them, then just pretend they're not there (like I do with many of my sims :lol:) -Sims234
  • Hmm...Drowning is quick, yet effective. But I would have to say stravation (unless it's a child, since it won't work :evil: ) as I enjoy building a VERY small room (1x1) and then putting windows in (the 1x1 full wall panel ones). Then I put the sim in the room and wait. And I laugh as they clutch their stomach in pain, as…
  • I'm not sure then. :/ Yeah, it's Watermelon for girls, and apples for boys. Try making your sim eat nothing but apples for the full time she's pregnant, and it may help. If it doesn't, I'm clueless. Oh, and make sure she eats the fruit raw. ;D -Sims234
  • Sorry, I'm not sure what's happening. :S Can you select it from the "New Game" menu as a place? If so how far do you go with it? I'm not sure, but maybe if you tried uninstalling Riverview then reinstalling it. That *might* do something. :/ -Sims234
  • ^^Try there. :D I already searched for Nursery items, so there should hopefully be some to your liking there. :D And if you clicked 'older posts' at the bottom you'll go onto the next page where there should be more highchairs and things. ^^Just incase you've never used…
  • That won't work, since you get a random baby each time, it won't be the same one. I don't think there's anything you can do, except leave things the way they are. At least you have the baby overall. :D -Sims234
  • You're very brave to do this, xD. I tried this once, but it was too much, because once I'd finished one, I was nagged to do another. Lol. Anyway, could you do one for me? The lot size - Fairly Small The theme (Modern, Asian, ect.) - Cottage, old fashioned but with some electronics. Outside things (pool, garage) - Garden,…
    in Houses? :) Comment by sims234 July 2010
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