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  • @ Simply Jen. Thanks, seems to have been just something slow in the web as a whole. Only three hours of wasted time and network bandwidth, doing a full game repair, and a trip to the shops. and woohoo, "suddenly", the EA App has decided I DID update the game after all. Shrugs!
  • At least your game runs and recognises it has been updated. I have updated and relogged three times to the EA App so far today and the stupid app still wants me to update the game and won't start it. Edit: And now, a game repair later. GRRRRR.
  • EA App was updated this morning. It's found a new trick now. When playing offline the EA App suffers from some mysterious "serious unrecoverable error" and needs you to restart the app and relog to the servers. Oddly enough, the game Sims 4 is fine and will keep running smoothly unless you save and exit the game. There…
  • IF I ever get it to work I might give it a score, but right now< it gets a Minus 10 from me.
  • There is so much wrong with this latest patch and pack that for me it is unplayable. I had to fully disable mods and scripts, just to get it to show in the world view screen, restarted the game with mods and scripts enabled again and Growing Together was gone again. Lost months of games and all faith in EA\Maxis has gone.
  • I have spent the last 3 days trying to get the Growing Together pack running. In between hunting down and deleteing out of date mods. Finally got it to make an appearance today when I totally disabled all mods. Great! I thought. Closed the game, re-enabled my nods, restarted the game. NO Growing Together, again. It seems…
  • Here's a fun bug. I bought, downloaded and installed that new pack for my game today. So far it hasn't actually showed up in my game. So yeah total negative from me EA\Maxis.
  • Ahh, good. So, it's not just me and my shiny new PC having the troubles. Updated the EA App. then updated the game. Then, paid for and downloaded Copperdale and Growing together packs. waited and waited, finally it all got down and installed. That's when all the new shiny bugs began to bite. Sims can't travel from home…
  • It's OK boys and girls. The gallery has just come back online after some maintainence.
  • OK. Today Jan 26 I started the EA App, to find it needed an urgent important update. Clicked OK. It updated. Seems OK so far.
  • Well, at least it's working, including in offline mode, with all my save games still in place.
  • Yep, fired up Origin today and have been finally "forced" to download and install the EA app. Let's see what sort of mess this makes! Edit, 5 minutes later. It's black, the interface is not at all nice to look at, it seems clunky compared to the origin interface, I hope they change that soon.
  • And. After all that, when I logged to the gallery, NOT a thing did I notice had changed. Maybe it's because I don't use nasty hashtags like those reported! Either way, Much ado about nothing.
  • LOL, a "small" update? 6 Gigs is not that small. And why the game when it's only for gallery loads? Oh well, update in progress.
  • I just found this updated mod, that will ease your fears. Actually the version I downloaded will block all new fears. @CrazyFrog try it out.
  • Having the same problem, the fix is to NOT use the default MS account for daily use. Go into settings\add user and make a new Offline user account, you still have to run the Sims 4 system folders in the main documents folder but it doesn't actually go to MS One Drive. I even went to the extent of uninstalling One Drive,…
  • Is there a way to select "D"--- All of the above! I don't think there are many parts of this game left for them to break now anyway.
  • I would answer this but I don't think the EA Guru's would be happy, ROFL. :D :D
  • After spending 1200 bucks on a new PC due to a killer electrical storm last week. I reinstalled TS 4, got Origin working, found that win 11 has decided to tell Origin to push my saves to One Drive and now Origin servers don't want to let me change it back to local save. Yep, it's the "small" things that annoy me.
  • Lately for me, the hardest was, do I just uninstall or keep on struggling with a mostly broken game due to the updates. I did persevere though and finally got the game stable again. Three days of mod testing, to find the one small file that had a no longer used function that was totally breaking the UI so the game couldn't…
  • I knew I shouldn't have done it. BUT.. I updated the game, now it refuses to start. Well, it starts, but the main screen then goes blank white and a UIError.txt file is made. No UI mods, and the error points to some "getactivescenariodata" that is apparently not a game function. Can't back out of any update. My Game is…
  • Yep, me too. I have been a resident at an Opensimulator system for years anyway, and work a couple of days a week as a musician and singer doing live performances from my small home music studio. I have also been for many years a senior tester for both Euro Truck sim and American Truck sim, working directly with coders and…
  • @Llandros2012 I know how you feel man. I am still getting an LE file relating to RoommateNPC's from the Discover University pack. Even with all the mods I use to make this game worth playing, that is the ONLY error my game gives. A Bug that is around 3 bloody years old. I've said it before and will say it again now. If I…
  • Sooooo, still not safe to let the update run huh? I recall someone in the early days of PC's said. MSDOS, an 8 bit system for a 4 bit computer, written by a 2 bit programmer. I don't think those writing this system rate that highly anymore. Bugs, bugs and more bugs.
  • GalacticGal, thanks. This thing is still annoying me, I guess I'll just have to continue clicking no thanks until it goes away for good.
  • Hmmmm, Chaperone and date combo. Oooor, maybe Mom is hotter than her daughter? Pass, next question please!
  • OK, thanks all. Now, where do I find a way to disable yet another unwanted "friendly reminder" from EA. This 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 thing is annoying me.
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