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  • Found them in pool section
  • Any one else having a problem using the gaming console with the 3 in one television? says needs to be closer but its right next to it.
  • not sure where yo put this did we lose the whims above the sims head since new patch , if so how do we get points now? as my sims are not showing thought bubbles for whims
  • ty rosemow i reported it.
  • thank you that worked.
  • Looking for friend for the sims mobile my friend code MNUFM9X
  • My vampire married a female sim that was a npc at a food stall turns out she was an alien , now they have a vampire son, but one night when my vamp was up i decided to let him sleep so i could quickly go through the night. He then got up quickly ran outside and was abducted by aliens, now he has an alien daughter, i…
  • I see a lot of dogs in my game dirty when my sims go to parks even at the vet clinic, i usually use the testingcheats code and click the dog to make happy then the dog looks clean again, but next day dogs are back to being dirty hope they fix this.
  • I am having same issue my sim can not bill the owner just dismiss them , i tried going home and back still have same issue started when i bought my sick pet to treat as well, if i open it while not there we do get paid just not when my sim treats the pets.
  • I have just downloaded the mccc 4.00 but my sims auto get water, when i went to look weather i stop this action i don't see the section for Tuner_StopAnnoyingActions one now used to be able to stop sims doing these, was this took out?.
  • I play with mccc and a custom life span , i have my game on long and my sims dog was 10 days as a puppy and has 78 days as an adult , i have the control pet mod so it shows how long they have. Normal life span only showed 4 days as a puppy and 20 days as a adult. I thought that was to short but 78 to long if mccc does pets…
  • Ty rosemow i clicked me too
  • Thank you rosemow but i already posted on that thread sometime back when it happened the first time so can't click me to, but looks like they know about it happening after a latest patches.
  • Sims standing around and game freezing as been there a while, my game does this sometimes, i have noticed if it freezers i look for a teen or child doing homework, if sims talk to non playable sims doing homework out in your neighbourhood it can freeze your game look around next time your game freezers and reset the sim…
  • I posted my thread in the bug section for sims 4 first, not sure if its the game or mccc , when i took out this mod it showed correctly, but when i put in back in it too showed, if it is a bug in the game its in the bug forum, as itsmegamo said it doesn't stop game play i was just checking it wasn't just my game effected.
  • ty rosemow
  • My sim's daughter age up to a child from a toddler she had the clingy trait, i gave her the loves outdoors trait, but when a look at her parent's friend's list it says her trait is still clingy but she's a child and they should see her trait as loves outdoors, when i take out this mod its shows the correct trait, wonder if…
  • only on the adults and other household members in CAS shows she as the loves outdoors and on her traits, i do use mc cmd center mod and i think after checking without that mod it shows the correct trait, so i am guessing the mod is causing this as thats the only mods i have in my game and when i take it out it shows the…
  • I agree kids should be able to garden, they couldn't in the sims 3 but could use things that was more dangerous like science table, same as sims 4, i don't see why gardening and watering plants can't be for kids i did this when i was young.
  • I don't think its Newcrest that caused it, i find when i play in that world where there is benches for sim to grill teen's do homework and when anyone talks to them while the doing there homework the game just freezer's ,and no one moves until i reset the teen, this is the homework bug that's been in the game a while and…
  • I have had this with my plantsims , i don't know if its a bug as i like them to sleep in tents , they love the outdoors, but there always energized as plantsims so not sure if that's why either.
  • ok ty rosemow
  • i didn't see this fix in the patch did they fix the children aging up to teens with female voices.
  • I also have this problem i did change there voices back via CAS but its every male child that ages so spend most of time changing the worlds teens in CAS, so i hope they fix it soon.
  • just noticed this, i decided to make a new family for my game i saved them to my library, when i went to my save game to put in a household into the game i pick the family but when i was in cas with them there relationships had just gone to roommates i did pick mother, father , and put the kids relationships in. but it…
  • normally i just use my sims but decided to try premades so currently my sim is married to Akira Kibo form the city and have a son, i have married Paolo Rocca and marcus flex from Windenburg before.
  • Had the same problem and they charged me twice. I found giving a friendly introduction to them having them come in your home then after a few mins in options there is a ask to leave and then they go away.
  • when i went on mine earlier had trouble logging in and when i finally got in my games were not there either and said i was offline although i logged in online, my games and access online are working again now and my games are back so must have been origin having a problem.
  • Only time I see dust on the floor if the toys were burnt in a fire that might be why they sold it

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